Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Doc » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:48 pm

OOC: This is the RP Thread for the War of the Anantonese Straits. You may view the planning thread here.


September, 4408; 0917 local

The sun rises over the Ocean east of the Island of Ananto, United Republic of Kalistan. This stretch of water remains international water, relatively free of Kalistani naval vessels which swarm across the surface of the ocean to the west of the Island. Here and there, cargo ships loaded to the hilt with goods for foreign sale move diligently north and south ahead, dots of red, black and white in a sea of blue green, underneath a crystal clear azure sky. Most of the shipping is heading to points west or north to Dovani and Majatra. Almost none of it will remain in the area, and very little of it came from this region of the world.

Through this stretch of sea sails, a Lourennaise fleet has recently sailed. Up until this moment, they have sat undetected. Patrols have been sent out, and the two of Lourenne's new corvettes await reports. But Kalistani overflights reported the two visitors to Militia command, and soon their situation will change.

Into this stretch, 2 squardrons of Kalistani Fastboats, too small to raise much notice on any radars, arrive. Their silhouette sits low against the water, and their behavior looks from the air like wealthy Kalistani pleasure seekers enjoying their expensive toys on the open sea. But their purpose is deadly serious.

Over the encrypted radio, a voice squawks, "Gunny, we are approaching the ships. We are just out of range . We will probably not be able to evade detection for much longer. Awaiting orders." The Gunnery Sergeant, a recently appointed militia NCO named Horace Spears had been assigned as squad NCO and in his charge were the three LAFAs which held just out of radar range of the Lourenaise Corvettes. Gunny Spears needed to make a decision. He returned to the radio. "Stand by, Delta November Echo." came his order. He switched frequencies and raised his comrade in the second squad of LAFA craft, Gunnery Sergeant Mica Argos. "2 Actual. Come Back."

The radio went silent for a moment, and then "2 Actual Over."

Spears said grimly, "We are Romeo Tango Echo on the Dos Lima Tangos. What's your status? Over."

"Standby, Over" said the Radio. In 2 minutes the radio will click once. Meanwhile, Spears surveyed the horizon, and so no sign of the Lourennaise Corvettes. He knew they were out there though. "If I can see them, they can see me," he reminded himself, a lesson he learned the hard way during training. "If I can see them, they can see me." He shielded his eyes, and squinted, but still saw only a flat calm sea away to his north. "Click" came the radio, right on time. The click was a little trick of the crypto. The click signified a switch to open channels. It lasted for 1 minute, where the crypto scanned known comm frequencies of commercial and civilian traffic. The radio scanned the civilian wave length, before clicking back to crypto. It switched to this every hour on the hour.

Once the radio clicked the second time, Argos came back, "1 Actual, Over."

Spears repeated into the radio, "1 Actual Over."

Argos' voice was somewhat hesitant when it came from the radio again, and the hesitation gave Spears the Creeps. "De ocho, we are to approach, but do not engage. I am to repeat, we are not to engage. Once we are in view of the Lima Tangos, we are to hail them and order them to leave our national waters. We are to warn them that they will be fired upon, over."

"What?!" Spears said incredulously. "Say again, over!"

"Again, from 8, Do not engage. We are to allow them the opportunity to leave. Over."

Spears thought about this order. "Did 8 say what we are to do when they shoot at us?" He paused. "Over."

Argos returned "Negative." She also paused. "Over."

Spears shook his head. The two LAFA fleets were grossly outgunned by the two Lourennaise Corvettes. But the LAFAs might be their better in mobility.

"Check," Spears said. "Mike Romeo Sierra. Out."

He handed the headset back to the ship's radio operator. "Corporal, please inform the others of our orders." He ordered the helmsman to make a heading of 025, ahead full. The other two LAFA ships in Spears' squadron formed up in a delta formation behind Spears' ship, and the ships beelined north. At this point, none could mistake them for pleasure craft. Their formation was clearly militaristic. If the Lourennaise haven't seen them yet, they will will soon enough. About 2 clicks off Spears starboard Argos' squad pulled up, matched Spears' unit's heading and speed and proceeded to join him in his northward course. The main gunner pulled the sea cover from his mounted gun and clipped a 100 round chain into place, charging the gun with a great pull of the charging lever. The main gunner, Corporal Phillips, was a great hulk of a man, with tattoos all over the place and some gungho haircut that the Gunny maintained was eccentric. But he was fantastically skilled with the 50 cal, even when the ship was on the move. He loved that weapon like it was his own. The Gunny thought the boy had a screw loose.

Within 20 minutes, the lookout at the front of the ship, looking through powerful binoculars, yelled out "Ship Ho." The comm mast of a single Lourennaise ship appeared on the horizon.

