TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Bachelot » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:25 pm

December 4385

An online petition calling for the 4410 Olympics to be held in a Third World nation has received over 10 million signatures. The petition, hosted on the Mordusia-based website http://www.petitions.mor, argues "it is wrong for the Olympics to always be held in the wealthier parts of the world" and that "there are a number of very promising cities in the Third World which, with the right preparation and investment, would be able to successfully host the Olympic games.
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby cm9777 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:33 pm

OOC: There’s apparently some snow somewhere but the wiki pages contradict each other as to where it is. I also failed to check that 4410 was the Winter Olympics. Might stay out of hosting that one.
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby RileyHP » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:15 am


View of downtown Acton, Hutori's largest city, from the beautiful Lake Adelia.

Hutori is pleased to announce our bid to host the 4400 Summer Olympics. We believe there is no better place on Terra to host these games than our beautiful city of Acton, which sits on the shores of the beautiful Lake Adelia. With the incredible nightlife, the largest public transit system in Hutori, quick access to Hutori's largest airport, King Charles Airport, and the state of the art Acton Skydome already in place, Acton is ready for the Olympians, and all the fans who will come with them.

The Hutorian Olympic Committee is ready to take on the task of ringing in the new century by putting together the greatest Olympic Games in history. The people of Hutori couldn't be more proud of their athletes' success in 4380, and are ready to welcome the world! The HOC, and the people of Hutori thank the TOC for their consideration of our bid and wish good luck to all other nations who are putting forward a bid.

~Jared Watson
Chairman of the Hutorian Olympic Committee
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