Terran Olympic Games of 4380

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Postby Cirith » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:08 pm

Governor General Hails Luthori Olympic Performance in Welcome Home Ceremony

A welcome home ceremony has been held in Fort William for the Luthori Olympic Delegation, the majority of political leaders attended, including the Governor General and his wife, Melissa. Luthori won 16 gold, 13 silver and 9 bronze for a haul of 38 medals, compared to the 7 medals the country won in 4360.

The biggest cheers where reserved for Olympic Champions Michael Fellas, Robert Sacks and Harriet Droid who won the men's 100m breaststroke, men's finn and women's 470 respectively. The Luthori Diving Association was also hailed as the biggest winners of the event, bringing home 3 gold and 2 silver. The Luthori National Rugby team returned home as 4380 Olympic Champions and secured additional funding from the Department of Environment and Tourism.


Scott Henderson, the Environment and Tourism Secretary praised all the Luthori athletes who attended and declared it the most successful Olympics in the nations long history. He vowed to ensure more funding to sport and even hinted at World Cup aspirations as Luthori host the next tournament for its national sport.

Marquis Alexander Weston, the Governor General, declared Nowogard 4380 a success. He said, 'We congratulate the Valruzian National Olympic Committee for the fantastic, fair and competitive games they hosted in conjunction with the Terran Olympic Association. We reject all accusations of foul-play, and believe the games were conducted in a legal, proper and unquestionable way, any allegations of fixing are merely sour-grapes and unsubstantiated smears against all who participated.
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Re: Terran Olympic Games of 4380

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