A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Yolo04 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:52 pm

King Wangdue shaking his head answers back
Listen I could get a better deal than you offer from Saridan or Mordusia. Accept my offer or there is no deal at all.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby CCP » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:42 pm

Government Building, Udon Nakhon, Hanzen
11:54 PM, 16 January 4405

Kamnan Babpiboon, Prime Minister of Hanzen, in phone call with King Wangdue of Xsampa

Suitcase two fifty million whale island. You get good for money. Meet there. Saridan give you plastic toy guns. Mordusia give you backwards gun shoot you in face. Come lone. Two fifty million. Whale island. Come lone. Give you big guns.

Babpiboon disconnects call
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Yolo04 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:22 pm

King Wangdue wondering if an invasion of Hanzen would be better than this
I’ll send a delegate to Whale Island and he’ll bring the money. If you pull anything I’ll end you.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Maxington » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:45 pm

11:13, Z-6 Kraken Maritime Surveillance Aircraft coined "Pelican 3", Anantonese Sea.


Klaus Almen crossed his "t's" and dotted his "i's" after transcribing the coded message in his notebook before lifting his phone. "Pelican 3 to Raven Nest." He paused for a moment to switch the telephone onto an encrypted channel. "Pelican 3, this is Raven Nest, send your query." responded a voice from the Raven Nest, the Eggther Naval Air Station. "Are we to continue with ROE White and prescribed signal?" Klaus questioned, skimming through the decoded message once more. "Pelican 3, you are to continue with ROE White and prescribed signal." the voice replied unemotionally.

"Seems a bit strange for a peacetime operation." Klaus sighed before ending the call. He stood up from his swivel chair and began walking to the cockpit. He made his slow approach whilst battling with the turbulence from the poor weather pattern which had been developing around them. "I just got a hot message from Raven Nest." "What did it say?" the pilot turned from the flight control panel to face Klaus, whilst the co-pilot handled the instruments. "ROE Standard White." he handed over the notebook with the decoded message.

"It's a search, identify and monitor assignment. They want us to search for some fleet approach from the south."

"What do we tell the crew?"

"Have the torpedoes, depth charges, counter-measures and sonobuoy stations manned." the pilot grabbed the yoke and tilt it to the left until the plane was moving in a southerly direction.

Klaus nodded and went to the announcement system mounted near the door. Looking strait down the aisle to the torpedo station near the tail he said: "Alright people, we have a hot message from Raven Nest. We're to head south on ROE Standard White. We're to search for, identify and monitor a suspected fleet moving in a northerly direction towards the Anantonese Sea. We will drop sonobuoys in search for submarines and we will identify all ship spotted. If hostilities ensue, we switch to ROE Red and drop torpedoes and depth charges. Hopefully we don't come to that." Klaus paused as he watched the crew nod in approval. "Let's get to work people." he concluded, walking back to his station at the communications station.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Doc » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:54 am

SPoK HQ Building
Kaliburg, Ananto
Tuesday Morning, 3:45 am

Terrence Henry wandered the hallways alone. It was a couple hours before sun-up and his job as a night watchman meant graveyard shift.

Every Night.

"I should have taken that job with my dad. What was I thinking. So... Tired..." As he walked, he could barely keep his eyes open. Sometimes it seemed as if he fell asleep on his feet, and his knees would occasionally give out beneath him and jolt him awake.

"I'm just going to do this through the Spring," Henry thought. "Then I'll get a better job, building something somewhere. Growing weed for ODEN. I don't care. I could reenlist in the NSP. I hear they are always taking retreads." He wandered around aimlessly. Every hour, on the hour, he would walk down the hall and recheck each door to every office. "Locked. Locked. Locked. Locked... All locked up, Nothing new to report." He would say to an invisible Officer on Duty.

"Did I say that? Am I losing my mind? No..." He wandered listlessly back to his post to await another hour.

Suddenly, he was jolted awake. "You there. What is it? Harris?"

"Terrence Henry, Sir," He said, still half asleep but with a start. Had he fallen asleep on post? His goose was cooked now for sure.

"Henry, You come with me." As Henry's vision cleared, he noticed a sharply dressed female, in a olive green service uniform standing in front of him. She bore the rank of a Staff Sergeant, Three Up, One down, but her uniform didn't look anything like the Regular Forces.

"Ma'am?" Henry Started.