(OOC: edit: 2 Frigates changed to corvettes for continuity.)
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Luis1p » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:31 pm


Anantonese Ocean, 7:00 Hrs

8 hours after arriving in the Anantonese Ocean, The LNS Rose Orée sat 20 miles off the coast of Ananto. 2 Valois-Class corvettes were farther from Ananto and sat in the middle of the Anantonese Ocean. The LNS Rose Orée sat quietly and undetected very close to Ananto. Commanding the Frigate is Yves Gorgeaux, along with a crew of 40 men. The corvettes situated in the Anantonese are commanded by Henri Grenadine and David Aponte. Both corvettes are only on watch in the Anantonese. The LNS Rose Orée is the only ship located within a considerably close distance to Kalistan.

Les navires du Lourennais sont restés non détectés dans l'océan,

De LNS Rose Orée:

Gorgeaux : Comment regardons-nous François?

Membre d'équipage François : Parfait pour le moment Capitaine. Nous n'avons pas été détectés jusqu'à présent, mais je pense que nous ne serons pas loin avant de voir des patrouilleurs kalistanais.

Gorgeaux : Oui, je m'attends à ce que nous les voyions bientôt. S'ils tirent sur nos navires, assurez-vous de répondre.

Membre de l'équipage François : Compris Monsieur
Des heures après...

Membre d'équipage Maximilien : Monsieur! Nous avons signalé un mouvement à 10 heures.

Les patrouilleurs kalistanais se présentent au radar

Gorgeaux : Prépare les équipages de munitions et l'équipe de tir. Ne tirez pas à moins qu'ils ne tirent en premier.

Membre d'équipage Maximilien: Oui monsieur!

"Tous les membres de l'équipage se présentent à vos positions.

Gorgeaux : Montrez-moi le radar maintenant!
Il regarde le radar
Gorgeaux : ...


Obtenez-moi le LNS Valois maintenant

Du LNS Valois (corvette):
Membre d'équipage Marie : Commandant! Nous avons reçu un message de la Rose Orée du LNS.

Cmdr Grenadine: Quoi?! Montre moi.

Message: DÉTRESSE: Nous avons repéré plusieurs patrouilleurs qui ont commencé des manœuvres offensives contre nous. Ils n'ont pas ouvert le feu, mais il est certain qu'ils vont nous submerger. Envoyer un support.

Cmdr Grenadine : ...

Mettez le cap sur la LNS Rose Orée et contactez le LNS Noel (autre corvette). Je crois que nous sommes au bord de la guerre.


The Lourennais ships remained undetected in the ocean,

From LNS Rose Orée :

Gorgeaux : How are we looking François ?

Crew member François : Fine for now Captain. We've been undetected so far, but I think it won't be long until we see some Kalistani patrol boats.

Gorgeaux: Yes I expect that we see them soon. If they fire at our ships, make sure we respond.

Crew member François : Understood Sir
Hours later...

Crew member Maximilien : Sir! We have reported movement at 10 o'clock.

Kalistani patrol boats show up on radar

Gorgeaux: Prepare the ammo crews and the gun crew. Do not fire unless they fire first.

Crew Member Maximilien: Yes sir!

"All crew members report to your positions. Live fire crews, stand by"

Gorgeaux: Show me radar now!
looks at radar
Gorgeaux: ...


Get me The LNS Valois now


From the LNS Valois (corvette):
Crew member Marie: Commander! We've received a message from the LNS Rose Orée.

Cmdr Grenadine : What ?! Show me.

Message: DISTRESS: We have spotted multiple patrol boats that have begun offensive maneuvers against us. They have not opened fire, but it is certain they will overwhelm us. Send support.

Cmdr Grenadine: ...

Set course for The LNS Rose Orée and contact the LNS Noel (other corvette). I do believe we are in the verge of war.
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Doc » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:56 pm

IC: Anantonese Ocean, 0958 local

The LAFA craft boosted to flanking speed to close the distance between the squads and the last Lourenaise contact. As the speed increased, the contact was lost once more below the waves, but within another few moments, the 2 LAFA squads were certainly in view and in range of the Lourennaise ship.

"1 Actual, Comeback." said the radio. Spears put on the headset.

"1 Actual, Over."

"Something is wrong here. Over."

Spears looked at the ship through his binoculars.

"2 Actual. Come back."

"2 Actual, Over." came the radio.

"Confirm the Contact with Ocho, over." The radio went silent. After 30 seconds, the radio clattered: "1 Actual, Come back."

Spears was somehow relieved to hear Argos' voice. He answered "1 Actual, Over."

After a moment, Argos answered, "1 Actual, 8 thinks we might have a problem." As she said this, Gy. Spears watched the ship through his binoculars. The vessel looked too big to be a corvette. Corvettes have a certain look. This one had too many guns, and the guns were too big. Before Spears answered, he called up his executive NCO, Sergeant Gregorish. "Look at that ship. What is that out there? Is it a Corvette?" Gregorish looked through the scopes. "No Gunny, I don't think its like any corvette I've ever seen, and it sure don't look like the ones in the Lourenne paper."

