New Supreme Pontiff Chosen for OCC

New Supreme Pontiff Chosen for OCC

Postby meritocracy » Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:31 pm

Archibishop Lamont Cheshire, formerly head of the Archbishopric of Shinatawa, has been chosen by the Conclave of Cardinals to replace the decased Pope Charles II as head of the Holy See and Supreme Pontiff of the Orthodox Catholic Church.

He has taken the title Pope Tristan V. He is the first Solentian pope of the OCC.

His task at hand is daunting: to revive a dwindling and moribund faith that was once the most far flung and tightly organized church on Earth. His investiture was considered stark by many, and ill-attended.

Addressing a multitude of followers from the steps of St. Pius Cathedral at Ville de Saints, Pope Tristan gave a short liturgical service, followed by a few words.

"My friends Christ died not so that we can congratulate each other on our good fortune of being born Christian, or that we may strive like spiritual automatons towards a reward in heaven while neglecting that Terra itself is a reflection of Heaven, and part of our Holy Father's creation. It is said in the scriptures that if you have the faith of just one grain of a mustard seed, you would move a mountain. So I ask you today, you see not thousands upon thousands here to witness a celebratory festival of trappings of some cultural past. I wish, in fact, that none of you were here, and that you, and I, were out in the world, this beautiful and flawed world of ours making converts by moving hearts.

"That is where our business lies. As a Church we will be reaching out now and from now on towards actions, not acts of false piety but towards a dynamic of restoration, for it is God we are returning to, both in this life and God-willing the next. Let us pray."

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