TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Luthori Moderate » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:40 am

The Terran Olympic Committee has announced that the next 4 Terran Olympic Hosts will be determined at the next TOC meeting in 4372. The dates of the next 4 Olympics are

4380 Summer Olympics: June 7- July 1
4390 Winter Olympics: January 6- January 21
4400 Summer Olympics: June 11- July 4
4410 Winter Olympics: January 8- January 25

Nations will be able to submit bids to host below, the deadline is June 4371. The deadline for each nation to join the olympics will be 24 Months before the start of the Olympics. You can join by signing the treaty here if you haven't already. ( ... eatyid=211)

The World Cup will also start in 4385. The Host Bids for the next 2 World Cups will be taken up to the same deadline to June 4371 and you can enter a host bid below. The deadline to join as a nation will be the same as the Olympics at 24 Months before. You can join by signing the treaty here if you haven't already. ( ... eatyid=826)

The Dates for the Next Two World Cups are

4385 World Cup: June 15th- July 6th
4405 World Cup: June 17th- July 8th

You have any questions feel free to ask

-TOC (Terran Olympic Committee)
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Luthori Moderate » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:41 am

Here are the Events for the next 2 Summer Olympics

Men's Individual Archery
Women's Individual Archery
Men's Team Archery
Women's Team Archery

Track and Field
100 M Men
200 M Men
400 M Men
1500 M Men
4x100M Relay Men
4 x 400 M Relay Men
110 M Hurdles Men
400 M Hurdles Men
200 M Race Walk Men
5000 M Men
Decathlon Men
Discus Men
Hammer Men
High Jump Men
Javelin Men
Long Jump Men
Marathon Men
Pole Vault Men
Shot Put Men
Triple Jump Men
100 M Women
200 M Women
400 M Women
1500 M Women
4x100M Relay Women
4 x 400 M Relay Women
110 M Hurdles Women
400 M Hurdles Women
200 M Race Walk Women
5000 M Women
Decathlon Women
Discus Women
Hammer Women
High Jump Women
Javelin Women
Long Jump Women
Marathon Women
Pole Vault Women
Shot Put Women
Triple Jump Women

Badminton Men's Singles
Badminton Women's Singles
Badminton Men's Doubles
Badminton Women's Doubles
Badminton Mixed Doubles


Basketball Mens
Basketball Womens

Beach Volleyball Men's
Beach Volleyball Women's

Boxing Heavyweight Men's
Boxing Middleweight Men's
Boxing Lightweight Men's
Boxing Welterweight Men's
Boxing Heavyweight Women's
Boxing Middleweight Women's
Boxing Lightweight Women's
Boxing Welterweight Women's

Canoe Slalom Mens
Canoe Slalom Womens
Kayak Slalom Mens
Kayak Slalom Womens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Single Mens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Single Womens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Double Mens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Double Womens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Four Mens
Kayak Sprint 1000m Four Women's

Climbing Mens
Climbing Womens

Cycling BMX Mens
Cycling BMX Womens
Cycling Mountain Bike Mens
Cycling Mountain Bike Womens
Cycling Road Mens
Cycling Road Women's
Cycling Track Individual Mens
Cycling Track Individual Womens
Cycling Track Relay Mens
Cycling Track Relay Womens

Diving Springboard Mens
Diving Springboard Womens
Diving Platform Mens
Diving Platform Womens
Diving Synchronized Individual Mens
Diving Synchronized Individual Womens
Diving Synchronized Double Mens
Diving Synchronized Double Womens

Equestrian Individual Womens
Equestrian Individual Mens
Equestrian Double Mens
Equestrian Double Womens
Equestrian Individual Mixed
Equestrian Double Mixed

Fencing Mens
Fencing Womens

Golf Mens
Golf Womens

Gymnastics Floor Exercises Individual Men
Gymnastics Bar Individual Men
Gymnastics Parallel Bars Individual Men
Gymnastics Pommel Horse Individual Men
Gymnastics Rings Individual Men
Gymnastics Vault Individual Men
Gymnastics All Around Team Men
Gymnastics Floor Exercises Individual Women
Gymnastics Bar Individual Women
Gymnastics Parallel Bars Individual Women
Gymnastics Pommel Horse Individual Women
Gymnastics Rings Individual Women
Gymnastics Vault Individual Women
Gymnastics All Around Team Women