"Yeah..." Spears said. Tentatively, he called into the radio: "2 Actual. Come back..."

Spears waited a moment, and then "2..." came through the headset, and then an audible click. The radio had switched to the civilian band, and Spears had lost Argos.

"Damn!" screamed Gy Spears. "Get that radio back up, Now!" As the Gunny gave the order, he noticed the once stationary ship turning. It was definitely turning toward the Kalistani boats. "Shit! they've seen us. Phillips, Danton, Howard, get those guns ready to go, its gonna get hot here in a second..."

As the ship moved closer, Spears recognized it. "That's not a corvette. Its a goddamned gun boat. A Frigate. This is the wrong target..." Instantly, Spears gave the order to slow to Half. The other two boats of his squad followed his lead and kept formation, but Argos' squad a ways off kept moving ahead at flank speed. The Second squad sped on ahead, heedless of the fact that the First Squad had dropped back.

Just then, the radio clicked back over. Immediately, Spears was on, trying to raise Argos. "2 Actual. Come Back... 2 Actual. Come back god damn it." There was no answer. "Corporal Jones, raise that Lourennaise ship immediately."

The corporal tuned in the international open frequency which he was sure the Lourennaise sailors were monitoring. As soon as he tuned in, he heard Argos' voice over the radio. She was yelling into the radio "Lourenne Navy. You are in Kalistani Waters. You are to turn around and return to international waters, or you will be fired upon. Respond." She sounded panicked, and repeated the message several times with no response from the ship. "what the hell is wrong with them? Why aren't they answering?" Gunny Argos could be heard to say over the radio.

Corporal Jones looked up at Gy. Spears. "Gunny: they can't answer because she's not closing the mic: it might be stuck open. They might be talking to her but she can't hear them. She can't hear anyone. Her mic hot. They can't say anything back to her..."

The Gunnery Sergeant felt a bead of sweat form on his forehead. He took a breath. "Helm, all ahead flank. We can't leave her out there to get blown out of the water. Corporal Phillips, hold your fire. Just be ready. We're entering a world of pain. What is the distance to that ship?"

The navigator quickly plotted the ships on his chart. "Gunny, we are about 1800 meters from the target."

"And how close is Second Squad?" The navigator calculated the triangle.

"They're about 1200 meters." As he said that, Spears could hear Argos give the order through her radio to open fire on the ship.

"Oh shit." Spears muttered, while through the radio, he could hear the dull clack clack clack clack of Argos' 50-cal machine gun mixed with static and wind noise and some weird rattling. Spears knew that Argos' LAFA's would follow her lead and open fire as well, and Spears was not in position to offer her any help for another couple minutes. It will do no good to try to raise Argos over the radio: Now the war had begun. Just then, the lookout yelled "New Contact, bearing 102, coming in hot." Spears turned to his starboard and looked through his binoculars. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Is that... the corvette?"
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Maxington » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:35 pm

10:22, On-board the HKMS-Åge Esse Support Ship, Anantonese Ocean,

"Contact bearing two-four-zero!" announced a voice over the maritime single sided headset. Commander Froseth withdrew his attention from the sonar display, turning in his elevated swivel chair to watch the officer of the deck muster a response. Training his binoculars to the direction of contact, the OOD responded: "Fast moving target, bearing two-four-zero moving south-west." Froseth stood up from his chair. "Set BS Condition Red."

"Aye aye. Battle Stations," the OOD acknowledged the order. Walking over to the announcing system, turning a knob which played a four note call. "General Stations, hands to battle-stations, prepare for suicide boat attack. I repeat General Stations, hands to battle stations, prepare for suicide boat attack."

Froseth let off a sigh before going below the bridge to the battle-planning room. As he stepped out of the bridge, the Executive Officer Captain Bisgaard took the conning, thus commanding the ships weapons and sensor from the tactical position of the Commander's elevated swivel chair. Throughout the ship men zipped towards their stations. Some dressed and other half dressed. As he walked towards the battle-planning room, he observed the watertight doors and hatches being closed in almost perfect unison. Getting better, Froseth noted as he observed the final hatch in the hallway being closed except the door to the planning room, which he had told the crew before hand to keep open for him.

"Commander on Deck!" the COB shouted. A crisp salute from the operators soon followed. "Ease," he responded sending the operators back into their positions. "All stations report manned." the COB informed. "Relay to Bridge." The COB nodded in approval before going to the announcement system. "Combat to Bridge, All stations report manned." "Aye, aye. All stations report manned." responded the OOD from the bridge.

