World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Martinulus » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:23 pm

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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Axxell » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:30 am

Dispatches from the South-Eastern Front: the Thurinberger Heights

The Istalo-Vanukean troops have reached the Thurinberger Heights, in the south-east of Hulstria, where the defensive ring organized by Karstadt extends to defend the country from the Coalition forces.
The troops of the Southern Joint Command, as foreseen by General Belardi, met with much more resistance than the relatively fast advance in Ostland, fighting on rough terrain also heavily fortified by the enemy.

Image Image

In the deep south, however, the joint work with the communist forces, largely backed by the Malivian divisions, allowed the Coalition to break the enemy lines and then to advance into the controlled territory of the self-proclaimed People's State of Hulstria.
Further north, instead, the Southern Joint Command has encountered much more difficulties, mainly due to the creation by part of the Hulstrian forces of a cordon of minefields along the so-called "Ring of Steel" and therefore due to surprise attacks by part of their troops who have made extensive use of a dense network of hidden tunnels with which they often attacked the enemy troops from the back.

Image Image

The Karstadt troops then forced the Joint Command to deploy the field artillery to start an incessant bombardment of the enemy positions of the fortified line: stalian and Vanukean field guns, self-propelled howitzers and rocket launchers have been deployed not far from the enemy positions along a line of several kilometers which literally started to make rain fire against casemates, trenches, bunkers and various others fortifications.
Alongside the artillery on the ground also the helicopters of the air brigades are conducting operations of search and destruction whose firepower targeted vehicles and troops along the supply lines in the rear, but where they had to deal with rocket launchers and anti-air artillery.

Image Image

Due to the minefields and Hulstrian surprise operations, after an advance in Ostland that had not registered any victim, by now the istalian forces have suffered 98 losses, the Vanukean ones 124 and the Malivian ones 86. To have made particularly a stir, outraged the planet and infuriating the Malivian Government, the death of 24 Malivian paratroopers, captured along with a dozen militia communists not far from the territory controlled by the People's State, who were ruthlessly shot after the capture in defiance of the most basic war conventions on treatment of prisoners, branded and therefore executed by the Hulstrians as collaborators of the rebel forces and traitors of the south.

Image Image

General Belardi has already issued a statement in front of journalists expressing all his condolences for the victims so far recorded and announcing that the bodies will be repatriated as soon as possible in their countries of origin. In this regard, the Istalian Government has already confirmed that solemn state funarals will be organized to commemorate the fallen who will be buried in the Romula Military Cemetery. From Romula, of course, is arrived the harsh condemnation for the summary execution of the Malivian airborne troops and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already announced that the military leaders of Karstadt are considered as directly responsible for the brutalities committed on the field and that Istalia will demand exemplary sentences for the armed forces up to the lowest official ranks, too often, Romula declared, considered, and therefore justified, as mere executors of the highest summits.

General Belardi has also announced that at least three brigades of infantry, remaining in Ostland to ensure security on the territory, may be deployed on the front as replaced by troops from Cobura: the Government of Sharba, in fact, made contact with Romula offering troops and equipements to collaborate in the international effort against Hulstria. In addition to forces dedicated to police operations in Ostland, Cobura will also deploy four armored infantry brigades and two artillery brigades, which should arrive within a few weeks.
General Belardi, however, has announced that probably the Coburan troops that will be employed on the field against Hulstria will go to embark on the amphibious units of the Navy that aim to land in the deep Hulstrian south probably to point north and reach the communist territory and then drive away the Hulstrian forces from the borders of Sekowo. In regard, Belardi declared that he has already authorized Squadron Admiral Milena El Kaduri to start bombing operations thorught the aircraft on the istalian carriers, operations until now avoided by Istalia due to the enforcement by part of Karstadt of human shields close to tactical and strategic positions. General Belardi, in fact, received the green light from Romula after insistent demands in this sense, underlining the needs of such operations which Romula until now refused to conduct due to the presence of gao-showan civilians. The needs of a strong air support for the ground troops has become evident, declared General Belardi which, however, stated also that the istalian aircrafts will try their best to conduct surgical operations aimed to limit to the maximum losses among civilians.

