Forward! – Yingdala Progressive Republicans

Forward! – Yingdala Progressive Republicans

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Progressive Republicans End on Strong Note in Capital

A massive election day rally was held in the city of Tian’an. Ms. Shi Yawen, deputy party secretary, energized the estimated 120,000-person crowd outside Parliament with an impassioned call to “Defend the Republic, advance social justice.”

The keynote was delivered by President Zhou Xuegang, who called upon the party to “forge ahead into the forty-third century.” His greatest applause line came after he declared:

“We are a noble people. We are a forward-looking people. These two ideals need not stand in conflict. We don't wait to shake the dust off the Commentaries of Rao to know right from wrong. We are not so doctrinaire as to insist that the lotus is too Chaengist to also be Jienist. We know it can be a shared Terran symbol of peace and harmony.”

“We know just from unjust. We know that we must support our elders and educate our children. We are living the values a handful of ancients had only the literacy to imagine in writing. We know it is vial to look forward and fulfill the promise of this nation.”

* * *

"Pessoptimist" Party Insiders

Just a month before the election, internal polls suggest a tightening race, with the Progressive Republicans likely poised for a third-straight decline in their parliamentary delegation. An unnamed party official also noted two trends at play: the likelihood of a continued Pan-Republican majority existing alongside further consolidation of the Pan-Monarchists, with the ultra-traditionalist Dynasty potentially facing electoral collapse in favor of the right-wing Nationalists and the theocratic Jienists.
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