A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Luis1p » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:59 pm

3:22 p.m, Palais des Lumières, Royal Estates, Lac des Lumières, Lourenne. October 4786

"She's a very nice lady. I very much appreciate her presence here. She is very well-informed, but why was she here again darling?

    "You know why she was here Marie. She was here to support us. We aren't exactly in good terms with the nation. You know this."

"Sure, of course. I don't recall the last time a Deltarian came to the palace Herbert. Surely, this was more than to just "support" us?

    "Marie... listen. I am very worried about our position in the nation. There's an election in a couple of months and republicans look like they're going to win big. You know what this means.

"Of course dear. What about the children? What will we tell them?

    It's probably best they do not know. They are still young. Let them enjoy their youth. While they still can.

"What does that mean Herbert?"

    It means that our positions as leaders and representatives of the Canrillaise world is at risk. Capelot poisoned the minds of the people against us. The monarchy has been loved by all for centuries. We are the identity of Lourenne. Now we stand at the edge of a cliff because our ineffective government."

"It is not your fault, Hebert. You took over this nation in a very difficult time. You made it grow. The government has betrayed you"

    No, the government did not. We had the most successful government in decades. I believe there are inner mechanisms that internally made the government look weak. It was Oldunez or the socialists. There is someone on the inside that has brought this nation to the brim of chaos.

"Perhaps, the republicans?"

    No. They couldn't have done it by themselves. They were helped by something. Or someone."

"...was.... it..."


"Do you think.... he may... be behind the riots and the republicans?"

    "I am not sure Marie. But know this: should anything go bad. I want you to leave with the children to Dolgava. Our Hutorian family and friends cannot be relied on at the moment. You
    must stay with the Rothrigrens. They will keep you safe until I sort this nation once again."

"No Hebert! I will not leave you here!"

    "If the time comes, you must. I am afraid that our position is precarious. I cannot risk losing you an the children. This is my fate. This is my job and my duty. Where does my allegiance lie if not here? We are the family of Canrille. We represent the best of Canrille. If I cannot defend her stability and prosperity, then call me king no more."
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 8:01 pm

An Undisclosed Location, Dolgavia 11:30 PM November, 21st 4788

Five people entered the office, Mikus turned around in his swivel chair to greet them. Mikus was a small man with a pointed chin and dark narrow eyes. He had a long chin and was smoking a Egelion Cigar. His voice was serious and deep,

"Good Evening" he said as he peered around the room. 5 figures stood in the center of the room. They were all in their 20's and 30's. There were 4 men and one women. They were standing at ease but still had a serious. They were the best of the best. Mikus motioned for them to sit down and they did in front of his desk.

"I am sorry for the wait, there has to be a government official that will meet with you before you go", he said as he took a long smoke from his cigar. "Now you all know the seriousness of the situation, I all know you well and I know you will do the best job you can".

The 5 figures nodded in agreement and then the office door opened once again. In stepped in a tall man carrying a bushel of papers. He wore a suit and a red tie and had a tall face and a high chin. He strutted across the room and took a seat next to the five others.

"You're late Mr. Koks" said Mikus as he let out a smoke ring.

"I'm sorry, I was briefing the Prime Minister about current events and I..."

Mikus interrupted him "We don't need to hear a speech Mr. Koks, please sit down and listen!" Mr. Koks had stood up during his story and had started waving his arms around, for he was a politician. "Now we all know why we are here, General Capélot has taken control of Lourenne, he has killed the members of the Royal Assembly with canons. Our intelligence officers on the ground saw the whole event happen and we know the current situation in Lourenne completely. Our intelligence has now confirmed their next target is the Royal Family. We have sent diplomats to talk to the King and Queen but they are refusing to believe us". He paused taking another smoke from his cigar. "However we must protect the Lourennian Royal Family at all costs. The Royal Highness has requested us to do this herself..." The room was silent as they had just realized what Mikus had said. "Now you five men and women will be tasked with shadowing, guarding and if possible escorting the Royal Family out of danger using our embassy. There they will be safe. We believe the Queen and King will be staying put in Lourenne as is their duty, so the children are the ones who will need to be evacuated. Please note"....

Mikus was interrupted by Mr. Koks who said "I have the orders for these men and women actually, he smirked giving the agents a piece of paper each. Your job will be to work with the royal guard and to find out as much as you can ab...."

"MR. KOKS", Mikus roared as the smug face of Koks went from that of elation to being scared in an instant... "You are not in charge, I am the director of this agency. I have orders from the Queen herself!!! Do Not try and manipulate these plans that we have spent weeks putting together".

"I have orders from the Reichstag", Mr. Koks said as his face looked less like a white sheet and more like human skin. "You aren't not going to obey the Reichstag now would you???"