From the southern front it's all, soon will come news also from the northern front, where the forces of Hutori, Kazulia, Dundorf and Aloria are facing the enemy where 40 years ago he was already entrenched against the Kazulians.
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Maxington » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:47 pm

Reprinted from
Kazulias Nyheter: Dispatches from the Front.
Transfer of Power
Kazulian Commander takes command of World Congress Forces in Hulstria; Exercises Kazulian Doctrinal Warfare.
Supreme Commander of World Congress Force: Hulstria, General Christoffer Sundby.
18th April, 4316

Former Inspector-General of the Royal Kazulian Army, General Christoffer Sundby has taken command of 505,000-member World Congress Force from his departing Hutorian counterpart, General Paul Driscol. Following months of complete silence from Hutorian Command, and the immobility of forces from the north, It had been decided that the war needed to be ended in a quick succession as it had been dragging along for almost 10 years now. General Sundby inherits the coalition at a time when various coalition partners are beginning to pull out of the coalition due to the fact that the conflict had been dragging along for years, throwing hopes of a quick and simple conflict out of the window for many. Unlike his predecessor, he has been promised the complete mobilisation of additional troops of the Kongeforsvar to assist in the sweep initiative intended on bringing the conflict to a successful end. The transfer of command came at a time when the efforts in building a second layer of defence behind the Heinrich line. His primary objective is ensuring the conflict comes to an immediate end with a swift victory from the coalition forces. According to insider information, he intends on applying Kongeforsvar tactics of speed and force to obtained said victory.

General Sundby said coalition forces, specifically the Hutorians, Istalians and Kazulians were uniquely prepared to intensify operations to conclude the conflict. With Ostland liberated, Istalian Forces have long entered the Hulstrian mainland and are beginning to organise their offensive against the Nimitz Regime. However,recent supports suggested that their current halt is based on the movement of coalition forces in the North. The Istalian Contingent intends on waiting for the other coalition forces in the north and west to open another front from the east. General Sundby is expected to meet with General Francesco Belardi and the Commander of Hutorian Forces in Hulstria on the Coalition's upcoming offensive.

Coalition Forces Launch Operation Ragnarök (the assault on the Heinrich Line).
Coalition Forces jump-start action with launching of Major Operations to bring conflict to an immediate end.
Hutorian Mechanised Infantry during their initial push towards the Heinrich Line.
18th April, 4316

On the background of a grinding conflict, Allied Command launched the Kazulian-conceptualised Operation Steel Pegasus some minutes before midnight. The operation was commenced when more than 200 fighter bombers from Hutori, Istalia and Kazulia pounded the fortified positions along the Heinrich Line for about four (4) hours with bunker busting missiles and guided missile strikes. This was reinforced by the efforts of the combined artillery corps, which shelled the remaining positions of the Heinrich Line for an additional five (5) hours. According to Defence Command, the barrage had been aimed at (1) softening the defences on the line and (2) inflicting the fear of the coalition war machine into the enemy. General Sundby stated that the bombardment had been conducted on and off, for an entire day. It had been stated the ammunition used during the bombardment had been from surplus munitions from the Kongeforsvar, the Hutorian Armed Forces and Istalian Armed Forces, for an entire-day of bombardment needed constant logistically support, which had been conducted by the Logistical Corps of the Kongeforsvar.

The next morning, around 2 am, under the cover of darkness, the main thrust of Operation Steel Pegasus had been launched. Around 45,000 paratroopers from Hutori, Malivia, and Aloria airdropped behind the Heinrich Line with three objectives: (1) Secure vital bridges to the west of the line (2) eliminate resistance and (3) dig-in and await an allied push. According to battlefield strategists, Sundby's strategy had been based on enabling the paratroopers to survive the ordeal and still be able to covertly combat enemy resistance in dug-in positions. According to them: "Paratroopers need to get to their objective quickly and await relief, with a paramount principle being to never advance beyond capturing their primary objective." To the west, the 1st Hutorian Marine Corps advanced to support the efforts of the airborne forces moving to secure bridges. Through the establishment of an air umbrella, the marine contingent had been able to push forward with considerable close air support assistance. The push by the marines had been coordinated with the airborne landing, the push in the north and the Istalian offensive in the east. Due to the fact that by not reinforcing the Hutorians, he risked strengthening their strength and capabilities, the 1st Marinebekjempebrigaden, 2nd Marinebekjempebrigaden, 3rd Marinebekjempebrigaden and 4th Marinebekjempebrigaden were landed on the established beach head in-order to advance to reinforce the advancing Hutorian marine contingent.