"Don't call me Ma'am, kid. I'm not an officer," was the lady's retort. "Just follow me, and be quick about it. We have to get this done before any of these pogues decide they need to come into work early because they have heartburn and their wife kicked them out of bed for snoring. Let's move."

Henry noticed the time: 4:10 am... He'd only dozed for a few minutes... But it was long enough. He dutifully followed the Staff-Sergeant down a maze of very dark hallways, into a part of this ancient building that he had never gone into. In fact, nobody in the Socialist Party goes into this Part. Since the building was reopened a few years ago, it had been at 75% vacancy, and this area was normally completely closed off.

"Hey, Hold up, Ma'... er... who are you?" Henry finally remembered that he was supposed to be on watch and here he let some stranger just galavant through empty parts of the building he was supposed to guard. "Now, stop!" he commanded. She stopped, turned around and shined her red light flashlight on her face. Where she very clearly rolled her eyes.

"What is it Howard?" She said, with a sigh of someone put upon.

"It Henr... never mind. Just who are you?"

She stepped closer to him so she could speak in a lower, more menacing tone, but he could still hear her. "I'm the person who is going to leave you back here if we don't get going. Now, I need you help, they said you would help me, so come on." She turned to leave, but Henry didn't budge.

"Now just hold on! Who said..."

But she was already halfway down the dark hall and quickly fading from his blurry view. He rushed after her.

After what seemed like a dozen turns, the two arrived at an elevator. The woman pushed the button "down" and to both of their surprise, the elevator opened. The light inside flickered on: It had clearly not been activated for untold years, but it still worked semi reliably. She stepped in, while Henry picked his jaw up off the floor. "Well?" She said as she motioned for him to join her.

"What is this?" Henry said as the elevator started down. It was slow going. The lady looked up and said, "This elevator hasn't been used in hundreds of years. Its taking us to another floor."

Another floor? Henry didn't know anything about this. "What is on another floor?"

"The main signals station of the Republican Security Bureau."

"The What?" Henry stepped back. "Lady, this way above my pay grade. I'm just a night watchman!"

"Well, you've been promoted..." she said. "To common laborer." The woman had a grim smile on her face, which looked sinister in the flickering light. Just then the door opened, and she stepped out. Henry reluctantly followed her down a dark corridor in some deep sub-basement of this ancient building. The musty smell of ages, water and an infinite number of years choked Henry out. It was all he could do to keep from retching.

"Over here!" She called from somewhere up ahead. Henry looked up and saw the red light flashing, the only light in the place except that which was emanating from the elevator. He walked ahead and soon arrived. She brought the light to her face once more. "Look: we have to take this brick wall down. It was built to hide something that we need, not to necessarily keep anyone out. So it should come down pretty easily. Grab that brick up there, the loose looking one and see what you can do."

Henry complied. The Brick was just out of his reach. He tried to stand on his tip toes to reach it while she shined the light onto it, and in the dark, he lost his balance, and fell into the wall. And then, it crumbled before him. The mortar between the bricks was entirely dustified, and sheer inertia held the wall together until the dumb night watchman fell into it. It collapsed, along with Terrence Henry, and revealed a door.

"Bingo!" the woman yelled. She advanced, over the pile of bricks and past a prone Henry, to the door. He picked himself up and dusted himself off in the Dark. "Im fine, thank you for asking." But the lady just ignored him. She went for the door, fidgeted with a key and after a click, the lock turned and the key broke off in the lock. But she was inside.

She searched the walls for a light switch, and soon found one. She flicked the switch and a small lamp situated next to a giant console flickered on.

"Well, it could be a worse. I'm not sure how, but it could be." She moved past dumbfounded Terrence Henry and proceeded to find another light switch and another.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Kubrick » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:56 pm

Private chambers of King Juhn X, fifteen minutes before the Extraordinary Meeting of the National Security Council.

"I will not condone a nuclear strike! You told me weeks ago, Jlekai, you told me weeks ago they adviced it and I said no then. I say no now! Enough." The King spoke sternly to former Prefect Jlekai Nasir, who simply nodded. "I know, Your Majesty, I did show you this report back then and I agreed with you. But times have changed. Zhtál is consolidating his power, he is attempting to solidify his base. But underneath this he wants more, he wants to rule with an iron fist. Just him in control. No Royal Veto, no opposition; just him and his cronies." The sly Prefect chose his words carefully, knowing exactly how to trigger the King's anger. The hand of the monarch trembled, much like his father he was a man of emotion and outbursts. "I should have vetoed him when I had the fucking chance. Naming himself Minister and Prefect. I should have acted!" Nasir nodded. "You can still act, Your Majesty. It is not too late. Your father, bless his name, was not afraid to.. how do I put this.. play the political game." The King scoffed. "What can I do? I only have that veto and it will be used for that damned nuclear strike he wants." At that statement Nasir stood up and smiled. "And that, Your Highness, is where you are wrong." He walked to the door and opened it, whispering to the Royal Guard.

