Beiteynu conducts a nationwide march of solidarity

Beiteynu conducts a nationwide march of solidarity

Postby Jabotinsky22 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:05 pm

March of Solidarity with The Onglian Plight

This Morning Activists from The Yeudish Liberal Party announced the start of a 10 day nationwide march of solidarity with the oppressed people's of New Englia who are currently clamoring for equal rights against the wishes of a settler regime hellbent on denying them their inalienable rights. The March began this morning in the capital Yishelem and was joined by President Meyer and Members of The Knesset. The Bells of Synagogues, Temples, and Churches could be heard throughout the city. there is a feeling of subtle outrage in Beiteynu especially from those Yeuds who fled Dorvik during it's darkest hour or were products of that era of history. The Association of Front-Soldiers an organization made up of ex Dorvik soldiers of Yeudish origin and faith was among the many participants. another such component was that of Beiteynu Awake the right liberal youth group which brandished colourful banners and marched in mass formation as they did the goosetep. streets have been sealed off to prevent the destruction of property or disorderly conduct. Rabbi Julius Feldheim of the Yishelem Reform Temple gave a stirring oration decrying the tyranny and inhumane actions of the New Englian government stating - "Rebellion against Tyrants is Obedience to God" all the cafes open for business shall be selling Coffee and Pastries at a discounted price and shall remain open until 9 pm.
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