Mikus stopped and took a breath, he though "stupid politician" and then said "Mr. Koks, I take orders from the Prime Minister and the Queen. My job is to save lives, not push around those that are actually doing something good for people. This is the last time Mr. Koks, Shut Up and listen or I will have to send you out". Mikus stuck his cigar back in his mouth and then continued "Where was I.... Oh yes, Please note that the Lourennian military and the Lourenne Police are not our friends anymore. These men are not friends of the Royal Family or Dolgavia, is that understood". Everyone in the room including Mr. Koks was nodding their heads, Mr. Koks was not listening intently to every word. "Now you will have to enter the country through civilian means, I know you are not used to this, however we cannot give Capélot any ideas that we are here". He continued to smoke his cigar... "Now you will be sent with a variety of weapons. You know how to sneak these past Lourennian security at the airport. If you get caught you know what to do". He pointed to his own neck and made a cutting notion.

"Excuse me", it was Mr. Koks again "If they get caught they are to kill themselves?"

Mikus sighed and said "No, Mr. Koks, the agents are to kill their captures and escape with all evidence, this should be very easy, they will be well armed. Now remember you will be bypassing Dolgavian Security using this badge". He showed everyone a special badge with a crown on it. "This badge means you are royally exempt. You will be officially known as royal corrispondents working for Konstanja's charity. Now good luck godspeed and remember, if you are in trouble go to the Dolgavian embassy for help. My good friend will be there to help you with anything you need!"

The meeting ended with everyone including Mr. Koks leaving the room in silence. Mikus packed his bag and left his office last turning out the light to see the snow falling. He walked down stairs and to his waiting car and headed home...

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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Mr.God » Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:48 pm

18:00, Royal Palace, Eroncourt, Lourenne

Chaos on the streets. Rioters are trying to break through as royal police desperately tried to hold them off. The royal family of Lourenne sits anxiously as the situation outside plays out. Almost all their security officials have been killed or left to defend their own families. They are sitting ducks. But then in the middle of the chaos a large bang could be heard, a door is kicked in and several men in both civilian and military clothing run in. They walk up to the royals with one saying, "I am Vitali ma'am, im from the IDI." the royal responding is unsure what to say but then says, "The IDI? Deltaria?" Vitali nods and says, "You need to come with us. They can break through any minute. Ive been send to escort you out." "Send by who?" she says, "No time ma'am. We need to go. Now." Several of the family members dont wait and follow the few soldiers and apparent agents out the back. More prominent members of the family are hesitant at first but, when looking out the window, realize the severity of the situation. Everyone jumps into a civilian van in the back of the palace. Two IDI armed agents get in the front of the van while another gets in the back, protecting the family. They all get in and the van closes, "DRIVE!" Vitali says while the truck can be heard drifting and driving off with speed.

When nearing the back palace gate several officers can be seen battling rioters in front of it. Without stopping the van rams through the gate drifting to the left while both police and protestors hurry to get out of the way. One protestor can be seen picking up his cellphone and texts to a unknown number, "They are leaving". After a minute of driving a military armoured car can be seen in the distance blocking the road while two unmarked cars start following the van. "They know." One of the front agents says. "Take a right" Vitali responds while the van takes a sharp right. Their end detination, the dolgavan embassy, is just two blocs away. Still the unmarked cars follow the van as one starts driving next to it. Vitali, without hesitation, opens the sidedoor of the van and blasts his submachine gun into the car, causing it to crash into the sidewalk. He closes the door again when, at the same time, a lourennaise army tank appears in the distance. "WATCH OUT." Vitali says when the tank fires, forcing the van to turn and also crash into the sidewalk. Both IDI agents in front are dead with one of the lower family members severely injured. Vitali, taking up the damage and confused from the impact, hears lourennais outside. "We cant stay here, we need to move." he says as he signals the remaining family members to follow him. The injured family member is left behind, seeing no chance of taking him with them.

When Vitali and the family manage to hide in a alleyway they can hear the van doors opening and one shot firing. "Im sorry. But we need to go" he says as the family is understandably terrified exhausted and emotional. Slowly they move from alley to alley. Avoiding the masses of Lourennaise soldiers patrolling the streets in search for the family. Within minutes they see the Dolgavan embassy. Lourennaise soldiers patrol in front of it but are not blocking it. "We only have one chance" Vitali says while assessing the situation. "There is a chance there. Take it!" he points to a gap in the fence likely caused by a closeby explosion. He shoots dead the nearby patrol as others rush to the scene. It happens in seconds, the family manages to run through the fence up to the compound of the Dolgavan embassy, being greeted by the ambassador and his security personel. Just when Vitali himself wants to enter the compound however he is shot by Lourennaise soldiers just in front of the fence. Quickly without hesitating he grabs his phone and destroys it by throwing it in a nearby fire. He grabs a paper, presumably with his instructions on it, and destroys it in a similar fashion. Then, just before lourennaise soldiers reach him, he grabs his pistol out of its holster and fires one shot into his brains, killing him instantly.

