A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby robmark0000 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:20 pm

16 December, 4771, People's Theater, Field of Choice, Hugamest or Republican Center, Republican Canton of Hugalon, Directorial Republic of Endralon
- Oath of President Króm and his first State of the Directorial Republic -

Szűcs Arnold (Independent) - Juror Attorney of the Federal Constituent Agency of the Directorial Republic
Króm Gyula (Direct Democrats) - President of the Directorial Republic
Krén Katalin (Direct Democrats) - Chief of Staff of the President of the Directorial Republic, former Party Chairman of the Direct Democrats
Jakab Melinda (Radical Moderate Left Party) - Former President of the Directorial Republic
Vince Dávid (New Patriarchal Integralist Party) - Former President of the Directorial Republic
Fekete Tibor (Ndrálon People's Party) - Grand Director of Ministry of Defense
Magvas Mánuel (Direct Democrats) - Grand Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Antall Róbert (Direct Democrats) - Former Head of State of Endralon, Supreme Chairman of the Council of Grand Directors

(In the background.)
KRÓM: The audience is with us?
KRÉN: Gyuszi, you are elected with more than 84 percent. If these people are bigots, then they also will cheer you, because the rest of the bigots voted for you!
KRÉN: It is time to go, Citizen President. About the speech: remember to the Unity Gov, to the republican principles and say something to the bigots. A little gesture is enough, sir, if you don't want to be the next Saint Elyon.
KRÓM: Here we go.

(Króm went to stage of the People's Theater, a 2,000,000-member crowd cheered him in front of the stage. The President is waving and then went to shake hands with the special guests in the stage.)
VINCZE: Congratulations, Mr. President Elect.
KRÓM: Thank you, Mr. Former President.
VINCZE: I can assure you, I will be President.
KRÓM: If you say so.
(Króm and Vincze shake hands.)
ANTALL: Congratulations, my successor!
KRÓM: Uncle Robi, It is a great pleasure to meet with you. You are a living hero!
ANTALL: Just the first head of this nation after the civil war, what that is?
(First they laugh and then they shake hands.)
JAKAB: Congratulations, Mr. President.
KRÓM: Thank you, Mrs. Former President!
(Króm and Jakab shake hands.)
MAGVAS: Uncle Gyuszi, congratulations!
KRÓM: Thank you, Manu. (Whispering) In the Unity Gov you'll stay as Foreign Grand Director.
MAGVAS: You made the right decision, sir.
(Magvas and Króm shake hands.)
FEKETE: The first direct democrat Head of State since that old man next to you.
KRÓM: Lucky, that he don't heard that.
FEKETE: Congratulations, Mr. President!
KRÓM: Thank you!
(Fekete and Króm shake hands.)
SZŰCS: It is time, Mr. President Elect!
KRÓM: I'm on my way, Mr. Juror Attorney.
SZŰCS: In action, you have to repeat my words, nothing nervousness, be loud and pride!
KRÓM: I will.
(The announcer enters the center.)
ANNOUNCER: By the Will of You, the President Elect of the Directorial Republic, His Excellency, the Honorable Króm Gyula take his oath!
SZŰCS: Action sir. (Far more louder.) Please put your hands to the Constitution of the Directorial Republic of Endralon, Mr. President Elect of the Directorial Republic! Well done. And now, please repeat the next words after me: I, Króm Gyula, do solemnly swear...
KRÓM: I, Króm Gyula, do solemnly swear...
SZŰCS: ...that with the best of my Ability, I will protect and defend the Directorial Republic...
KRÓM: ...that with the best of my Ability, I will protect and defend the Directorial Republic...
SZŰCS: ...the Constitution of the Directorial Republic, the republican regime and the Will of the People.
KRÓM: ...the Constitution of the Directorial Republic, the republican regime and the Will of the People.
SZŰCS: Until this, you are the President of the Directorial Republic, Mr. President.
(Great clipping and very loud cheering.)
SZŰCS: Speak to them, Mr. President. The stage is yours.
KRÓM: People of Hugamest! People of Endralon!
(Great clipping and very loud cheer.)
KRÓM: You decided and elected me with more than 84 percent. You thought that I will can manage this dangerous time, when our nation are a passive ally of a side in a war, what in just a few hundreds miles from our southern coasts. And I will.
(Great clipping and very loud cheer.)
KRÓM: But not alone. I announce that I will call for a National Unity Government with any parties in Endralon to manage this dangerous times together with consensus and civic patriotism. The time of division over for a little bit, and the time of successful national cooperation will come! I will be a progressive and liberal President, but not a tyrant: national cooperation cannot be forced by tyranny. I will be democratic and brave just as my electors. God Bless the Directorial Republic! God Bless Endralon!
(Great clipping and very loud cheer, then Króm went back to the background.)

