Cobura Anounces 3 New Project.

Cobura Anounces 3 New Project.

Postby Horrell » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:47 pm

Hello I am speaker of the senate Harrison Horrell. I have the wonderful privilege to tell the world about this project. Let's jump right in.

First we have the Cobura Nuclear Project or CNP. Seance it is clearly sensitive subject I can only tell you a bit. We are currently spending one third of are R and D budget is desiccated to creating a nuclear weapon capable of long range attacks. We are estimating that by 4180 we will have 5 of those weapons.

On the topic of military we also have a project that will give us an aircraft carrier by 4170. We are spending 20% of our R and D budget on creating these aircraft carriers. We are planning to have 5 by the end of the century.

Finally we have a deal for manufacturers. We will pay half of the salary of all your employees if you have a majority of workers living and working in Cobura. This is plus the 0% tax that we have on corporations so you should invest in our growing economy. I garenty that this will be a profitable deal for you.

If you have any questions speaker of the cabinet Theodore Jones wil be happy to answer them so ask away.
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