The Lourennaise royal family has been escorted to the Dolgavian embassy. One family member died as well as, presumably, three IDI agents. Why this mission you may ask? Czarina Maria of Deltaria had a personal connection with the Lourennaise family especially since her visit. Despite the clear animosity between First Minister Koleno and Maria she convinced Koleno of the benefit in escorting the royal family to a safe place. Koleno thus ordered the rescue mission, at the cost of three infiltrated agents. It is unclear how large the remaining cell within Lourenne is but if its still there it is likely to remain hidden, especially in light of this operation.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Yolo04 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:05 pm

Camp August, 25 Miles East of Turtle Bay, 5:00 AM, July 12th, 4789

I thought I could escape this place in my dreams. I, perhaps foolishly, thought that they couldn’t hurt me here, even if they continuously hit me with that whip. I thought that I was the god of my own mind. Yet, I was wrong. They will always find ways to squirm their way into your mind and force you to act, think, and be…just like them.

As the pounding on the “cabin” (our cabins are made of scraps of metal and wood, which barley protects us from the sun, let alone the constant rain) door yanked almost all of the other ladies in the cabin from our escapist dreams, and into the cruel reality of where we were. As the door slammed open, and as the “Camp Security” began to call out our names for roll call, I noticed a young girl, no more than 15, still asleep in her bed. I knew what fate was to meet her for such a blatant act of disrespect to the guards, but I didn’t have the courage to shake her from her slumber. Neither did any of the other women next to her. Perhaps we feared the repercussions too much…perhaps this placed has twisted our brains into believing such violence was reasonable.

As she was dragged out of her sleep by the guards, and was beaten with the buts of their rifles, none of us could…or perhaps wanted to…save the girl. By the time the guards where done, her face was twisted and broken into an almost unnatural expression. Her nose was broken and blood poured from her mouth and ears. As the guards dragged her limp body out of our cabin, I wondered what fate my befall her. Perhaps she’d be sent to the re-education chamber…maybe she’d be sent to the head master to beg for forgiveness and to “please” him…or perhaps the guards would merely throw his still breathing body into the mass graves, leaving her to rot and die, afraid and alone.

I couldn’t ponder the topic for too long, as where regimentally marched to the mess hall, to consume the “food” the “cooks” prepared. In reality, the food they served was nothing more than some left over MRE’s from the civil war that they didn’t want to throw away. By this time, they had gone far beyond their expiration date and began to taste extremely funny. However…there was nothing else to eat (unless it was the Queen’s birthday, during which we would receive steaks), so we suffered through eating the slop they tossed at us.

Following our “meal”, we where ordered to report to our jobs immediately and began work. I was one of the lucky ones, since I worked as the janitor for the head master, who would almost always been absent from his office, preferring instead to walk around the camp, demeaning the other prisoners. This gave me some much valued peace and quite…and a chance to pocket some candies from his desk. I knew that if he caught me, I’d end up just like that girl…or worse…but I had to do it, I needed something besides the slop they served us.

However, when I entered the head master office, he was sitting at his desk in a suit and tie, almost as if he where expecting someone to join him. Suddenly a voice creaked out of balding head and said “Sweet girl…why where you brought here”. He and I both already knew the answer to that…they’d caught me in the Pink Flamingo. They said I was being far too “sensual” with another women…and perhaps u was…by their dictatorial standards. “I sinned, head master” I barley choked out, in an attempt to hide my anger at him and this whole institution. I hated being here and I hated the bitch who put me here…the Queen. That bitch forced everyone who didn’t feel the way she felt about the fairer sex into these camps, to rot away and die. That’s what these are…these are death camps and they want us to slowly shrivel away and die.

“You are a very bright girl, indeed you are Abélia…it’s such a shame you‘re a faggot…otherwise, you’d make a great housewife. This office wasn’t even this clean when we first built it”. I was stunned into silence…how did he know my name. The head master never knew anyone’s name, always referred to them by a physical feature or as a slur. Yet…he knew my name. This must mean something bad…he must’ve known I’ve been stealing from him. Maybe he had a camera hidden somewhere in his office that I just didn’t know about. “No…that can’t be possible”, I thought, “I clean every corner of this room and I’ve never seen a camera…he must just be pulling my leg…or maybe he’s playing with my mind”.

“Thank you, headmaster” are the only words I managed to push out, before he once again began to talk. “You’ve served me very well Abélia” he said, as he stood up from his chair and began to walk towards me. “You’ve always been a good girl…perhaps all of this has broken the gay indoctrination those dirty, filthy, whores on the south side of Turtle Bay put you through. Maybe…just maybe…I could pull some strings and have you “transferred” out of here and you can…serve me in my own humble abode”. He now stood behind me, cold hands rubbing my shoulders. Before I could speak up, he pulled back my hair and whispered into my ear. “Or maybe…you should go clean up the re-education room. If you clean up the trash that’s in there…I’ll let you work in my own home and then…we can have our fun in private”. As he pulled away from my ear, the fear nearly prevented me from spewing out a “Yes headmaster” before quickly leaving the room. I didn’t want it remember our “fun”…no one here wanted to. But he made sure we all had “fun”…regardless of our age or if we wanted to or not.