In the north, the ground offensive began after it had been announced that the airborne forces had landed behind the Heinrich Line and were moving to secure their objectives. The main punch of the northern ground offensive had been launched by the Hutorian-led First Army Group with the Second Army Group in reserve. The emphasis placed on the punch had been one with speed and force, to hit the enemy hard and continue to push them back. Armoured Brigades and mechanised infantry lead the offensive with regular foot infantry following behind them. According to Allied Command, around 208,000 of the total 505,000 troops involved had advanced and were currently engaged with Hulstrian forces on the Heinrich line, with the remaining 225,000 forces coming into frame in reserve once the initial force had arrived at the Heinrich Line itself. Clashes are ongoing.


World Congress Military Coalition Order of Battle Northern Front – 540,000 Troops

General Christoffer Sundby – WC Supreme Allied Commander

Allied I Airborne Corps – 50,000 Troops (Kazullian Lieutenant General Hans Jager) – Deployed behind the Heinrich Line
- 6th Airborne Division (Hutori) – 20,000 Troops
- 1st “Brandr” Airborne Division (Kazullia) – 30,000 Troops

I Marine Corps – 40,000 Troops (Hutorian Major General Ian Miller) – Advancing from the West Coast
- 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (20,000 Troops)
- 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force (20,000 Troops)

First Army Group – 280,000 Troops (Hutorian General Henry Thompson) – Advancing from the North
- Allied 1st Army - 140,000 Troops
-- Hutorian II Corps - 40,000 Troops
-- Hutorian IV Corps - 40,000 Troops
-- Kazullian I Corps - 60,000 Troops
- Allied 2nd Army – 140,000 Troops
-- Alorian I Corps - 50,000 Troops
-- Hutorian VI Corps - 40,000 Troops

Second Army Group – 225,000 Troops – (Hutorian General Erika MacDonald) - Advancing from the North (In reserve)
- Allied 3rd Army – 110,000 Troops
-- Hutorian III Corps - 40,000 Troops
-- Hutorian VII Corps - 40,000 Troops
-- Kazullian 1st Armored Division - 30,000 Troops
- Allied 4th Army – 115,000 Troops
-- Hutorian V Corps - 40,000 Troops
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby sconstantine07 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:51 pm

Dorvish Foreign Secretary: "Resolve conflict diplomatically or we will withdraw troops."
Frank-Sigmar Landsberg threatens Hulstria with withdrawal of Dorvish forces


The Foreign Secretary of the Republic for Dorvik, Frank-Sigmar Landsberg, has called for calm asking for "parties involved [in the Hulstrian Civil War] to get and grip and seek a diplomatic solution, or face withdrawal of Dorvish troops." This controversial move comes after military action in the nation escalates with the South-Eastern border now facing further violence. Mr Landsberg, who originally led his party to vote against military action in Hulstria, said the situation was "worrying" and he and the Dorvik government were "concerned." He paid his respects at a memorial service when meeting veterans in Kordusia, North Dorvik.

He is awaiting a response from the government of Hulstria.
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Maxington » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:38 pm

Supreme Commander advises Dorvish Government to withdraw forces.
Supreme Commander of WC Forces in Hulstria advises that Dorvish Armed Forces withdraw from Hulstrian Operations.
Supreme Commander Supreme Commander of World Congress Force: Hulstria (WCFORH), General Christoffer Sundby.
21st May, 4316