"Let's begin." Froseth stated before pulling a stopwatch out from his pocket and beginning a timer. "Weapons are Red, Weapons are Red. There are no warning enforced." an operator announced. "Threat axis West-South-West on proximity 1-RED. Hostile suicide boat." On the bridge the navigation officer turns to relay commands. "Turn in formation starboard three-zero-five." "Aye, aye. Turn in formation starboard three-zero-five." announced the helmsman as he turned the helm slightly to fix with the navigational orders and the compass mounted on his dashboard. "Guns one and two, engage, ten rounds." The fire control operators for guns one and two pulled at their joysticks simultaneously for five seconds before releasing as the ten rounds are heard.

From the bridge, Captain Bisgaard watched the ships two 76mm deck guns turn in the direction of contact and fire five rounds respectively. Captain Bisgaard through his powerful binoculars scanned the direction of contact. "Sextuple splash," the Gunnery liaison officer on the bridge confirmed through her headset. Six of the ten rounds had successfully hit the target, four missed. "Target stopped." the liaison officer announced on her headset.

Froseth clicked his stopwatch and paused for a brief moment. The tactical action officer watched anxiously. "Two minutes, fifteen seconds." Froseth smirked. "Better." The operators rejoiced. Froseth approached the announcement system, turning a knob to transmit a message throughout the ship. "This is the Commander, target stooped. Engagement time two minutes, thirteen seconds. Exercise complete. Well done, Practice prevents disasters." Froseth ended before leaving the planning room for the bridge. As he left, the various watertight doors and hatches re-opened. "An exercise!? For fuck sake man, i almost shit myself." someone shouted.
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Luis1p » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:24 am

11h37, 15 Miles au large de la côte Est d'Ananto
11:37, 15 Miles off the East coast of Ananto

Canrillaise :

De: LNS Rose Orée (Frégate)

Cmdr.Gorgeaux: Que diable font-ils ?!

Membre d'équipage: Monsieur, ils se rapprochent de notre navire! Il semble qu'ils

coups de feu coups de navire, les fenêtres se brisent

* Crier indistinct *

Membre d'équipage: Nous sommes touchés à tribord! Guns cre 2A-1 Feu ouvert feu ouvert! Je répète le feu ouvert!

Le navire de Lourennais commence à riposter

Cmdr. Gorgeaux: Chabge direction si le navire à S56 ° W immédiatement! Quelqu'un signale des dommages rapidement!

La fusillade continue

Membre d'équipage: Commandant! Il y a des fuites sur le côté tribord du navire! Plusieurs balles ont traversé la couche d'armure extérieure!

Deck Crew Member: Une assistance médicale est nécessaire! MÉDICAL! Nous avons de grandes victimes!

*** Explosion sur le pont ***

Membre d'équipage: Monsieur, ils nous frappent du côté bâbord
membre d'équipage meurt de fusil de chasse

Cmdr. Gorgeaux: Quelqu'un a le Valois!

*** Explosion No.2 à tribord

Correspondant de radio par bateau: Valois-Commandement, Valois-Commandez-vous ?. Plus de. Nous avons connu des explosions et perdu de nombreux membres d'équipage. Répéter! Les troupes Kalistani ont attaqué! Plus de. Une assistance urgente est nécessaire dès que possible
Coupures de radio, *** sons statiques ***


De: Valois Command Corvette

Membre d'équipage: Commandant Grenadine ... L'Orée a été attaquée de manière significative. Nous avons perdu le contact avec elle .....

Cdrdr Grenadine: Préparez toutes les armes et viser les bateaux Kalistani ... Maintenant!

Membre d'équipage: Verrouillé sur monsieur!

Cmdr Grenadine: Attendez ma commande ...

Waiting in Command Center .... Silence ... Explosions et coups de feu en arrière-plan

Cmdr Grenadine: Feu!

Des missiles libérés du commandement Valois avec des canons à feu Raoid.

Kalistani Boats explose, de grosses explosions remplissent l'air

Silence ..

Cmdr. Grenadine: La Rose Orée coule, déploie des équipages à la recherche de survivants ....... aussi ... quelqu'un me connecte avec Eroncourt ... Ils n'aimeront pas cette nouvelle.

Luthorian :

From: LNS Rose Orée (Frigate)

Cmdr.Gorgeaux:What the hell are they doing?!

Crew Member: Sir, they are getting closer to our ship! It appears they ar-

Gunfire hits ship, windows shatter

*Indistinct Yelling*

Crew Member: We're getting hit on the starboard side! Guns cre 2A-1 Open fire open fire! I repeat open fire!

Lourennais ship begins to return fire

Cmdr. Gorgeaux: Chabge direction if the ship to S56°W immediately! Someone report damages quickly!