As I made my way towards the re-education room, several blood stained guards walked past me, giving me smug looks. As I got closer to the room, I knew what had happened to that girl…and I knew what they had done to her. By the time I opened the door and began to collect her petrified and violated body…my heart sank. “This is the type of “fun” he wants to have with me” I thought. “He wants me to suffer…and he wants me to kneel before him”. As I walked out into the hot, tropical sun and heat and walked my way towards the still open mass grave. I wondered…if I would ever make it out of this place.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Yolo04 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:48 am

Unknown Location, 5:32 PM, January 18th, 4789

As the hooded man in the back being was dragged out of the van, I grabbed my gear and hopped out of the drivers seat, to help my buddies drag him inside. He was fighting at first, but I made sure to soften him up a bit, with the butt of my rifle. After that he shut his mouth and stopped fighting us. I thought I’d killed him at first, but I could still feel his muscles tensed up, so I knew he was still alive. The boss would kill me if I killed him, because he’s “a high value target for re-education”, whatever that means.

As we dragged him through the complex and into the interrogation chamber, the schedule on the door said I’d have to be the one interrogating him. “You’ve got to be fucking with me”, I thought, “my wife’s gonna stab me if I’m late home again”. I tried to get my buddies in the van to take my shift, but they all made up some bullshit excuses like “my father is sick” or “I have to see my wife, it’s been two weeks”. Whatever man…what a bunch of backstabbing bastards.

Anyway, since I couldn’t convince any of the other assholes here to take my spot, I decided to just get the job done quick. I’d go in their, get a false confession of treason, go home, which I was hoping would only take around 10 minutes. But once I went in the chamber and began getting my tools out, the intercom above the door screeched out a message from the boss. He said that “this man is a value target, so our goal isn’t to get a false confession…it’s to make his life hell. If you kill him, I’ll hang you from the god damn rafters, do I make myself clear Pvt?”. I had never heard the boss so pissed, so I mumbled out a yes, and then turned back to my tools.

After a few minutes of pondering my choice of torture device, I decided to use old reliable…the good ole monkey wrench. I started bashing in the man’s left knee cap, when he started begging me to let him go, and rambling about how he was “famous” and could make me “wealthy beyond my dreams”. I just laughed it off, as I began taking shots as his right knee cap. I could hear him crying beneath hood, which is always a good sign as to how close someone is to breaking. “I might be able to go home early” I thought. But then, the intercom came back on with the Bosses voice. He said that I should “start cutting off bits of his hand” and “start cutting of bits of his ear”. But then he screamed that I am, under no condition, to lift his hood unless ordered to by him. And then a silence (besides the mans crying obviously) entered the chamber once again.

After an hour of slowly dissecting this mans hand and ear, I began to grow curious as to the identity of the man, whose hand I was chopping to bits. So, I started whispering to the man that, if he told me his named, I’d make this nightmare end. But he had stopped responding to everything I did minutes ago. The blood at his feet was starting to pool, so I screamed at the camera in the corner that “this fuck might be dead”. The intercom then screamed back “your one goddamn job was to make sure he didn’t die you fool…I’ll go down there myself to torture in this fool, since you can’t even do it yourself”. Then the intercom stopped speaking. That kinda hurt… the bosses words.

When the boss entered the room, he immediately snatched the knife out of my hand and plunged it into the mans leg. He then smacked the man in the face and screamed something so loud, I couldn’t even make out what he had said. Regardless, he then yanked off his hood and shook the limp head side to side. Only then did I realize that we had rockstar and Strontium Mole singer Gerardo Vegatu…who’s music is honestly shit (just don’t tell my wife I said that).

Anyway, the dude finally wakes up and starts crying about how “he loves his family” and how he “wants to go home”. It’s the same old rubbish I’ve heard from every sad sack piece of shit that comes through those doors. But then, the boss turns to me and says “congratulations…you’ve got the rest of the night off…get out now”. Whelp, he didn’t have to tell me that twice. I went into the break room to grab my jacket, but when I turned around to leave…the boss was standing between me and the door. He then started marching towards me with his finger out. He then grabbed me by my shirt collar and screamed “IF YOU TELL ANYONE THAT MAN IS IN HERE, SO HELP ME GOD I’LL KILL YOU MYSLEF”. It was a bit of an overreaction in all honesty. I really don’t give a flying fuck about his shitty music or band. But I just told the boss the same old corporate derived jargon, and then he got out of my way.

By the time I had made it back to my house with the champaign and a box of Spartans I bought from the local gas station (the standard kind…I’m not made of money), my wife was already pissed off. But using my charisma and smooth talk (aka, I gave her the champagne and asked if we could bone) I was able to have a little fun in the end of the night. So overall, last night wasn’t half bad.