(Again in the background.)
KRÓM: What was this, Kata?
KRÉN: The 'God Bless' gesture was an excellent tool, Gyuszi. The bigots already praying for you and the libs celebrating the victory of a liberal. Everyone love you.
KRÓM: Good. And no go and create benefit!
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Auditorii » Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:30 am

Northern coastal areas of Davostan
0230 HRS
17. Fallschirmjäger-Regiment Karlis Wandel

Major Ägidius Baade took a deep breath and held his eyes closed. The soft hum of the engines calmed him, this had been ironically enough his 100th jump from an aircraft but it was the first time into an actual combat zone. Telamon and Davostan had been squabbling over governments in exile, High Queens and other things that he glanced over at the briefing, he knew more than he was letting himself on as he had extensively studied the political situation in Davostan but his focus was on the combat jump. The 17. Fallschirmjäger-Regiment Karlis Wandel was the premier Fallschirmjäger element of the Dorvish Air Force and served as the example for the rest of the Dorvish Fallschirmjäger units, their namesake had been awarded the Dorvish Cross for his efforts in the Dorvish-Dundorfian War in the 41st Century. Baade opened his eyes as he saw the light turn from red to a softer green. "Achtung!" Baade shouted and the loading ramp crew began to make preparations to open the rear of the aircraft. The soldiers in the back of the plane rose to their feet, without further prompt they began a series of checks on the man in front of them, they checked parachutes, reserves, bindings and the like, Baade was confident in each of his men, he was confident that they would honor Sacred Dorvik and would carry out their mission without hesitation.

Baade had been charged with providing reconnaissance in Northern Davostan and eliminating any enemy obstacles in the way. The Dorvish while not entirely involved in the war in a traditional sense were involved in logistical and support matters of the war, including a number of what the Dorvish called "soft operations" to permit the Telamonese military to secure victory in addition to a Hutorian victory. Baade and the 17th had the task of scouring amphibious invasion routes, landing zones as well as crippling enemy leadership in the northern coastal areas of the country. Following this, on their signal, the Dorvish Air Force and combined elements of the Dorvish Navy would conduct a number of assaults on the area to ensure that the area was clear for Telamonese landing forces. Baade replayed the mission briefing in his head as he descended into the darkness and through clouds. Baade settled down and began motioning with his hands, a pull on the night vision googles on his head prompted a much clearer picture and he could see dozens of parachutes opening across the area. They expected some form of enemy resistance but it was unlikely that it would be sufficient to dislodge the elite Dorvish Fallschirmjäger.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Mr.God » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:47 am

13:00, Beaches of Keymon, Keymon

Shells exploding in the distance, soldiers yelling, shots fired, the Keymonite civil war is coming to a close. The Carluist forces are on the retreat, being literally driven into the ocean. During the entirety of the conflict there has been one force that has benefited from the constant carnage, the fighting, the despair. The IDI. It has learned, it has grown it has adapted and with it its agents. One of these agents, codenamed "Viper" stands on the beach next to a small boat. His hands folded behind his back and his eyes covered with a pair of glasses. He stands, apparently waiting for someone. As the shots and explosive impacts come closer a group of men appears on the horizon. Upon taking a closer look Viper realizes it is the person he has been waiting for, presumably escorted by some of his men. "Is it the King?", Viper says. "Yes, get him in quick", says one of his bodyguards. Viper positions King Carlu inside the boat, covering him in a hidden compartment of the vessel. A larger, research like vessel can be seen in the ocean. "Order those men to distract the royal forces. We need some time", says Viper to the bodyguard who runs towards the collapsing frontline. The boat starts, and Viper together with the king and two other bodyguards sets course for the covert ship. Once there the ship starts moving and Carlu steps out of the compartment. "Thank you for this", he says to Viper who looks at him and says, "Dont thank me. Thank the office." Viper walks up to the control center of the ship while King Carlu is escorted to a sealed room within the vessel. Viper walks to the superior officer on deck and says, "The King is here sir. What now?". "Now we get out of this godforsaken place. We have been here long enough." Says the officer who is going over a large pile of papers describing IDI Missions in Keymon. He calls up the office and says, "Miss, we have departed the island with the cargo. Heading for Malivia now."
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Mr.God » Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:06 pm

