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4382 - Origins (Act I)

A 2000 year old stone structure stood on the outskirts of Paiania forest, in Minosasa.

His feet suddenly increased their pace, eager to reach the destination of his 10 year old search for the past. Some of the sun's rays struggled to light the open space through the forest's ancient trees. Dawn was beginning to rise, smiling over the caveat of the horizon's mountains.

The smell of the wild grass penetrated his nostrils. He put his hand on the steal door, staring at the key hole with disbelief. Forcing the key into the lock, he turned it thrice and opened the door.

His heart skipped a beat.

Dust, moisture and the smell of dirt came in sharp contrast to the innocent landscape behind him. A drop of sweat ran through his back. An office, a door and a bookcase. Cold, unwelcoming and empty walls all around.

He took a few steps toward the bookcase. It should be there.

Aristotle knew it was there before he even saw it. He extended his white spider fingers and reached over to the bookcase, touching the book's spine with such caress, as if a moment of reverence had somehow managed to stop time itself.

Carved delicately at the bottom were the words "GPO".
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Re: Aristos

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4385 - Greater King (Act I)

It was through the back door.

The guard standing on its right side swayed slightly as a light gust swept the courtyard. Autumns were unpredictable in Narikaton, albeit mild at lengthy times or harsh at others. You never knew what could hit you in the middle of the day.

His cape slashed through the air with the unfamiliar sound of reckoning. The guard's eyes met with the black clothed visitor's and a sense of mortality pierced his bones. The man walked in uncomfortable strides, with a determined look of anger and hunger.

Aristotle walked past the guard and into the entrance, where two large staircases spiralled through either side.

A man stood on the upper floor, right in the middle, hands resting on the golden railing, crazy eyes watching the peculiar drawings in the ceiling. He stopped in the middle of the room and looked up at the lonely figure of the king.

Raising an eyebrow, Aristotle commanded: "Marlon."
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Re: Aristos

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4385 - Greater King (Act II)

The monarch of Narikaton observed Aristotle entering the room and taking in the images of his insanely decadent palace.

"Welcome to Thaller Fortress."

Playing around with the holy scepter of St. Cedrik in his hand he continued.

"You know, this palace is rather seclusive and many rumors circle around him, but enough about this. Let us talk business."

He stood up from his oversized throne and walked towards Aristotle. Shortening the distance he gestured towards a rather assessable small door somewhere on the side of the hall.

"After you."
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