So what about you doctor…oh shit. Whelp Dr., if you could please stand still while I grab my gun, this will be quick and painless.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Yolo04 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:49 am

Duke Herbert Elementary School, New Valois, 1:24 PM, December 11th, 4789

The operation had been planned for the last few weeks, however we where just now beginning preparations to perform our field requirements. I thought that it was always quite weird how they planned for an operation, but never let us practice our roles before performing an operation. I suppose, an agent on his toes is better than a dead agent and a failed mission. Regardless, we got our equipment and headed off to the target: Duke Herbert Elementary School.

As soon as we pulled up to the building we immediately got work setting up a car bomb near one of the cars parked in the bus lane. We set up the bomb to detonate at exactly 1:35 PM, once all the children had left the school and began to file into their respective busses. I will say my dear friend, that bomb was a piece of cake to set up, and the explosion would make it quite a show to witness. Following the planting of the device, we headed back to our van to watch the chaos unfold from afar. Yet we had 11 minutes to talk amongst ourselves whilst we waited for the bells to ring and for the children to die. So, we talked about everything we could think of…mainly the shitstorm going down in Lourenne. One of the boys on the team was Canrailles, but he seemed more loyal to his paycheck every weekend then to his fellow Canrailles, so we trusted him as much as we could.

Once the kids started pouring out of the building and into their busses, I started the van, ready to pull out immediately, following the detonation of the device. I eyed the dashboards clock with ever growing excitement, waiting for the clock to reach that explosive number. And then, 3…2…1…boom! It all went up in flames. The car burst outward, entirely destroying the two busses parked on either side of it. The shrapnel then slammed through the rest of the busses nearby, causing a great ocean of blood to splatter the shattered windows of those yellow death traps. I could only enjoy my handy work for a few seconds, before I had to hit the gas and get back to base as fast as possible. Once we had returned to base, we where greeted and congratulated by everyone who was privy enough to know about the operation. I know I may sound like an evil man for killing those kids but…as one wise man put it…the ends…they justify the means. Now, stop squirming so I can gut you like a fish!
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 6:55 pm

Royal Palace Aikums Dolgavia, 7:45 AM February 22nd 4790

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty", a frantic voice echoes down the halls of the palace. The Queen was in the middle of a coffee break and eating a scone when the frantic messenger came in, "You Majesty you are needed this instant". The Queen sat confused for a second and then followed. The messenger soon escorted her to the lobby where a large man with a serious face met them.

"Your highness" he said bowing. I have to speak to you, the man was the Royal Correspondent for the Kingdom of Lourenne, they had spoken several times and had coordinated the rescue mission to save Louis and Aurore. Now they sat in a hall off the lobby and the Queen could sense that this wasn't good news... "The King and Queen of Lourenne, died by a mass of marauders... They beat them, tortured them, and then gassed them to death. This was on Capélot's orders".

The Queen felt her heart sink... She tried with all her might to hold back tears. She could only picture the horror of what that situation could have been like... She pictured herself strapped to a statue and her being beaten to death. Tears ran down her cheeks... She could not speak... "What.... What do I tell their children"...

"Well with your permission we have made a quick speech you can say to the children"....

"That won't be necessary" the Queen said standing up now. She was boiling with anger... She now briskly walked down the corridor her high heels tapping louder and louder down the halls. She had a plan. The royal correspondent followed along trying to keep up.

"What are you doing?" he asked clearly confused.

The Queen stopped, and then said "Thank You for telling me that awful news. However it is my job as Queen to do some things in regards to national security, please excuse me as I do that". She nodded then turned. She began on her way again to the back of the palace, into the courtyard across from the Prime Minister's residence. An agent ran to meet her at the door,

"Your majesty, Your majesty.... The Prime Minister is...."

"I know" the Queen said seeing the Prime Minister in the courtyard. The Prime Minister looked stressed and lightened up when he saw the Queen.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I am going to speak to the chiefs of staff, I want to also run this by you, we need to start seizing Lourenne shipping going through Dolgavian waters, My patience for Capélot has ran out"...

The Queen would order all Lourennian shipping seized and this would be carried out over the next few days. The Dolgavian navy would also be sent East to put pressure on Lourenne as well. The Queen would tell Louis and Aurore about their mother and fathers death and then proceed to officially adopt them.

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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby PaleRider » Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:06 am

Govt forces fighting on the outskirts of Udayl, Marakash

Aug 12, 3804

Lt Colonel Hamdi al-Tamer and his 14th Infantry Company were caught in a hellish gunfight on the outskirts of the Udayl, a city on the northern island. International media and reporters were being kept away from most of the northern provinces but word was getting out. Having long benefited from a weak central government the tribal and rural leaders up here had grown use to exercising near total authority, specifically over oil revenues. Now his newly formed company was part of Operation Marja, the push to establish law and order in the north.