22:00, Ingomo Prefecture, Zardugal

The sound of nature can be heard in one of the deep valleys of Zardugal, villagers go on their daily bussiness and a patrol of soldiers guard a nearby outpost. "Its about time we take that oil. No one is ever doing anything with it. So why shouldnt we take it?" says one of the soldiers. "Idk, it just feels wrong. What if you lived of the fish near those rigs? You wouldnt like that would you?" they keep smoking their sigarette. One of the two stands up from the small fireplace they sat by and walks towards a bush, "They do whatever they wanna do honestly. I rather take a piss right now then talk politics." He stands by a bush behind the outpost and starts to piss. Moments after a silenced shot can be heard. The man falls down in the pool of his piss, with blood from his head pouring into the pool. The other soldier notices the silent shot and tries to take out his rifle but before he could a knife is plunged in his throat and slits it. Several men walk out of the woods camouflaged in wood colours, two of them take the now dead soldiers into the forest and come back moments later dressed in the Zardugalian uniforms. "You go to base Drescot, the one we scouted out earlier this week." says the leader of the group, Alexej Nistor, "Hive, you take base Apollo. Make sure you mix in with the soldiers on that base. Report any info through the method we discussed. You will be able to relay your message every two days. Make those moments count."

They start walking in different directions while Alexej and his right hand man hide the bodies in a pre dug hole. "And so it starts." Alexey says, "Time to report back to the office W, get your gear. We are heading back to camp."
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Mr.God » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:25 pm

05:00 AM, Imperial Palace, Cahtice, Deltaria

"Is there no other options", says Czar Mikuláš to First Minister Horak. "No my Czar. We have exhausted all our options. They have taken one of our citizens and tortured him. If we dont do something now we risk them provoking further next time. Sanctions clearly didnt work. This is our only option", Foreign Minister Kasnarová who sits on the other side of the large table speaks up, "I agree with the First Minister my Czar. I have contacted Dorvik and tried to diplomatically isolate Zardugal. It doesnt seem to bother them. In terms of diplomacy we have no options left." The Czar looks worringly accross the room. He remembers history very well, he knows what his family did and what the last military action in Majatra did to Deltaria. "Are we certain it will succeed. We wont be caught off guard?", "No. This is a solid plan. The Augustan regime probably wont expect such a reaction at this point. Our cells on the ground also confirm that their state of readiness is far from impressive. They wont be able to mount much ressistance." Says new defense minister Macek. The Czar looks to the right of the table, towards the director of the IDI, Filip Kuchár. "The Defense Minister talked about our cells. What can you tell me about them?", "The minister is right. All reports from Zardugal indicate a low level of readiness both amongst their leadership as well as their troops. I have several agents operating in the field as of now and have worked out a plan with the First Minister for the operation. I say if we want to strike, this is the moment my Czar."

While the government practically doesnt need the Czar's permission to launch the operation, first minister Horak is a monarchist at heart, believing that the important symbolic role of the monarch also requires him or her to give ascent in name of the public. After a short break the Czar walks up to the large majestic window at the end of the table. He looks outside, as if he is looking at the Deltarian people. "You can guarentee me a quick operation? Minimal Deltarian casualties?", "Yes my Czar. This is as safe as it can get. We dont expect large lossess. It will be quick." says the First Minister. "Then i suggest you get to work. You have my ascent." "Right away sire." The government with the First Minister in front walks out of the palace. It is time. Deltaria will strike.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby ChitinKal » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:07 pm

Sicurezza Camp, CLASSIFIED, Keymon; 20:23 February 6 4775 (Postdated)

“Private Sisco! Come here.” shouted a foreign NCO.

“Yes Sergeant Payne?” returned the soldier.

The young Private Patrizio Sisco was tired and worn out after a long day of hard training.which ended only briefly three times for meals. He woke up at 0400 hours, jogged uphill in formation, breakfast, jogging, marksmanship, mountain hike, lunch, strength training, self defense training, courses, marksmanship, obstacles, jogging, and finally dinner and rest. Such was the typical daily routine of a Sicurezza agent in training, and such had been Private Sisco’s life for the past weeks. When the Hutorian Sergeant called on Private Sisco, he was just returning from his final jog of the day and was looking forward to the well deserved rest that he had before him, but the Sergeant’s attention destroyed his hopes of such.

“Private Sisco, how long have you been with us?”

“Five weeks, sir.”

“And before that? How long did you serve your Queen and country before we picked you up?”

“Six years, sir.”

“Six years, huh? Well you must be a good soldier if you’ve been in the service for six years. Tell me, if you’re such an experienced soldier, why are you here in training? And how have you gone six years without a promotion?”

Private Sisco thought, but he couldn’t force out an answer.

“Private, an officer is asking you a question! Answer goddamnit!”

“Uh, Hutorian forces are the best in the world and we have to learn from them, sir.”