Handball Men´s
Handball Women´s

Field Hockey Men´s
Field Hockey Women´s

Judo Heavyweight Men's
Judo Middleweight Men's
Judo Lightweight Men's
Judo Welterweight Men's
Judo Heavyweight Women's
Judo Middleweight Women's
Judo Lightweight Women's
Judo Welterweight Women's

Karate Heavyweight Men's
Karate Middleweight Men's
Karate Lightweight Men's
Karate Welterweight Men's
Karate Heavyweight Women's
Karate Middleweight Women's
Karate Lightweight Women's
Karate Welterweight Women's

Pentathlon Men´s
Pentathlon Women´s

Rowing Single Men´s
Rowing Single Women´s
Rowing Double Men´s
Rowing Double Women´s
Rowing Four Person Men´s
Rowing Four Person Women´s
Rowing Eight Person Men´s
Rowing Eight Person Women´s

Mens Rugby
Women's Rugby

Sailing Single Mens
Sailing Single Women´s
Sailing Double Mens
Sailing Double Women´s

Shooting Skeet 10 Skeets Men´s
Shooting Skeet 20 Skeets Women´s
Shooting Trap 10 Traps Men´s
Shooting Trap 20 Traps Women´s
Shooting Double Trap 10 Traps Men´s
Shooting Double Trap 20 Traps Women´s
Shooting Target Pistol Men´s
Shooting Target Pistol Women´s
Shooting Target Rifle Men´s
Shooting Target Rifle Women´s

Surfing Mens
Surfing Womens

Swimming Backstroke 100M Men´s
Swimming Breaststroke 100M Men´s
Swimming Butterfly 100M Men´s
Swimming Freestyle 100M Men´s
Swimming Freestyle 1500M Men´s
Swimming Backstroke 200M Men´s
Swimming Breaststroke 200M Men´s
Swimming Butterfly 200M Men´s
Swimming Freestyle 200M Men´s
Swimming 4x100 Freestyle Relay Men´s
Swimming 4x200 Freestyle Relay Men´s
50M Freestyle Men´s
10KM Marathon Men´s
Swimming Backstroke 100M Women’s
Swimming Breaststroke 100M Women’s
Swimming Butterfly 100M Women’s
Swimming Freestyle 100M Women’s
Swimming Freestyle 1500M Women’s
Swimming Backstroke 200M Women’s
Swimming Breaststroke 200M Women’s
Swimming Butterfly 200M Women’s
Swimming Freestyle 200M Women’s
Swimming 4x100 Freestyle Relay Women’s
Swimming 4x200 Freestyle Relay Women’s
50M Freestyle Women’s
10KM Marathon Women’s

Table Tennis
Table Tennis Single Men
Table Tennis Single Womens
Table Tennis Double Men
Table Tennis Double Womens

Taekwondo Heavyweight Men's
Taekwondo Middleweight Men's
Taekwondo Lightweight Men's
Taekwondo Welterweight Men's
Taekwondo Heavyweight Women's
Taekwondo Middleweight Women's
Taekwondo Lightweight Women's
Taekwondo Welterweight Women's

Tennis Single Men
Tennis Single Womens
Tennis Double Men
Tennis Double Womens
Tennis Mixed

Trampoline Men
Trampoline Women

Triathlon Mens
Triathlon Womens

Mens Volleyball
Womens Volleyball

Mens Water Polo
Womens Water Polo

Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting Heavyweight Men's
Weight Lifting Middleweight Men's
Weight Lifting Lightweight Men's
Weight Lifting Welterweight Men's
Weight Lifting Heavyweight Women's
Weight Lifting Middleweight Women's
Weight Lifting Lightweight Women's
Weight Lifting Welterweight Women's

Wrestling Heavyweight Men's
Wrestling Middleweight Men's
Wrestling Lightweight Men's
Wrestling Welterweight Men's
Wrestling Heavyweight Women's
Wrestling Middleweight Women's
Wrestling Lightweight Women's
Wrestling Welterweight Women's
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Luthori Moderate » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:42 am

Here are the Events for the next 2 Winter Olympics

Mens Downhill Skiing
Womens Downhill Skiing
Mens Slalom Skiing
Womens Slalom Skiing
Mens Super G Skiing
Womens Super G Skiing

