Fall of the Ríša

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Re: Fall of the Ríša

Postby Reddy » Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:38 am

Badara Declares For 'Miloš II'
October 2, 3568

Some of the aid from Badara

In what is a widely anticipated move (in diplomatic circles) the HSB government of Badara has declared that it shall recognise 'Miloš II' as the rightful Tsesar of the Deltarian Empire. Foreign Minister Harun al-Jabiri made an announcement detailing the provisions of the declaration.

Badara has sent a number of diplomat to Tsargrad and they have confirmed that it is the Tsesar Miloš II returned and that his mental difficulties appears somewhat reduced. Badara having made a commitment to help stabilise the regime will assist with the following:

- 6 million free barrels of oil to assist the military efforts of the one true Tsesar Miloš II.
- another 4 million barrels will be sold to Miloš II's administration at half the normal price.
- a loan of 600 medical staff to assist in the war ravaged regions under the control of Miloš II.
- a loan of 1.56 billion BDR at the low interest rate of 3.5% to be paid back over 20 years.
- 80 members of the Directorate of General Security to assist the Men Aside with stabilising the territory already under the Tsesar.

At this time, Badara will not send any military personnel but this is a step which we may take in the future depending on the circumstances.

Asked about the cost of the entire package (around 1.8 billion BDR) and how it would be covered, Al-Jabiri gave a smile and said the Tsesar and his supporters knew all about this and had already delivered on some of the payment.
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Re: Fall of the Ríša

Postby jknevar » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:25 pm

Valruzian Navy commences war games as nation withdraws from Deltárska Ríša
December 3572


Valruzian Royal Navy has started biggest naval exercises in years, on the day the Valruzian withdrawal from Deltárska Ríša came into effect. Though spokespersons for both Valruzian General Staff and Defence Department insist that the starting date for "Steady Eagle 3572", as the exercises are called, has been set long ago and has nothing to do with any parlimentary action, most pundits agree that it is rather significant date as the newly elected government wants to build it's postion on the world stage. Leader of the now-ruling SPD was clear in the campaign before general elections - Valruzia will defend it's sovereignty and progressive policies.
Though not offical, sources in Valruzia suggest that not only nation's Navy shows signs of increased activity. Many reports indicate that Strategic Command that oversees the Valruzian nuclear arsenal was put on alert and the highest echelons of military brass recalled to the capital to meet with President Waryński.
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Re: Fall of the Ríša

Postby Polites » Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:17 am

OOC: Just so this RP isn't entirely abandoned, the civil war in Deltaria was won by the White Guard-Whig alliance, but Viktor was dethroned and replaced with Juraj I Crai (formerly McCray) in 3569, while Doron Akigo continues to be a breakaway separatist state, with Zardic troops stationed on their territory. Kylejenkins was supposed to continue the RP after I left, but he went inactive.

EDIT: Nevermind, there is a new player in Deltaria that can continue the RP. The above is not valid.
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