Yet barely a month old after it started the militias and associated armed gangs were holed up in Udayl (amongst other centers to be sure). His company was one of multiple that had now laid siege to the city, fighting block by block. Casualties were mounting however and reinforcements couldn't be dispatched fast enough. All that was moot now as hit company battled its way through the surrounding neighborhoods...

Machine gun fire echoed down the streets as his men fought up, block by block. Most of their artillery support was non-operational and there was little in the way of air support beyond unarmed helicopters doing reconnaissance. Several bullets whized by his head as he led his men forward.

Meanwhile in Bab al-Mira...
Govt forces securing a checkpoint entering and exiting the capital city

The party meetings were only growing more and more tense. The political leadership of the Northern Political Alliance, which was supposed to represent Northern interests, was becoming increasingly uncooperative, ineffective, and hostile to the nation building effort. Their political positions were under assault, especially now that security operations were going in full swing. A meeting of the Central Coordinating Committee was called to address this issue.

Chairman of the Executive Council and Vice Chairman of the CCC Jumail al-Hassan spoke first:
"Enough is enough my fellow Badarans. We cannot continue to accept the present state of affairs on the North Island. We must be unyielding in deploying our security forces there to bring these rebel terrorists to heel. No mercy can be shown to them! I have had it when it comes to these violent actions!"

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and Leader of the Northern Renaissance Party Ikram el-Salahuddin spoke in reply:
"Save me your high and mighty act Mr Chairman. You knew what you were doing when the Executive Council decided to ignore our recommendations and deploy your ill trained security forces North. The people there see this, RIGHTLY, as an invasion to take over their resources and impoverish them. This government is increasingly in the hands of big business and don't think we don't know about the foreign investment deals you all are cooking up! By the Grace of God I pledge that we will not stop fighting you and these militias will only grow stronger as you throw fresh recruits at them!"

Minister of Trade and Industry Abdul Noor al-Younes spoke next:
"I think you gravely misunderstand the situation Minister. Lawlessness is holding back industrial development and resource development. Those pitiful thing you call wells you have now produce only a fraction of what we could get. We are already receiving enticing offers from the Dorvish and Deltarians about investing in our infrastructure and our resources. We could produce so much oil but you only think your greed! That band of gangsters and terrorists in the North, hiding behind their tribes is worried they'll lose their exclusive oil privileges'. We have serious work to rebuild this country and you're only concerned about your greed!"

Needless to say after a good hour and a half of bickering the leaders of the Northern Political Alliance were intransigent as ever, but now worried. Dorvik and Deltaria could provide the forces and training to turn the tide from losing stalemate. Worse the Dorvish especially had a world class intelligence service which could make the necessary changes to the political scene. Quietly now the NPA began making contact with the Badaran underworld. This government of businessmen and elites was alienating more people than they knew. Plenty of opportunity now to make the alliances and build the networks needed to resist this foreign invasion...
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Auditorii » Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:14 pm

Undisclosed location, Northern Badara

As a component of the Dorvish training mission in Badara, the Dorvish Armed Forces dispatched dozens of smaller units to be attached to Badaran military units. One of the units attached was Horst Kohl's Fallschirmjager unit, the elite of the Dorvish Air Force. Horst was none to pleased to be attached to a Badaran infantry platoon, it was quite frankly the largest shit show that he had ever seen and these were, according to the Dorvish leadership in Badara, "highly trained" and they were not even remotely trained at all. Horst and his squad were embedded and it was very obvious that the squad did not disagree with their squad leaders comments. "What in the hell is this? Honestly." One of the paratrooper spoke up in Dundorfian, the Badaran's wholly unaware of what he saying. No one said anything, they just kind of nodded as they conducted a "routine" combat patrol in an undisclosed location in the northern portion of Badara. They were slightly behind the Badaran troops who were in a double stacked line formation, 5 and then four. The Dorvish paratroopers were assigned to monitor and provide direct assistance as the northern portion of the country faced a growing separatist crisis, the Dorvish were now embroiled in a low intensity conflict in Badara but it provided the opportunity for the Dorvish Armed Forces to gain valuable counter-insurgency experience and test out new tactics. A group of the Fallschirmjager had undergone an advanced language course to be able to speak the Badaran dialect of Modern Standard Majatran.

