The Rise of the Triumvirate

The Rise of the Triumvirate

Postby Khaler » Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:58 pm

(OOC: This is the first part of the story of the three men behind the Triumvirate, Furius Junii, Antonius Aemilianus and Maximus Servatus, told in segment's which all are from one of their point of view. Everything written here is in secret, meaning it is not public information, unless stated otherwise.)


Ten years have passed since the three ambitious men had created their alliance in Keymon. Or Keymonium as they had called it. The Junii family had lived partially in Keymon for centuries, building their gigantic Selucian Villa in the souther shores of the Maddog Island. The economic freedom and low taxes of the Grand Duchy had drawn hundreds of rich families around the world to move into Keymon, and the Junii's just went with the flow. They lived in Selucia for most of the time, but came to their villa every summer. That is where some of Furius Junii's first memories are from, as a child playing and running in the nearby olivegardens. And then the Legionary State came and limited their economic freedom, limited the Keymonese freedom, showed the true colors of the Dolgarian Population. Many left completely, but not the Junii, they stayed.

Maximus had arranged an alliance with one of the young men he had met in the Selucian Legion, Antonius Aemilianus, descendant of one of Junii Familys most loyal servants. Antonius had risen in ranks and finally came to Keymonium with Furius, to fight against the leaders of the Legionary State. They were prepared for civil war, but it was not needed. The people rooted for change, and the alliance they had formed became more popular among the non-Dolgarian population. Furius and Aemilianus looked for their patria for assistance, especially for Avitus Tyrannus and his Optimates. The well being of patria, the Imperium, was under the same threat that Kymonium had been before, communism, and as the new Imperial Province of the Imperium Selucianum they would have to participate in the fight against the plebs.

Now today, at the porch of his family's villa, Furius Junii, the already elected Praetor of the Province, was weighting his options. They were going to be part of the Imperium, as they loved their country and their glorious history. One day the Imperium would rise to it's might again against the barbarians, and they would start with the Keymonites.

A young man, with short haircut and strong facial expressions entered the garden and saluted him. Dressed in black, this young man looked at the new Praetor of entire island. "Legionarie Desticius Sentius reporting for duty!", he said. Furius looked at the man and took a sip of the finest Selucien wine. "So how are the things in homeland, Legionarie? Has the Imperator has already started sending the refugees and settlers from patria?" he asked. "Yes, the first batches have alredy arrived, Actualy I also came with them!"

Furius lifted his eybrows and smiled "So you are the backbone of the new Keymonium Selucianum!"
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Re: The Rise of the Triumvirate

Postby Opakidabar » Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:23 pm

Good job so far! Selucian and now Keymon RP is Terran best at this moment, IMO.
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