B Stands for Beiteynu- You Know It Makes Sense

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B Stands for Beiteynu- You Know It Makes Sense

Postby Govenor12 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:50 pm

B stands for Beiteynu campaign starts

The champaign started yesterday after many states have encouraged Beiteynu to step up against Socialist Kalistan and the radical religious Ahmadi Republic of Jelbania and to anounce itself for the seat B (Majatran seat) of the security council.

Our programm is simpel and makes sense. The four points are our priorities in the new world congress:
1. Non-interfrence into internal matters of other countries if not wished by the country itself.
2. Information exchange on international level as a priority and to build trust
3. No further world integration in from of expensive organizations
4. Common cooperation to tackel natural disasters and to enhance a world without trade barriers.
5. A transparent and open world congress that works for all nations- big or small.

Chairman of the champaign: Abraham Rostenstolz

Over the coming months we will speak openly about the danger that Jelbania poses to world peace through its religious radicalism. Furthermore, we also believe in a fair structure also for the smaller nations, but Jelbania is already building up its own empire: http://classic.particracy.net/viewtreat ... atyid=3449. We need fair and transparant structures for this new orgnization and not jelbic empire building. We will not go into backroom deals for winning this seat, but will present our case to every country. And I believe our open and fair strategy will win us the seat.

The face of the champaign, Abraham Rostenstolz:

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Re: B stands for Beiteynu----- You know it makes sense.

Postby matthewleitch » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:49 pm

Baltusia back Beitenyu for B

Ryan Gray, leader of the Vote Baltusia campaign have voted for Beitenyu to seat B in return for their vote for Baltusia to seat C.

Ryan Gray also said that :

Beitenyu have the best, most international outlooking policies out of all the campaigns in B. I would also ask that Beitenyu encourage the states voting for them to B to vote Baltusia for C. I believe that Beitenyu and Baltusia will be a great combination on the Security Council, and as our policies are very similar and moderate, I believe that nations who are voting Beitenyu should vote Baltusia over Kalistan.

Ryan Gray and the Vote Baltusia campaign plan to visit Beitenyu in the coming weeks, we are awaiting comment from B stands for Beitenyu about encouraging their supporters to vote for Baltusia.
4042-4190: Baltusian Republican Party (Baltusia)
4190- : Republican Party (Cildania)

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” -Milton Friedman
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Re: B stands for Beiteynu----- You know it makes sense.

Postby Govenor12 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:26 pm

Beiteynu the only canidate for B with a programm- Further attacks on Jelbania

We are the only nation with a programm and are determind to make it happen.

underlined Mr Rosenstolz yesterday at a rally.

1. Why has the Jelbanian government introduced a Ahmadi Alliance!? http://classic.particracy.net/viewtreat ... atyid=3449
I tell you why, because they are just interested in their profit for Jelbania and for their religious group. But the Security Council is about cooperation and not ahmadi supremacy.

2. Why has the Jelbanian government not protested the segrating laws of Beiteynu and why has the government of Jelbania not helped those minorities?
Because they only seek to enhance Ahmadi power.

3. Is Beiteynu still racist?
We are on the way, step by step to abolish the racial laws and will be finished soon. But the Jelbics obviously build up new walls with their Ahmadi Alliance

commented Mr Rosentolz during a press conference.


B for Beiteynu---------- You know it makes sense.
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Re: B stands for Beiteynu----- You know it makes sense.

Postby Govenor12 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:07 pm

Beiteynu slams Jelbania-----Where's the beef?

The don't even have a platform. We are the only candidate for B which has brought up a programm. They don't have it. Just talking and no substance. I ask everyone: Where is the beef?
They only so called platform Jelbania has is a platform of religious segregation which they advocate through this Ahmadi Alliance. And I thank Hutori very much for their comments. They have been very valuable and show where Jelbania really stands: In they eye of Ahmadi radicalism.

Beiteynu has outlined short and well what its planes in contrast to Kalistan: They are like their Jelbic friends: Just talking no platform. I tell you one thing: People across the globe are different and if Kalistan believes that it can shut anyone up who is showing these differences and talks about them, I can only say: They are not up to the job.


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