Their talking brought the Badaran squad leader back to them, Horst was keen on the man. He was a veteran of several local conflicts and seemed to be the brightest of the bunch. He was limited in his Dundorfian but knew some words to get the conversation started, they quickly switched to Majatran. The Sergeant, Basheer al-Allee, quipped that these soldiers were new and it showed. Horst and Basheer joked about being rookies again but they knew that it took time and training, something that neither of them had in reality. The separatist movement in the north was growing and it was growing fast. The Foreign Intelligence Service had deployed dozens of "assets" to Badara to assist the Badaran government with intelligence gathering, this included FIS Unionhawk MALE unarmed drones. The Dorvish had also introduced several other types of recce planes to provide assistance and training to the fledgling Badaran military. Basheer and Horst slowly broke away from their squads and were separated by a few footfalls. "You guys are in a pitiful state." Horst stated in roughly Majatran. "We can't all be Dorvish." Basheer quipped. Horst chuckled, the shifted his G36 standard issue rifle and nodded. "They're all new. All of them, they put them with me." Basheer noted, his voice heavy with something extra. "We'll get you guys where you need to be."
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby XanderOne » Mon Oct 12, 2020 11:13 pm

Borromesi's Castle, municipality of Rocca Bassa (province of Sasseri), Sarregna, Istalia