As World Congress Forces in Hulstria recently jump-started activity throughout Hulstria in response to the stagnancy of Allied Command, their continuation of operations had been meet with considerable oppositions, mainly from the Republic of Dorvik. Earlier, Dorvish Foreign Minister Frank-Sigmar Landsberg threatened to withdraw Dorvish forces from the World Congress Contingent if a diplomatic solution had not been found. The impetus for Landsberg's outlandish statement comes after "after military action in the nation escalates with the South-Eastern border now facing further violence". According to Dorvish media, Foreign Minister Landsberg's party, the Konservative und Reformistische Allianz (Conservative & Reformist Alliance) had been in opposition of military intervention into Hulstria.
In response to the Foreign Minister's bold statement, Supreme Commander of World Congress Force: Hulstria (WCFORH), General Christoffer Sundby called on the Dorvish Government to withdraw forces from Hulstria and formally withdraw from the coalition, citing that the nation's failure to take into consideration that the chance for a diplomatic solution to the issue had been long passed and General Nimitz's uneagerness to surrender creates but only one option for the coalition: His forced removal from the position of power.
Recognising that within the current environment and the progression of coalition operations, a diplomatic solution is not on the table of discussion. In the past there were many chances for a diplomatic solution by the Nimitz Regime, however, they have intended to ignore said chances and move towards intensifying their genocidal actions. The Nimitz Regime have made their genocidal intentions clear, thus diplomatic solution is out of the window. We have only recently restarted operations to bring an end to the conflict after internal situations. Due to the bold statements made by the Dorvish Government in which it threatened to withdraw its troops from the coalition, unless an impossible diplomatic solution was conceptualised, although as Supreme Commander of World Congress Forces I have the power to remove the Dorvish contingent, I would advise them to withdraw from the conflict zone if their government is so eager for a diplomatic solution to a conflict aimed at putting an end to the genocidal activities of the Nimitz Regime, a diplomatic solution which has been deduced as being impossible to obtain. With the current unstable situation in Dorvik, I believe that it is within the Dorvish Government's interests to withdraw troops.

Posterior to quasi-ordering Dorvish troops to withdraw from the conflict zone, General Sundby received word from the Chief of Defence of the Kongeforsvar that around 150,000 troops of the Home Guard will be deployed into the conflict zone in anticipation of the withdrawal of Dorvish forces from the coalition. Sundby stated that if the Dorvish Government had been for intervention until now, it was best that the contingent sent be withdrawn from the coalition if the Government has had a change in heart. Sundby, on a side note, thanked the Dorvish troops involved in the coalition for their service and stated that they were not the cause of their proposed withdrawal from the coalition.
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Phil Piratin » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:55 pm

May 4316

Dorvish opposition leader tries to limit the damage of Foreign Minister's comments

Anton Weinreich, the leader of Dorvik's opposition Communist Party, has proposed a motion before the Dorvish Staatsrat in response to the Foreign Minister's controversial comments. In the key part of his speech, he said:

We are gravely concerned that the Dorvish Foreign Minister, Frank-Sigmar Landsberg, has made comments undermining the Dorvish troops who are working as part of the World Congress coalition to overthrow the dictatorial and oppressive government of Leopold Nimitz in Hulstria.

This has understandably caused consternation both amongst our troops and also amongst our allies. The situation is so serious the the Supreme Commander of the World Congress forces has asked us to withdraw from military action.

In order to limit the damage that has been done to the military operation in Hulstria and also our international credibility, this motion proposes the following:

- That the Foreign Minister, Frank Sigmar Landsberg, should immediately resign and be replaced by a competent individual who is fully committed to Dorvik's participation in the military operation in Hulstria.

- That the Staatsrat expresses its full support of our troops and the World Congress coalition in Hulstria.

- That the Dorvish government should apologise to our troops and to our World Congress coalition partners for the irresponsible behaviour of the Foreign Minister, and should assure them of our continued full co-operation in the military mission.

Later on, he followed up by warning the government was "consigning Dorvik to becoming a second-rate player on the international stage, a country which nobody can take seriously because it cannot honour its own commitments".
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby menkiller755 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:34 am

In a joint statement both the State Chancellor of Dorvik and the president denounce the foreign minister

After recent tensions between the WC and Dorvik thanks to the actions of the dorvish foreign ministry the top tier of the government did not respond.
Today that changed as State Chancellor Adolf Greinwald and President Gregory Unegraum released a joint statement on the matter in front of the World Congress.

The government of Dorvik condemns the actions of foreign minister Landsberg as it does not reflect the opinion of the Dorvish government as a whole.
The TGP party and its presidents/governments have been involved in the Hulstrian war for a long time and were the ones to send dorvish troops to the front when we saw that a diplomatic solution was of the table. This action of minister Landsberg was not the action the Dorvish government would have prefered. After Landsberg asked for our advice we told him not to go for his request for a diplomatic solution. After he did anyway we hereby announce that we have adviced Landsberg to step down in favour of a more capable person in charge of the foreign ministry. As many World Council members know Dorvik has always stood for the freedom of others and has always been willing to fight for it. That will not change. We will continue to fight as it is our duty to rid this world of regimes that commit genocide and crimes against humanity.