A few moments later a new figure entered the room: Daníl Ráhklarz, the Director-General of the State Security Agency. After inclining his head to the King and nodding to Nasir he spoke. "Your Highness, as preparation for the inevitable I have set a task force at work to measure the global diplomatic impact of the impending nuclear strike on the Deltarian forces. While military it would almost guarantee a success.. well diplomatically it would be a nightmare. A proper clusterfuck, Your Majesty." The King nodded a few times, "Mister Ráhklarz you are stating things I have very much realized." The Director-General responded swiftly. "I am aware, Your Highness, yet there is another angle to look at. If the rise of power and erratic leadership of Duke Zhtál is a.. problem for you then I would advice witholding a veto on this matter. The diplomatic fallout and condemnations from across the globe, the numerous alliances that will shatter, the sanctions that will come, by all means Vanuku will create the image of a mad dog. At the helm of this all: Prefect Zhtál. His position would be unsustainable. If then you simply state you have no more confidence in the cabinet and address the World Congress yourself calling for peace.. You would be the peacemaker, he would be the warmongerer." The King stared at the floor. "But all those people.. the radiation, the deaths, all those families.. Homes, clean water, churches, nothing will be left. That part of Jelbania will be a wasteland!" The King looked pleadingly to Nasir. "Jlekai, surely you can not agree?"

Nasir averted the gaze of the monarch. "It is the only way, Your Majesty, it is for the greater good." He turned around to face the King once more. "You will leave a legacy of peace and assure that democracy remains sacred in our nation, the Archduchess will inherit a purified Kingdom." After a long silence the King responded quietly, "Very well, inform them I will not utilize this veto.." With that Nasir nodded, mumbled a 'thank you' and left the room.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Doc » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:43 pm

Listening Post, Inside the HQ of the Socialist Party of Kalistan

Militia Staff Sergeant Della Jackson, had recently assumed her post as Head of Kalistani Intelligence. "Secret Secret", as she described her position to her adjutant, Militia Lance Corporal Terrence Henry, who had helped her reopen the listening station that she now called her office. LCpl Henry, who had more or less been drafted into the Militia, making him the first and only militia draftee in Kalistan's history, nodded. He was not particularly bright, but he knew enough not to ask too many questions about what they were doing in the sub-basement of this old leviathan of a building.

Jackson manned the radios this morning while Henry slept. She was listening to the DXing of traffic from around the world, picking up tidbits of news, culture, conversations between hobbyists, and propaganda here and there when the signal was clear. As she stared off into space while trying to think of an answer for a crossword clue, she talked to herself. "4 letter word, cook or destroy... hmmm..." she tapped her pencil... "what the hell could it be..." she sat tapping her pencil against the desk to the rhythm of a song from Tukrali that she heard... tap tap tap... "4. 4 letter... 4 letter word... God damn..."

Henry rolled over, and irritated as he was trying to sleep, yelled, "NUKE!" He yelled and pulled the covers over his head.

Jackson smiled. "ah yes... perfect fit. Nuke." She began writing it in and made it to the K when she paused a moment. She clicked a button in the console to stop the DX and lock in the signal. She stared transfixed on the K on her paper.

"Holy F--king S--t!" she said in a low, ominous voice. "Harris, get me S2 on the phone."

Henry groggily pulled the covers tighter over his head and yelled, in an increasing amplitude, "ssllleeEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!" He had long accepted the fact that no matter how many times he corrected her SSgt Jackson was still going to call him Harris.

"LANCE CORPORAL!" Jackson yelled in a voice that made Henry nervous. He gradually let go of his grip on the blanket and lowered it and turned his head toward the Staff Sergeant. "Get me S2 on the phone. Now."

Henry popped up out of bed, and walked quickly over to the phone. He dialed up the Intelligence Department of the Select Kalistani Service which this listening station was attached to. As the corporal at S2 answered, he handed the phone, without a word to Jackson.