The activity was frenetic in the rooms of the Noble Villa and also on the external terraces the workers were installing various Christmas lights and decorations.
The sun was setting and the Belvedere loggia shone on top of the headland as the light displays were tested and staff rehearsed for Christmas dinner. Although there were still two weeks before Christmas, the guests would have been numerous and everything had to be perfect, even the alignment of the cutlery and glasses on the table.
In the private apartments on the upper floors of the Villa, however, the attention of the Emperor and his wife were all directed to Prince Adriano, who was urgently summoned and sent back from Davostan. With them in the Selucian canrillaise-style drawing room stood two men, both in their fifties, one skinny and brown-haired, the Emperor's Private Secretary, and one short and plump with gray hair, the National Security Advisor of the Emperor.
The eyes were tense, the faces of the two officials rather heavy, and everyone was looking at Prince Adriano who was nervously pacing up and down in front of the fireplace muttering.
"I should have expected an interrogation when you summoned me urgently" snapped the Prince to his brother sitting in a bulky armchair next to the sofa where the Empress was sitting instead.
"What did you expect Adri? For eight months now you have definitely settled in Davostan, from where you have practically no longer given your news and now we find news about a wedding in all the newspapers!"
"The newspapers say lots of things"
"I don't need newspapers luckily"
"sure, our diligent secret services" he exclaimed sarcastically "how many have you put on my heels? Maybe you also have informers within my staff..."
"You know who you are and privacy is a luxury for you, you know! And I tell you right away that what I learned made many people'hair in Romula stand on end! Tomorrow I will come back to see the Prime Minister"
Prince Adriano said nothing, he turned to the fire, leaning against the marble frame of the fireplace.
"at first I thought it was just an adventure, the thrill to do it with that one there, and ok; then I swallowed this relations between you two, and I also defended you then, protecting your privacy first of all, and the Household did everything to calm the waters, we had assured that it was just 'a few lines and two good photos for the newspapers', but now this... Adri! A wedding?"
"yes, a wedding!" he turned and snapped "we want to get married! Like any man and woman who love each other!"
"I'm not questioning your feelings, but I'm also sure you knew very well what that woman and her surname mean, and not just for Davostan!"
Again Prince Adriano did not answer, swallowed the frustration and frowned down.
"Adri, Adri... we risk being overwhelmed by a hurricane! And I'm not worried about the present, but about the future: we're talking about Davostan! Her brother had already practically become almost a new dictator, and was also killed for this, and she is continuing his work! They questioned the whole process of democratization, de-stratocratization, and de-kivonization of the country. Now she is Head of State for life, what will happen in the future? We know from who she descent, we know what she and her family represent. Davostan's hopes of leaving behind centuries, not a few decades, but centuries of Kivonian fanaticism, of Kivonian militarism, were already hanging by a thread now? What will happen? What will she do? "
"she will do the best for her country!" Adriano answered looking up "she wants to help consolidate the new state, to ensure prosperity and well-being for all the citizens of Davostan-Kivonia and I assure you that the people of Davostan-Kivonia also want it"
"yes, now she has many supporters, but will it always be like this? And what if one day they won't be so happy anymore?"
"we are discussing hypotheses, about eventualities that we cannot say they will happen for sure, and we will never know if we do not even give her a chance"
"The premises are not encouraging, her family and those from which she descends have produced a series of characters worthy of the most tragic Trigunian novels, as hungry for power as ready to do anything to have it! And she and her brother have already shown not to be so different! "
"She and her brother fought against Kivonian fanatics to defend the Union and the Constitution! And then you are indicting her and I would add you are discriminating her first of all on the basis of the sins of her fathers, it seems you are the first to fail at the highest principles on which our Empire stands!"
"The risk is enormous Adri! If something goes wrong, we, the Crown, will become the traitors of those principles, condemned by the whole nation, and not only: in the eyes of the world she is yet another Kivonian dictator! The dishonor would fall on the whole Family!"
"Can I suggest you to consider it instead as a possibility? Imagine a more stable Davostan, something more similar to our nation, a stable, growing, peaceful Davostan, with a Duchess devoted to her people and to the constitution"
"it would be a good movie Adri"
"But Viktoria it is not against it! Do you think I'm just a little dog at her feet?"
The Emperor frowned, stood silently looking at his brother.
"We don't spend our time just... having fun! We talk a lot, and I would see a bright future for her, I always tell her. She could absolve her family's errors, I always tell her"
The Emperor continued to look at him for a few more seconds before speaking:
"Adri, she has a strong personality, really... I find it hard to believe that he is listening to you, or that he hangs so much on your words"
"But she didn't disagree with me when I told her that what her ancestors did eventually backfired on them, and she couldn't deny the fact that none of the regimes her ancestors established lasted long enough before succumbing to intrigues and violence! I try to make her understand that there are other paths and other possibilities, I try to make her look at us and our family"
"What? What do we have to share with those Kivonians?"
"We have been on the throne for over two hundred years, with a few decades it will be three hundred years; a long-lived, stable and prosperous family"
"I wonder if she is interested in all this, because we all know well that we have not achieved all this with violence, intrigue or the iron fist"
"I'm sure she will understand it, and when she will have children she will understand even better, but... they will certainly not be just her children"
The Emperor stood silently still watching his brother.
"They will be children of Kivonia, Davostan but... even a little bit of Istalia, they will be my children and I am determined to pass on my values ​​and principles to them"
"you are ambitious"
"the name Appiano Borromei could reign over another realm! Istalia could have a new strong ally in the north, to be protected, to be taken by the hand and amicably guided on the right path"
"We should wear reinforced gloves, Kivonians have claws like bears!" exclaimed the Emperor with a chuckle before becoming serious "I don't know Adri, it would be... yes... a possibility, but... does this ambition of yours run the risk of clashing with her or her staff and her government?"
"She will do it!"
"are you sure?"
"I would never stay close to... a tyrant! Never! I love her, it's true, and I also fell in love with her integrity!"
"well... it was really very democratic to appoint herself as head of state for life Adri!" the Emperor said sarcastically.
"I know that she will continue to defend the Union Constitution and the rights of her citizens! I know Tommi!"
The Emperor continued to look at his brother for a few seconds, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands folded in front of his mouth, then glanced at the two officials standing at the other end of the drawing room's carpet.
"Adri..." he stood up and approached his brother placing a hand on his shoulder "you should give us at least some time to talk about it, and we'll talk a lot about it..."
"okay... how much? Months I guess"
"I don't know Adri, I can't assure you nothing"
"Tommi... in your opinion, what would dad say?"
"Daddy? Dad was an irrecoverable romantic..." the Emperor chuckled before falling silent, as if to reflect how an idea had suddenly caught him, then exclaimed:
"why don't you bring her here?"
The two officials' face jumped back and the Empress also showed a rather surprised expression.
"yes, I'll talk to the Prime Minister, I'll propose him to consider it as... a way to relax relations with Davostan, we'll leverage on the fact that she and her brother fought fanatical extremists of the old stratocratic order, and meanwhile you and her will show to be two lovebirds, with the dignity due to your positions, but ... let's try to paint it as pink as possible. In the meantime, let's ingratiate ourselves with the hearts of public opinion"
"donc c'est fait!" exclaimed the Empress "will they be able to organize a state wedding in Davostan? It will be better to send some help from the Household! And it will be better that I call my brother, we will have to prepare him for the surprise"
Prince Adriano was simply left speechless, much like the two officials behind them, who surely couldn't wait to unload all their avalanche of objections to the Emperor.
"Shall I light a candle in the church to ingratiate myself with some saint?" the Emperor exclaimed ironically "but let's wait a little longer before any announcement, okay Adri?"
"yes, yes... okay"
"but the Kivonians will have to accept a 'larger staff' for your entourage" added the Emperor calmly "I know you will not like it but we cannot be caught unprepared under any circumstances. And your beloved Viktoria I am sure will fully understand our concerns"
"and when would you like her to come here?"
"certainly before any official announcement, we could... we could do it at the end of February or... beginning of March, now let's try to have a quiet Christmas. Rather... will you be one of us?"
"I don't think Tommi, I promised Viktoria I'd be with her"
"Will you come and say hello to mom before leaving?"
"yes sure, another lecture will be waiting for me also from her..."
"It would break her heart to see you excluded from the family Adri, she does everything to make things go for the best. I don't want to see you come back here destroyed by grief and much less I would like to have to sever any relationship with you, because if Davostan and Kivonia will not find peace everybody 'will ask me for your head', and for the Family first of all comes the Crown Adri, and it will always be so!
"I know" the Prince replied seriously, looking his brother in the eye.
"well, now... come on, let's go to dinner. Gentlemen" the Emperor turned to the two officials "you heard what you needed to hear, I'll see you after dinner, at 11 o'clock, if you don't mind"
The two did not object and after making a bow they walked towards a side door while the Emperor with his wife and brother exited the main door towards the dining room.
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