Formation of the Doğa kilisesi

Formation of the Doğa kilisesi

Postby kevin davidson » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:15 pm

Jakan Cumhuriyeti - A new religion has formed in Jakania. The Doğa kilisesi (Church of Nature) has obtained foreign office approval to begin preaching in the Nation. The religion, which numbers only a few hundred followers at present, practices non-violence and believes in a one-ness with nature. The leader of the faith is known as a Vaiz (preacher) and the current Vaiz is a 58 year old man named Aydin Taşçı. Vaiz Taşçı is expected to petition the Büyük Millet Meclisi (Grand National Assembly) to begin construction of places of worship. In a break from other Jakanian religions such as the predominant Ahmadism and Hosianism, the Doğa kilisesi state that the Earth simply 'is' - and it wasn't created by a supreme being. Whether this will cause any tension in the country remains to be seen as of yet - but it will be a long while before the new religion plays a major part in Jakania. The religion was formed in 4280 but has remained silent until now, perhaps until it gathered even a small following - it was formed under the night sky, so the cosmos could look on at their work and now seeks find new followers. ... lid=543677

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