Gunfire Continues

Crew Member: Commander! There are leaks on the starboard side of the ship! Multiple bullets have penetrated through the outer armor layer!

Deck Crew Member: Medical Assistance is needed! MEDIC! We have major casualties!

***Explosion on Deck***

Crew Member: Sir they're hitting us from port side no-
Crew Member dies from Gun shot

Cmdr. Gorgeaux: Somebody get the Valois!

***Explosion No.2 on starboard side

Radio Correspondant from ship: Valois- Command, Valois-Command do you read?. Over. We have experienced explosions and lost multiple crew members. Repeat! Kalistani troops have attacked! Over. Urgent assistance is needed as soon as poss-
Radio cuts, ***static sounds***


From: Valois Command Corvette

Crew Member: Commander Grenadine.... The Orée has been attacked significantly. We've lost contact with it.....

Cmdr Grenadine: Prepare all weapons and aim towards the Kalistani boats... Now!

Crew Member: Locked on sir!

Cmdr Grenadine :Wait on my command...

Waiting in Command Center.... Silence... Explosions and Gunfire in background

Cmdr Grenadine :Fire!

Missiles released from Valois Command along with Raoid high fire guns.

Kalistani Boats explode, large explosions fill the air


Cmdr. Grenadine : The Rose Orée is sinking, deploy crews to search for any survivors....... also.... someone connect me with Eroncourt.... They will not like this news.
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Doc » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:44 am

Anantonese Ocean, 1135 local

Spears sped into range of his ships 50 caliber machine guns. As soon as 750 yards was announced, the LAFA delta formation split up, and the three ships of Squadron 1 pursued various zigzag patterns across the face of the ocean according to "wolfpack" protocol. In this way, they could utilize their mobility to their advantage, while the main guns of the Frigate were rendered useless due to their close range. Argos' unit was already zipping around to the other side of the ship and all main guns were pounding the frigate on all cylinders.

Occasionally, one of the light vessels would close to 500 meters and then the crewserved .243 light machine guns would spray the deck of Lourennaise sailors running around. Occasionally, a bullet would catch something on fire, but it mostly served to blast holes into the hull of the ship. Spears drove his craft to the aft, and aimed at what might very well be the engine room. Corporal Phillips rattled the side of the ship with the 50 cal, while the light gunners shot at sailors on the deck attempting to man the deck guns to return fire.

As Spears turned about, a massive explosion sent a shockwave across the ocean. "Argos must have hit a magazine," he thought. Flames were pouring from the front of the ship and climbed up the front of the bridge superstructure. "She's had it!" Phillips shouted as he loaded another chain into his gun. "100 Rounds Left skipper!" he yelled. Spears ordered, "Dumpex. Let's put this one down and then get out of here before that corvette gets here." The other LAFA crafts in Squad 1 were similarly running low on ammunition, and their commanders had given similar orders. Another massive explosion and the Frigate rocked to the side. The explosion had blown a hole in the side of the hull, and she was either fatally crippled or already starting to break up.

Meanwhile, Squadron 2, having scored a number of fatal hits, were emboldened by their success. They flew by Spears' craft, and he knew immediately what Argos had in mind. Having defeated the Frigate, Argos thought she could take the Corvette as well. Spears called out over the radio, and received no response. Argos' radio was still disabled, but it wouldn't have made a difference anyway: She was on a mission. Spears called over the squad frequency, "Cease Fire, save your rounds. Rally on 1." He ordered his ship to follow Squad 2, unsure of the probability of success. But the surety of any sort of victory over the corvettes evaporated immediately. The Corvette in front of Squadron 2 opened fire with their main cannon, as the deck guns peppered the waters. The first round from the Lourennaise main gun blew Argos' ship apart, killing all aboard immediately, while the still operational deck guns from the Frigate and the smaller cannons from the corvette scored serious hits on both of the other ships in Argos' squadron, as well as the Port based ship in Spears' squad. The injured ship dropped back and was immediately torn apart by automatic fire from the Frigate, while black smoke poured out of the side of the hull. The last sound Spears heard was the sound of tearing metal as the Frigate began to break apart. His ship was then completely destroyed by a direct hit from the Corvette's gun.

All was black as the gunnery sergeant slipped beneath the waves. His last thought was of his beloved wife and his little child...
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Doc » Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:25 am

Northern Limit of Ananto Straits, 1934 local

Captain Rebecca Rodriguez arrived on the Bridge of the KRS-52 "Kracken". This old destroyer had been completely refit, having been stored in drydock for 200 years. And although the engine was completely rebuilt, the ship still dogged out. The Kracken was patrolling the Northern Limit along with its sister destroyer, the KRS-57 "Balrog", and flanked by four squadrons of LAFA craft. The small destroyer detachment knew that success in its mission lie in getting shipping to stop and to agree to call in at Port Sweedes. So far, Rodriguez had been lucky. Civilian ships sailing through the Straits had either acquiesced to the instructions or turned back to go around the outside of the cordon. One ship was boarded by the LAFA crews, before it too decided that it would prefer to go around the east side of Ananto. The Destroyers had obtained compliance in 37 of 37 engagements.