"Corporal, who is the officer on duty tonight? Yes. Please get him. Yes I'll wait." She sat silently for a moment, and then violently took her headset off and threw it angrily at the Console. Henry was tempted to make an exit, but as if she had telepathy and could read his mind, Jackson shot him a glare, and he slowly took a seat next to the console. The minute was tense, and nobody said anything.

"Captain Sir. Yes. This is Jackson at the Listening Station. Yes, Sir... Well, no sir, actually. I was monitoring SW tonight and picked up a news report... from Zardugal. They were reporting that a, well, that sensors indicated a nuclear detonation over Jelbania. They said Vanuku had taken responsibility. Yes... Vanuku... This is something I thought you might need to know about. Yes Sir. Very good sir. Yes Sir."

She hung up the phone and sat for a moment in stunned silence. And then, as if snapping out of it, she shook her head, and looked at Henry. "Lance Corporal, you are to monitor this frequency. I need to get the crypto set up. Write down everything you hear about that bomb. I'll be right over here. Remember. Everything you hear."

She stood up, and walked calmly but purposefully into the adjacent room. Henry took the headset, placed it over his ears, and the first thing he heard were casualty reports.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby CCP » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:25 am

Office of the Interagency Working Group on the Treaty-Making Power
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aqqak, Aqak
10:30 AM, contemporary with relevant events

'Okay, what's up next,' Mamadi said to his briefing papers.

Carter Darlington-Mathebula, the Staff Director, knew that was his cue to call the next agenda item. 'A Request for Authority from Ambassador Barack.'

'Okay, what've we got, Daneesha,' Mamadi cued again, still shuffling his brief.

'So Kĩrĩma's still getting pressure for both a marriage and bases. It's coming from Triosi as part of his push to construct some kind of foreign influence for Cildania. But it's also coming from Aiden Laviéra and voices inside the PMF,' Daneesha informed the conference room.

'Is it still 'PMF,'' Xolani asked. 'I thought Kĩrĩma got them to re-brand.'

'Well I don't think it was all Kĩrĩma, but yeah, they have changed the name to 'Centrist People's Party.''

'So they're not right-wingers anymore,' Mamadi asked Daneesha, his eyes contacting fully, having apparently contentedly settled on a preferred page in his briefing book.

'Well, so this gets back to some of the concerns the Embassy and folks in the President's Office have been having,' Daneesha began. 'Kĩrĩma's been telling Triosi's people for months that the right-wing stuff could create problems for formalizing things and that the racist bills were a deal-breaker. Triosi kept reassuring the Embassy that it was all just campaign rhetoric and that he himself is a moderate. Xolani, you're right in the sense that immediately after Kĩrĩma's talks with Triosi, Aiden Laviéra came out and said the Laviéras were officially cutting ties with the PMF, because his M.O. is trying to build legitimacy for his titles, and he views an imperial marriage as validation. But Kĩrĩma made it clear that that wasn't likely to work,' Daneesha explained.

'Yeah, I did see the brief on the segregation bills,' Mamadi interjected. 'Complete non-starter.'

'Exactly,' Daneesha continued. 'So Kĩrĩma managed to get that across. And then Triosi came back to Kĩrĩma a few weeks later saying that he was going to re-work the whole thing and replace the PMF with a moderate-ideology operation.'

'is it real or just for show,' Xolani asked.

'Well it may not entirely matter, really,' Daneesha demurred, shifting her eyes in Lt. Gen. SebaqAHwt's direction.

'Yeah, it won't matter,' the Lieutenant General seconded. 'Once the base is there, we'll have something on them.'

'So the President is still willing to give them a base here,' asked Xolani, concerned and not yet convinced.

'Yeah, the President's fine with hosting,' answered Mamadi. 'They don't have the capacity to use it aggressively yet, and if they ever get that capacity, the Strategic Assessment was that we'd still have an overwhelming advantage.'

'Advantage in terms of what,' asked Xolani

'Everything,' Lt. Gen. SebaqAHwt said. 'Manpower, hardware, strategic, soft power, and psychological.'

'And Minister Green will sign off,' Xolani asked.

Mamadi stared back at Xolani for what seemed like a long moment.

'He's not completely read-in as far as I know,' Mamadi finally pierced the silence.

'So how do we get a ratification,' Xolani grimaced slightly.

'I think that's why Kĩrĩma's Request for Authority doesn't mention it,' Daneesha replied, nodding knowing glances at the other principals.

'Yeah, no signature for now,' the Lieutenant General gruffed. 'Triosi already agreed, and the President wants everything stood up fast.'