President Unegraum

State Chancellor Greinwald

President Unegraum just before the statement released during a visit to Westmark

The dorvish government will therefor not withdraw its troops as seen in this statement.
WC members are sceptical of this commitment as many think the statement of the foreign ministry should not have been there in the first place.

We will see how things develop
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby stuntmonkey » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:50 am


Infantry fall back from their defensive position carrying a wounded comrade on a stretcher.

Hulstrian troops in their tens of thousands have reportedly started to fall back from their defensive perimeter following a massive land and aerial bombardment by coalition forces.

Many units, particularly in the north are also believed to have unilaterally surrendered to the enemy after coming under heavy fire as part of the Allies' multi-faceted Operation Pegasus.

With the northern fortifications of the Heinrich Line compromised, forces on the western and eastern flanks of the perimeter ring have also felt their own positions come under threat of envelopment, precipitating a general fall back to a third and final defence around the capital Karstadt.

Many of those falling back, particularly in the north are expected to encounter stiff resistance in the form of both Septembrist insurgents and coalition paratroopers who were dropped behind the lines to secure bridges, overrun communities and dig in.

It is not known, therefore, how many Imperial Crownlands soldiers will be in a position to defend the capital when the final Coalition push comes.

With the Reichskanzler still absent from public duty, Minister of War General Reinhard von Thaller called on every man, woman and child to be ready to defend the heartland of the nation.

He said: "We must show this cruel and unrelenting enemy that Hulstria will not give in to the tyranny we face. If we must go down we will go down bravely. I therefore call on every patriotic person to take up arms and be prepared to defend their home. If the enemy wants total war they we must be prepared to fight fire with fire.

Young children being trained to use weaponry as they prepare to defend the capital, Karstadt.

Karstadt's defences have been long in the preparation. A perimeter fortification around the city, using all natural terrain, similar in scope to the northern reaches of he Heinrich Line has been developed. It is manned constantly by a mixture of regular and newly conscripted troops. Among the most seasoned campaigners are the 1. Armoured Division, the pride and joy of the Hulstrian army.
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Re: World Congress Military Coalition War Against Hulstria

Postby Phil Piratin » Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:26 pm

October 4316

"Make Karstadt the tomb of fascism": Communist International Brigades target Hulstrian capital

Roused by their famous motto, "Make Karstadt the tomb of fascism", the Communist International Brigades (CIB) are throwing everything they can at the Hulstrian capital, where the last remnants of the Leopold Nimitz regime are making their final stand.

The CIB operation in Karstadt has been much smaller and less heroic than they would have liked, however - the number of CIB operatives in the city is estimated at less than a hundred, and some CIB sources suggest it could be as few as forty. Gisela Guttmacher, the General Secretary of the Communist League of Terra, which is responsible for the CIB, has written to General Christoffer Sundby, the Supreme Commander of the World Congress Force in Hulstria, complaining that coalition forces have prevented CIB fighters from entering the city, and in some cases have captured and detained them. She writes that "what begun as a people's war of liberation has turned into an international bourgeois capitalist invasion" and that "the legitimate representatives of the proletariat are not being listened to or represented in decision-making".

Under the pressure of the war, and what Guttmacher calls "the harassment and persecution of the coalition forces", the CIB, which began with around 500 members, has become an ill-disciplined and much-reduced force, with some members having escaped from the region, and others scattered all over Hulstria and Ostland. A number are believed to have joined the Volkstaat fighters under the command of Xiomar Buschmann, still popularly known as "Comrade X".

Ex-communist leader's son captured by Nimitz forces

Martin Pfeiffer, CIB fighter and young son of former Dorvish Communist Party leader Friedrich Pfeiffer, is believed to have been captured by forces loyal to Leopold Nimitz in Karstadt.

OOC: Stuntmonkey/whoever please feel free to do what you want with him :).

Communist Hot Air Balloon offer turned down

Dorvish Communist politician Friedrich Pfeiffer has offered to assist the CIB operation against the Nimitz regime in Karstadt by flying in with his Communist Hot Air Balloon. However, he was told the balloon "would not be necessary" and that "it would be too dangerous".
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