Cross Country Skiing
5 KM Cross-Country Mens Skiing
5 KM Cross-Country Womens Skiing
10 KM Cross-Country Mens Skiing
10 KM Cross-Country Womens Skiing
Relay Cross-Country Mens Skiing
Relay Cross-Country Womens Skiing

Mens Aerials Skiing
Womens Aerials Skiing
Mens Halfpipe Skiing
Womens Halfpipe Skiing

2 Person Mens Bobsleigh
4 Person Mens Bobsleigh
2 Person Womens Bobsleigh
4 Person Womens Bobsleigh

Mens Curling
Womens Curling
Mixed Curling

Figure Skating
Mens Single Figure Skating
Mens Double Figure Skating
Mixed Figure Skating
Womens Single Figure Skating
Womens Double Figure Skating

Mens Ice Hockey
Womens Ice Hockey

Mens Single Luge
Womens Single Luge
Mens Double Luge
Womens Double Luge
Mens Relay Luge
Womens Relay Luge

Speed Skating
1,000 m Mens Speed Skating
1,000 m Womens Speed Skating
2,000 m Mens Speed Skating
2,000 m Womens Speed Skating
Mens Relay Speed Skating
Womens Relay Speed Skating

Ski Jumping
Mens Ski Jumping
Womens Ski Jumping

Mens Skeleton
Womens Skeleton

Mens Snowboard Slope
Womens Snowboard Slope
Mens Snowboard Halfpipe
Womens Snowboard Halfpipe
Mens Snowboard Slalom
Womens Snowboard Slalom
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Postby Masionette9 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:21 pm

The Valruzian National Olympic Committee, on behalf and with the authorization of the Government of the Republic of Valruzia, officially announces Valruzia's bid to host the 4380 Summer Olympics. The Government of Valruzia has announced that appropriate investments will be made and private investors encouraged to invest in the event. The city which was nominated by the WNKO (VNOC) is the capital city of Valruzia, Nowogard. The city is located in central part of Valruzia in Valusian Voivodeship. Thanks to the extensive transport and communication infrastructure the city will with ease provide free and easy access to the city for tourists and those willing to witness the amazing event of the Summer Olympics. City's main airport, the Nowogard Ignanski Airport along with the announced project of the second airport for Nowogard will guarantee the flawless air connections with destinations from all around Terra. Thanks to perfect road connections and one of the most extensive highway network the Nowogard Metropolitan Area is well connected with trans-seleyan routes which give easy access for tourists from other countries in Seleya. The VNOC will provide additional information for the Terran Olympic Committee about the technical data of the Olympic village and the Olympic infrastructure.

Jakub Szwarzentel,
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Valruzia.
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Kalistan Democratic Party (Kalistan) - inactive

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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Luthori Moderate » Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:32 pm

Luthori would like to bid for the next two summer olympics and the first two world cups. Fort William has over 13,000,000 and most of the needed facilities are mostly built due to previous olympic bids and just for national teams and training. The Headliner Stadium is Lionheart Stadium with 125,000 Capacity named after the famous Richard the Lionheart who ruled Luthori for over 200 years. This Stadium is perfect for any event for the olympics and world cups. Fort WIlliam has the landmarks, a central village to host the athletes, great infrastructure for tons of traffic, and many sights and sounds that would be perfect for an olympics or a world cup. We would be honored to host either event.
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby The Tea Party » Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:36 pm

On behalf of the Federal Republic of Mordusia, I would like to announce that we shall also be making a bid for the 4380 and 4390 Olympic Games to be held in Rechtenberg, Talasor. Although Mordusia is not as powerful as other nations; the Olympics will be our chance to show Mordusia’s greatness and will help to improve our economy through tourism. As we enjoy our sport we have 3 giant mega-complexes which can house most sports and many people; we will just need to construct 1 more and we will be set to go. Our key mega-complex is the Grumsworth Olympic Complex which can house all track & field, cycling and golfing events and also has two rooms for E-sports and Chess as they are more common sports to be found here. We look forward to putting our next nominations forward and give all candidates the best of luck in their bids.

Malcolm Joyce, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Mordusia
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Luthori Moderate » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:21 am

The TOC has announced that the next hosts for the Summer, Winter Olympics and the World Cup.