“You’re goddamned right Private, that’s why your government asked us to train you sorry sacks of shit. Dismissed.”

After the war, rather than immediately leave Keymon, the special forces sent to fight for Queen Éva by Hutori remained on the island at the behest of the Keymonite government to train their own special forces, the Sicurezza. Hutorian advisers were given control over the selection process for Sicurezza troops (Who mostly came from the ranks of Keymonites that fought for Queen Éva in the war) and the training of those troops. Part of the training process included joint exercises with the Hutorian forces remaining on the island.

Sergeant Payne, the Hutorian NCO adviser attached to Private Sisco’s unit, watched the Private leave, and then leaned into the Keymonite officer standing next to him.

“That soldier shows promise, but I’m concerned that he’s spent six years in the military without advancing past being a private. Tell me why he hasn’t been promoted.”

“Private Sisco? If I remember correctly, he’s had a history of disobedience and defying orders in order to do things his way. I guess his COs focussed only on that, as he is a good soldier, and has received quite a few bravery citations.”

Sergeant Payne then thought for a moment, then said finally, “Yeah, he’ll make a good agent.”
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Mr.God » Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:16 pm

16:00, Kamalata, Vascania

A server comes into the room. The work chamber of the Prime Minister of Vascania. He sets a large tray with tea on the table, "thank you", says Kavita Mohite. "So. To the matter at hand" says Deltarian first minister Nováková. "We both understand our positions in Malivia. It is not ideal. But i believe that by mutual understanding and cooperation we can both have a fair share of the pie." says the first minister. "You may be right. You must however underline the cultural importance Malivia plays for us and our people. Thats been our main concern." says Mohite. "I understand. Deltaria is ready to reaffirm its respect for the natural influence Vascania has over Malivia. Ofcourse we hope in exchange that Vascania respects our influence in the region, and recognizes that it is of strategic importance to us to maintain our base and other assets." "Ofcourse we understand, Vascania is more then happy to respects Deltarian influence in Malivia." says Mohite. "That is good. Let us drink of this delicious tea to celebrate this development. It truly is the best for our nation's and people that this dispute is finally dealt with." says the Deltarian First Minister.

The two proceed to drink the famous Vascanian tea before continuing talks on trade. The dispute over Malivia has been resolved diplomatically after years of stalemate. (This was a meeting during the Deltarian state visit to Kalamata)
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby robmark0000 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:47 pm

02:00, 3, May 4783, Office Of The CEO, 159th Floor, 3M Skyscraper, III. District of Hugamest, Hugamest or Republican Capital, Republican Canton of Hugalon, Directorial Republic of Endralon

Boros Roberta - Chief Executive Officer of More Medicament Manufacture
Hegedűs Arnold - Executive President of 3M Legal Department
Soós Kristóf - Executive President of 3M Corporate Security Investigation Team

BOROS: What the fuck do you think yourself? I am the f'n CEO of Terra's most powerful corporation, there is no classified information what I cannot know.
HEGEDŰS: Sorry, Madame President, but it was. Your uncle, CEO Boros Norbert was not wanted you to know it.
BOROS: Of course he was not. He wanted no one to know about it, 'cause it was a great example of his unfit, indecisive leadership.
SOÓS: I can confirm it, Madame President. During the attack he was in the 3M Operational Room with us and, well... he probably was shocked, so he cannot make decisions.
BOROS: But this is not a reason to you to keep secrets from me! This document and its attachments can win us the proceedings against Medina.
HEGEDŰS: And it also can defeat us. Madame President, we illegally detainee three Medinian citizens...
BOROS: Who killed an Endralonian soldier. Do you know, what will they do after hearing this information?
(Boros points out the window at the Citadel, the central building of Endralonian legislature and government.)
SOÓS: Probably a nuclear wasteland from Medina. (Laughing.)
BOROS: Exactly. An Endralonian citizen was killed by the order of the Medinian government. This can be a clear declaration of war.
HEGEDŰS: What?! You want war?
BOROS: Of course not. This is not our method. Just blackmail the Medinians. They're brave and supported, but they not want a war against our kind Endralonian Government. They have to obey, or they will die.
HEGEDŰS: Madame President, we all hate governments. And now you want them to achieve our goals? Governments are unreliable.
BOROS: Just bluff to the Medinians, nothing more. Send to them a copy about this classified document (especially the proofs) and a message about a threat of the Endralonian Government if we would give it to this papers.
SOÓS: Is this an executive direction from the CEO or a proposal?
BOROS: I have enough from your organizational chain of command stuff, just do it. This was an order.
SOÓS & HEGEDŰS: As you wish, Madame President.
BOROS: Hurry.

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