Rodriguez took the control of her ship and scanned the horizon. The shipping lanes between Selaya and Majatra were not unusually busy for this time of year.

"Out there," she said to her XO, Commander Diego Gomez, "Out there, somewhere, people are fighting wars, and smuggling, and killing each other. We've held this line for two years now. We haven't been tested. I wonder what they are doing in Ananto. I wonder if they are ever going to reopen these straits?"

Gomez just stared and shook his head. "Sometimes, I don't know what they are thinking, you know? I'm an officer, I do what I am told, but it would be nice to understand the purpose."

Rodriguez put her binoculars down and looked at Gomez. "Commander: You know already why we are out here. We are the Kalistani Navy. This is it. They've only got one ship in the South, but this is as far as Kalistan goes. North of here where all those ships sail back and forth, that is a world that doesn't even acknowledge our existence, let alone our right to determine what we do inside our own borders. Behind us, that tranquil water, all those ships you see back there? Those are our ships. Those are our oil rigs. Those are our Militia. So we hold the line until what is North stops trying to act like what is South is theirs."

Gomez nodded his head, and Rodriguez muttered something about needing some of the Commissars on her ship...

Just then, the radar station PO-3 called out. "New Contact bearing Zero four three. Commercial Cargo vessel. Range Seven Two Hundred, Speed, 20 Knots. Heading Two Zero Five. New Contact bearing Zero Four Four. Three Military Escort Ships cannot characterize at the moment, Range Seven Niner Five Zero. Speed Twenty Knots, Heading Two Zero Five."

As the CO and XO's eyes shifted to the North East to look for the ships, Gomez said calmly into an overhead intercom at his station, "Chief of the Watch, report to the Bridge." Within a minute, Chief Petty Officer Frank Flowers appeared at the hatch and was shown in. The XO said "Chief, put all stations at the ready."

"Aye Aye Sir," was the Chief's watch and he smartly disappeared.

Rodriguez spoke up then. "Comm, call the Squad commanders and tell them to prepare for a potential runner."

The comm Operator responded "Aye Aye Ma'am."

"And put Captain Taino on my headset please." Rodriguez sat in her command chair, and put her headset on. The bridge crew heard only one side of the conversation. "Yes. You got them. Yes, please advise. We think Alpha, not Delta. Correct. Standby. Sonar, any sign of subsurface noise?"

The sonar scanned for a moment, and answered "Negative, Ma'am."

"Right. Negative." Rodriguez began again. "Yes, that works for us too. You take 3 and 4 with you, and we'll keep one and two. Check. Three Five Hundred Meters. Check. 52 Actual Out... Comms, put me on with Militia squads 1 and 2."

Just then the Intercom went off. "Bridge, this is the Chief of the Watch. All stations manned and ready, Captain." Gomez spoke into the intercom. "Roger, Chief. Thank you." Both Squads reported in, and Rodriguez said, "Gentlemen, you two are with me. Form on my larbord flank. I think we have might get a probe today." "Aye Aye" came both of the LAFA squads, and they moved into formation on the right side of the ship. Meanwhile, Gomez said, "Helm, bring her about to Three Five zero hold steady." The Helmsman repeated "Bringing her about to Three Five Zero Holding Steady."

Gomez then turned to the Radar operator. "Radar, Range to Target."

The Petty Officer answered, "Sir, target closing, range Five Seven Zero Zero. Speed, 18 knots"

Rodriguez ordered, "Comm. Open a Channel." She grabbed her intercom, and switched the speaker to the overhead. "Incoming Commercial Vessel, this is Kalistan Republican Ship 52. Over."

The speaker answered, "Er... KRS-52, this is Kazulian Super Container 'Joannie's Delight,' eh... over... eh. What's up?"

The Bridge crew looked at each other. "What's up?" Gomez mouthed to Rodriguez. She just shrugged. "Kazulian Container ship. You are approaching the sovereign National Territory of the United Republic of Kalistan. We are prepared to escort you to Port Sweedes to apply for your Transit Pass. Over."

A couple seconds passed. "Eh..." came the radio. "No. We won't be going to Port Sweedes. Eh. Over."

Rodriguez and Gomez looked at each other again. "Kazulia Container ship, you are ordered to stop and your naval escort is ordered to turn back. Transiting the straits without official written permission of the Republican Government is strictly forbidden, and if you attempt to do so, your ship is subject to interdiction and embargo until we can determine that you are not hauling contraband. Under no circumstances can your naval escort enter Kalistani waters. Over."