The hosts will be

4380 Summer Olympics: Nowogard, Valruzia

4385 World Cup: Fort William, Luthori

4390 Winter Olympics: Rechtenburg, Mordusia
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Wu Han » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:24 am

OOC: Despite the deadline being 4371, I did not see that 4400 had been assigned, thus, if I may...

Inspired by the spectacular performance of our olympians in the well-run 4380 Nowogard Games, the Indralan National Olympic Committee intends to formally bid to host the 4400 Summer Olympics in the stunning northern city of Kaizhou.

A vibrant and cosmopolitan port city, Kaizhou has transformed from one of Indrala's poorest regions to one of it's most prosperous and advanced within the span of a single generation. Thus, the INOC believes that the city of Kaizhou symbolizes the spirit of human progress.


Indeed, for the past 75 years, Kaizhou has been at the forefront of Indrala's high-tech industry. YingPop, a colloquial term for the products of the Indralan entertainment industry was founded and is centred in Kaizhou. YingPop's reach has spanned the world over, uniting the people of Terra in song and dance. In this way, Kaizhou truly is a modern and internationally-focused city.

With one of the largest and busiest airports in Southern Seleya and Dovani, Kaizhou is poised to welcome tourists from around the world. Should Kaizhou's bid be accepted, construction will begin to expand Kaizhou's sporting venues.

With humble hearts, the INOC thanks the Terran Olympic Committee for their consideration, and welcome any questions. We sincerely hope that the world can join us in Kaizhou in 4400 to celebrate the unity of mankind through sport.

Ma Zhang, Chairwoman of the Indralan National Olympic Committee (Gold Medalist, Victoria Summer Games 4360)
Gao Yifen, Chief Counselor of the State of Indrala, Leader of the Lotus Party
Dr. Wang Wusheng, Minister of Education and Culture of the State of Indrala
Tang Yuanqin, Chairman of the Kaizhou 4400 Exploratory Committee, CEO of TQ Group
Liu Chengbin, President of Kaizhou National University
莲花党 (Lotus Party) - Indrala [Active]

Controller of Dalibor and Kimlien
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Masionette9 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:20 pm


BRZAŃSK - Valruzian Football Association (WZPN) has officially announced that Brzańsk and Hel are the WZPN's candidate city for the 4405 World Cup and that it is about to enter the official race for hosting the event. Visibly encouraged by the astonishing success of the Valruzian National Olympic Committee while organizing the 4380 Terran Summer Olympics in Nowogard, WZPN believes that it will manage to do the same with World Cup being hosted in a city-tandem, Brzańsk - Hel.

With the "hype" after the Olympics still in the air, WZPN wants to enter the race with the official bid being placed on Monday next week. President of the Valruzian Football Association, Zygmunt Browarski, announced that the WZPN is looking for the investor to fund the construction of at least 2 new stadiums, as both Brzańsk and Hel already have a fully operating city stadium with capacities over 75.000. Browarski highlights the advantages of Valruzia's proposal, and praises the infrastructure in both cities, the fact that the cities are connected with fast, accurate and regular mass-transit (fast trains, and an extensive highway network between Hel, and Brzańsk) is the absolute advantage of the duo. Browarski said that hosting the event would significantly improve both cities' popularity and attract thousands of tourists willing to see the World Cup and get to know the Valruzian culture and history.

According to the WZPN both cities, from the infrastructural point of view, are ready to host the event. Browarski points out that both cities feature a large international airport capable of servicing extensive amounts of passengers at once (Hel International Airport and Brzańsk Olimpia Airrport), and both are connected the "Via Seleya" superhighway which is a multinational highway connecting the south and north of Seleya.

Sports venues in Hel:
• existing: Amber Arena - capacity: 79.000
• planned: Stadium with the capacity of at least 75.000

Sports venues in Brzańsk:
• existing: Brzańsk City Arena - capacity 82.000
• planned: Stadium with the capacity of at least 75.000
Liberal Party (Valruzia) - active
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Re: TOC Future Olympics/World Cups 4380-4410

Postby Uhtred » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:21 am

Alorian Olympic Association Bids for 4410 Winter Olympics


The Alorian Olympic Association has officially unveiled its bid for the 4410 Winter Olympics, naming the Northern city of Strom as its intended host city.
Aloria is committed to investment in sporting facilities and community groups, and believes that hosting the 4410 Winter Games will showcase the real long-term power of the Olympic legacy.
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