Xolani sat back in his chair, dropping his pen on the conference table with a noticeable thud and none too innocently forgetting to conceal an eye roll.

'The Minister wasn't read-out maliciously,' Mamadi explained, sensing Xolani's consternation. 'You remember: this all originally came about during the Jelbania War. It was intended to be part of the President's response to the Vanuku regime.'

'Right, I remember,' Xolani nodded. 'But his office has been slow walking it.'

'Right,' Mamadi said. 'Because when the bomb was dropped, the order was to rush in for a full-force containment. But Vanuku played momentarily isolationist, essentially cheating the international community out of a response. Since Vanuku wouldn't respond to the containment, there was no war to fight. It was the Kazulians who attempted the first strike, so the President pressed them to force Vanuku to open. But the Kazulians walked away in frustration. And since The Free Kingdom hadn't made the first strike, we didn't have a grievance claim with which to force the issue. So the President largely washed his hands of Vanuku, and that obviated the need for rapid containment. But the original plan had been to read-in the Minister and everyone else sometime after the start of the war, and to ask the Gathering for a formal ratification at that time.'

'So if the plan fell through, why are we still dealing with Cildania,' Xolani, less incredulously but only just, replied.

'Long-term containment,' Lt. Gen. SebaqAHwt said, gravelly. 'They got away with it once. That gives them all the confidence they need to try it again.'
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby Auditorii » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:24 pm

Utembo, May, 4431

Bonifatio Aritonido, a clandestine agent for the Federal Intelligence Service strapped his body armor's side straps and slung his M4 over his shoulder and checked his thigh holster for his sidearm. He was charged with making contact with a leading Dovani Union General who would be the primary benefactor of Zardic patronage. Aritonido lead a group of other soldiers who were also members of the Federal Intelligence Service, several of them former Zardic Air Force pararescuemen, one of them a former Zardic Navy special forces units and several other Army and Marine Corps special forces units. Aritonido noted at his communications soldier and they began to press forward. One of his fellow soldiers chimed in. "What precise position does this General hold?" a voice rang in during the night. Aritondio shook his head as another spoke out. "He's the commander of their special forces units." The soldier who questioned didn't respond, the answer sufficed. The trek through Utembo was dangerous enough, had they encountered any resistance it could spell the end of their mission.

Aritonido and his special forces group finally reached the meeting location and he noted to himself that the journey was rather uneventful and he had enjoyed that. "Fan out. Secure the area and we'll wait to see..." Aritonido motioned and spoke in a hushed tone, as if someone was there listening to them. Included in the group was a member of the Ostland Intelligence Bureau For the East and another from the Foreign Armies Office; both highly trained special forces of Ostland who, like the Zardic's, wanted to make contact with the Dovani Union.
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Re: A Battle Unseen (OOC: First Person RP)

Postby QV73 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:55 pm

Presidential Palace, Thikkonagama, Vanakalam

"The invasion has begun, Madam President."

The words hung in the air for longer than Commander Hritik had expected. Still staring down at the map of Vascania, the President did not lift up her head immediately. She stood, studiously observing the terrain of Ajuna. The mountains, the streams, the forests - much bigger than Naryar, she thought, yet so small on the map. The immense scale of the attack had only just really hit her. Of course, she'd had many briefings on the attack beforehand, but only after these words did it truly occur to her what she was dealing with.

Finally, the President responded, after a lengthy silence that all of the officials - army or civilian - had grown to both expect and fear. "This nation is big, Commander. These princes, they're dug in, and they know the land. There is so much land, commander."

The observations seemed obvious, but something about the President's tone suggested she was leading onto something. Fearing a verbal trap, Hritik gulped down his fear and was the only official willing to respond. "Yes, Madam President. It's extremely large. There are at least three sub-conflicts occurring right now, maybe four. Maybe five."

"Well I just have one question then, Commander."

Everyone in the room dreaded what the President would say next. She was a woman to be feared, at least in all of their opinions. A battle veteran, even in her old age, though she'd never held the gun herself. Whatever was going to come next, the officials thought in tandem, we would only find something difficult at best to deal with. "Yes, Madam President?"

"Are we willing to make it smaller?" The President asked openly, almost chuckling to herself. Smaller? It made no sense as a suggestion, but there was - again - something in the way she said it. There as no obscurity, though, when she continued: "And could your experiments, Commander, be helpful in such a tactic?"
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