The radar operator reported, "Naval Contacts, bearing Zero Four Five have stopped. Range Four Zero Zero Zero. Civilian Contact is still coming forward."

Gomez looked up at Rodriguez. "What are they doing?"

Rodriguez thought for a second. "They wouldn't sacrifice that cargo ship, would they?"

Gomez turned to his own intercom. "Chief of the Watch, all stations on Yellow alert. Comm, let the LAFAs know that if that ship doesn't stop, they are to attempt to board it, and if they can't do that, they are to sink it." Rodriguez nodded, and went back to her intercom. "Kazulia Container Ship. You are ordered to stop immediately or you will be fired upon."

An ominous silence came through the intercom. Suddenly there was another voice, one that spoke with Vrassan with a thick Kazulian Accent. "Kalistani Naval Vessel. You will allow that ship to pass under the Laws of the Sea. If you attempt to interdict this ship, you will be guilty of piracy, and will be fired upon."

Rodriguez asked radar for a range. "Ma'am, range to civilian contact, One Six Niner eight."

Rodriguez and Gomez shared a brief look of disbelief. "XO, Red Alert. Have the Gunner notify me when they have their firing data worked up. Those naval vessels are staying outside the LAFA range, and without the militia, they outgun us. Damn."

"Aye Aye, Ma'am."

As Gomez confirmed the order, the LAFA squads spring into action, swarming the much less maneuverable cargo ship. The Ship did not stop by the time the LAFAs arrived. Several flashes appeared on the distant horizon about a mile and a half distant: The Kazulians were firing. There were splashes around the LAFA and one ship was nearly swamped. At this point, the partisans opened fire on the Container ship. The ship was huge, but easy to pepper with bullet holes, and impossible to miss. The Gunner reported to the bridge that all guns were ready, and Rodriguez ordered them to fire at the Kazulian escorts. Meanwhile, the LAFA began launching shoulder fired missiles at the Container ship's aft, attempting to disable her. Squads 3 and 4 joined into the attack, and soon there were 12 fast boats armed with machine guns and rockets firing upon the ship.

The Destroyer's Main turrets went off in a controlled series of thunderous explosions, and the KRS 57 fird her guns in tandem with the 52. The first salvo landed short. But by now, the Container ship was on fire. Several of the rockets hit the command tower, and many of the bullets fired from the swift boats had blown apart containers that were tied down on the deck. Black smoke started pouring out from the ship's aft, and the ship stopped moving in the middle of the ocean.

Kazulia's Navy fired again, and this time scored a hit. But the hit was on the KRS 57, rather than the LAFAs. "Keep up that fire, Damn You!" Rodriguez called to the Gunnar. "57, What's your status?"

Some static came over the radio and then the sound of Captain Taino. "Main turret is destroyed. We have a fire in the Hull when the magazine blew up. 10 killed, 15 wounded. We'll let you know when we get the fire put out. But Give them hell!" That was Taino's last words. Another round from the Kazulian escorts hit the Balrog's bridge, and Rodriguez knew that her friend was dead.
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Maxington » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:04 am

Northern Limit of Ananto Straits, 19:54

"Patience," Forseth breathed from his swivel chair in the bridge, then louder: "Take your time people, i'm not satisfied that it's not dead but that doesn't mean we get sloppy. Plot him and lock on." the tactical coordinator agreed. ""Plotted!" The tactical action officer marked the position on his tactical display scope with a large X symbol. "Get Eagle-6 in the area, find the other vessel." Forseth ordered. In no time the nimble Eastland Tomcat helicopter took of from the helicopter deck armed with anti-ship missiles. The helicopter raced of into the distance while the Åge Esse turned starboard, exposing its profile to the crippled Kracken. As it turned starboard .50 fire from the Kracken rained down on the Åge Esse but with little effect on its reinforced hull.

"Target tracked", the tactical commander shouted. Forseth got off him swivel chair to look through his binoculars at the burning Kracken. "Fire." The torpedo bay doors opened. Two 32.7 kg torpedoes were armed for launch. "Torpedoes Away." The torpedoes dropped cleanly to the sea before beginning its surface skimming. Its high frequency sonar came on as it reached approximately 0.3 km from the Åge Esse.

The crew on the Kracken were not oblivious to the twin torpedoes moving towards them. Through his binoculars Forseth could see the crew manning the .50 cal guns on the Kracken's port-side scatter as the torpedoes made their lethal advance towards them. With little to no commands from the bridge, those in the engine room were completely oblivious of the torpedoes moving towards them. Immediately, Forseth saw the water appear to leap underneath the vessel followed by a massive explosion which ripped the Kracken in two. "We have a warhead detonation!" the tactical coordinator reported.

