Campaign Against The Saiserist League in Athlorcaea

Campaign Against The Saiserist League in Athlorcaea

Postby Quixote » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:29 pm

Statement from the Socialist, Secular and Science Party leader Dr. Richard Danzig:

Recently the Free State of Athlorcaea saw the return of the Saiserist League as a political party. In the run up to the recent election there was widespread vandalism, violence and intimidation by Saiserists, they proposed instituting slavery, banning all religions,that the state raise all children in institutions and even proposing an end to all courts, the courts being replaced by the head of state.

To our shame in the recent election the Saiserists became the single biggest party in the FSA. The SSSP has been opposing the Saiserists at all times and ask that the international community take note of the situation and aid democracy, liberty and justice by opposing the Saiserists.

Thank you for you time,

Dr. Richard Danzig
Party Leader of the Socialist, Secular and Science Party
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Re: Campaign Against The Saiserist League in Athlorcaea

Postby jethro » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:48 pm

Open Letter to Gospodin Danzig,

Why must our two proud, noble parties be ever at odds? The Saiserist League, the party that built the nation you choose to call Athlorcaea into a superpower and made it the center of a great international empire, possibly the greatest centralized empire Terra has yet known, has barely resurfaced and yet already you are striving to destroy us. What, I wonder, ever happened to freedom of speech and of ideas? Your thoughts at present are the thoughts that lead to aggression, wars, as well as the repression and deprivation of the good citizens of our land. You claim to love democracy and the will of the people, and in that respect it is clear that the latest electoral results plainly bear out where the will of the people lies. The citizens of our land remember the glory of the Saiserist League, the holiness and boundless wisdom of Our Glorious Saiser. All that we have ever wanted is a meeting of the minds, so that we might reform our land to clean up all the current plagues and injustices that presently abound in it, so that together we might make our land strong and respected again.

We offered you whatever it is that you might desire, and that offer is still standing in spite of your inexplicable hostility towards us and your unexplainable rudeness. I believe I show you great courtesy right now, not least in actually writing a letter to a man who is both an infidel heretic who denies the Saiser's Glorious Light and a filthy, unclean racial pig-dog. Were I to take a strict, literal interpretation of the Edicts Saiserica I would be forced to take all measures necessary to enslave you and all your kind until your vile race is extinguished from the face of Terra. Join with us, we are the rising power. The Industrialist Party of Aloria and the Rockyfeller family could no doubt explain to you quite clearly how understanding and sympathetic we are to other views and opinions, so long as those holding those views cooperate with the Saiserist League. I am certain they could also elaborate to you the longstanding Saiserist policy that those who support us rarely want for anything. Those who cooperate with us stand to gain everything, those who inexlicably resist us will face nothing but ignominious crushing under the firm boots of the State. Work with us, help us rebuild our land to its old glory. Power, wealth, glory, whatever it is that you desire, even to ensure some form of liberal freedom in the lands given to your administration, all of it can and will be yours if you simply see the wisdom of working with us in our quest rather than being an obstacle. My hand, our hand, Our Saiser's hand, is outstretched in warmth and His Great Peace.

Signed Most Sincerely Without A Trace Of Dishonesty, Duplicity or Deception,
Mr. Invil Prastnikov
Inner League Chairman
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Re: Campaign Against The Saiserist League in Athlorcaea

Postby GreekIdiot » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:52 pm

While, due to our participation in the Saiser's trial, we need to maintain neutrality, we shall definitely consider this case within our rankings and determine, with cooperation and communication with the rest of the international community, the necessary actions to be taken if potential need rises. We shall cast away our neutral stance if peace is jeopardized and innocent lives are lost. We would firmly appreciate it if a representative from Athlorcaea was sent to Kalopia to propose further details and analysis for the situation. The ambassador's integrity is secured and certified by all Kalopian authorities.

However, for the sake of peace and stability, we urge both sides to keep a low level of aggression. We understand your tension and sympathize your feeling of unfairness, but please, maintain your composure and do not let yourself into the mercy of rush actions and words of momentary meaning and feeling.

Egoist Virginatos
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Re: Campaign Against The Saiserist League in Athlorcaea

Postby Quixote » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:42 pm

We do not wish to be aggressive, we intend to use purely democratic means to settle our problems. The very language of the Saiserist League shows their intentions, they talk of pig-races and the such. This is a party that would bring back slavery, we would live and die by the word of the Saiser. Their attainment of power would be the end of real democracy in our country.

The SSSP supports wholeheartedly the right of the Saiserists, they have the right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, they have the right to form a party and run for election, however, we also take our democratic right to oppose you via political means. Also, you achieving your aims would deny the same freedoms, and more, to the whole country.

You would not be a party for the whole country but for the few that agree with you or are willing to be subservient to you.

We will also take the contentious move to say that slavery is wrong, unquestionably wrong, as are many of your other positions and we will always oppose what is wrong.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Richard Danzig,
Party Leader of the Socialist, Secular and Science Party

PS I apologise for my ignorance but what does the term "Gospodin" mean?
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