"Kill confirmed, Target destroyed." the tactical coordinator responded as he watched both ends of the Kracken retreat to the darkened water. The crewmen cheered, forgetting the decorum that accompanied the bridge entirely. "All right that is one less to worry about. Get in contact with Eagle-6." Forseth returned to his swivel chair, glancing at the sinking Kracken. As the Åge Esse turned in the direction of Eagle-6, its horn sounded, playing the opening tune of the Kazulian anthem virtually taunting the Kracken and its crew. "Send Frogmen to salvage the crew. Set a course to follow Eagle-6".
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby Doc » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:18 am

Northern Limit, Ananto Straits, 1959 Local

The sun was about 20 minutes from dropping below the Horizon when the ancient tub, The Kracken joined her sister The Balrog in flames on the high sea. Neither destroyer had scored a hit, and yet, they still performed a valuable sacrificial service in drawing the fire of the Kazulian ships long enough for the LAFA fleets to finish turning the Container Ship into Dundorfian Cheese. A couple more hits at the waterline and this would be an incredibly expensive bit of reparations for the two sunken Kalistani Destroyers.

Now that the Destroyers were rendered useless, Squadron 1 was in command. Gunnery Sergeant Maria Bjornsdottir commanded Squads 2, 3 and 4 to circle around to the Destroyers and pick up any survivors in the sea, and then return to Vrassa. Meanwhile, Squad 1 moved to the far side of the Crippled Container ship and proceeded to do a dump ex into its hull. All Munitions were expended, and the ship was fully riddled with bullets. Several gaping holes graced the waterline, and the sea was draining into the ship faster than anyone could stop it. The engine compartment was completely flooded, and the crew had long abandoned the lower decks. The ship was sinking at an alarming rate.

Sirens were sounding off all around the container ship as crewmembers attempted to board lifeboats. Just then, the ship began listing to its starboard, and the boats on the Port side were useless. Men and merchandise began sliding across the deck and into the Ocean. "Hopefully, the Kazulians come down to pick them up", Bjornsdottir thought to herself as she ordered her squad to make a beeline as fast as possible to the burning wrecks of the Kalistani Ships. Three men on the Kracken hailed her. She ordered them to jump into the ocean, but they insisted on throwing down a rope ladder. Just as they began climbing down, the Kracken suffered another massive explosion as fire hit the charges for the Guns. The ship cracked instantly at the site of the explosion and the Bow sunk beneath the waves. Unfortunately for Squad 1, the explosion also sent shrapnel flying at her squad, and Crew 3 took the brunt of the damage. The boat was peppered as if a giant shotgun had blown it apart. Men were blown out into the sea, and pools of blood formed around them as they floated. The LAFA craft sunk almost instantly, taking 12 Partisans down with it.

The men who were trying to climb down the ladder meanwhile had been knocked off into the ocean by the explosion. As the Bow dipped below the waves, the back half of the ship lifted into the air. The Aft and the Engine room had long ago sank, but the bottom of the hull at the site of the torpedo hit was clean out of the water. Once the men hit the water, there was a great horrific tearing sound and the bow of the Destroyer broke off under water. Meanwhile the rest of the ship, suddenly freed from the bow, smashed back into the water.

"Right on top of that Sailor..." Bjornsdottir said, feeling sick. Two other sailors who had survived began swimming for their lives toward the LAFA. What they did not know was that the Destroyer was now listing toward port, and was actually falling, like a tree in the forest falls. The Gunnery Sergeant yelled "GO UNDERWATER! GET UNDERWATER NOW!" But the sailors did not hear her and the ship smashed the surface of the ocean with a tremendous splash, catching and drowning the two men who might have escaped the cursed tub under its enormous weight.

Bjornsdottir immediately vomited over the side of the boat. Composing herself a little, she could see over the sinking wreckage that the Kazulian warships were headed at top speed toward her now, were just a little ways off the Container ship, and could likely see her.

"Go! Get OUT OF HERE!" she yelled at her helmsman, who promptly turned the boat about and aimed for Vrassa. Crew 2 joined them at top speed as the fled the scene of the catastrophe.
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Re: Bush War in the Anantonese Ocean

Postby M13 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:10 am

Lodamese frigate sunk by Lourenne
Most of the crew saved
--message from Defence department--

This night, a yet unknown frigate of the Lodamese 2nd fleet was struck by enemy fire in an area east of Ananto. The frigate was conducting live firing missile launches. The Department of Defence is investigating the matter.
This morning, at 0105LT, one of our frigates was struck by the Lourenne navy. Our task force was conducting military exercises east of Ananto, when one of our ships was torpedoed. For what we know right now, some of our forces reacted immediately with a barrage against Lourenne forces. During these actions, one of our units could not be saved an disappeared in the ocean. For what we know, 12 of the approximately 180 sailors are still missing.

--More news to follow--
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