4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

Postby Bachelot » Tue May 01, 2018 12:57 am

OOC: This thread is for posts related to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Rechtenburg, the capital city of Mordusia. I am out of my depth here and will not be as classy at doing all of this as Masionette was with the previous Olympics, but nevertheless, please bear with me - and all help/suggestions/etc. is appreciated! Please feel free to post news posts, details of competing athletes & so on. Most importantly, have fun!


May 4386

Countdown begins to Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic sports

The Winter Olympics is just a short time away, and the athletes are getting nervous - but the officials involved with planning the whole event are said to be even more nervous still!

Winning the bid to host the Winter Olympics was a great coup for Mordusia, but things got off to a bad start. Frederick Manningham-Buller, a highly controversial and outspoken far-right Mordusian politician, seemed to turn international opinion against Mordusia for the way he accused the previous hosts, Valruzia, of corruption and competition-fixing. The situation then escalated, with Valruzia, Istalia and others threatening to boycott the 4390 games unless a firm assurance was given that Manningham-Buller and his supporters would be banned from the event. Those nations, along with members of the Terran Olympic Committee, also expressed concerns that Mordusia was behind on preparations.

For a while, there was speculation Mordusia would be stripped of its right to host the games, but the Mordusian government and the Mordusian National Olympics Committee worked hard to avoid this eventuality, which was achieved through a mixture of measures, including allocating more funds to the Olympic project, granting the police sweeping powers to prevent suspected extremists from going anywhere near the Olympic stadiums and threatening the Terran Olympic Committee with a compensation suit if it switched the Olympics to another city.

There is an obvious groundswell of excitement about the games all over Mordusia, but this is mixed in with some nervousness about how successfully Rechtenburg will perform under the gaze of the world's media, and also - it would be fair to say - some concern, or even resentment, about aspects of the Olympics they are less pleased about. Economically, times are hard in Mordusia right now, and the government is introducing budget cuts to sensitive parts of the public sector. Some citizens are unhappy that during a time of austerity, so much taxpayers money is being lavished on the Olympics. More particularly, some are angry that the money is being spent in Rechteburg - the capital city - the city which many across the country feel is privileged enough and over-funded enough already.

Civil liberties groups are already loudly complaining about how the police are using their sweeping special powers to ban suspected troublemakers from approaching within 1 mile of any of the stadiums. Some of those targeted with these injunctions are undoubtedly justified - football hooligans, far-right activists who have been in trouble with the law, known hoodlums and so on. But in other cases, it looks like the police may have over-reacted. Numerous claims are appearing in the media of people who say they have received these injunctions, and all they have done is take part in a relatively harmless environmental protest that led to a confrontation with over-zealous police officers, or been arrested for being drunk and disorderly years ago when they were students.

A special effort has been made this year into the organisation of the Opening Ceremony, which will feature celebrities, singers, dancers, actors and other performers from almost every country in Terra. Viewers are likely to be in for a treat, although the ceremony may not be to everybody's taste. Frederick Manningham-Buller has already denounced it as "hideously multicultural" and blasted the organisers for "deliberately prioritising foreign rubbish over all of the great culture Mordusia has to offer".

It has not yet been announced who will be formally opening the Olympics, although the bookies favourite is His Imperial Highness Alexander Steuart-Carmichael.
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Re: 4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

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Vise-Staatspresident of Saridan Announces Saridan will Boycott the Winter Games

Vise-Staatspresident Adolf Dreschner of Saridan has confirmed that Saridan will not be competing in the Winter Olympics of 4390 because the “disgusting animals in Mordusia are hosting it”.

Today, I officially announce that Saridan will not be competing in the 4390 Winter Olympics on behalf of our athletes because the disgusting animals in Mordusia are hosting it. The Mordusian Regime has brainwashed the minds of their people and are encouraging as well as promoting practices that only a sick-minded person would conduct; homosexuality and necrophilia are just a few examples. We have made this decision to protect our country from infection from these animals and will be hosting our own Winter Olympics during the same year; any nations that wish to participate may do so.
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Re: 4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

Postby Bachelot » Wed May 02, 2018 3:23 pm

March 4387

Manningham-Buller to break official boycott and attend breakaway Saridan Winter Games as "Guest of Honour"

Mordusia's controversial far-right National Movement leader, Frederick Manningham-Buller, has announced he has received an official invitation to attend Saridan's Winter Games as a "guest of honour" and is "overwhelmingly honoured and humbled to accept it".

Attending the event would violate Mordusia's official economic and cultural boycott of Saridan, which was sponsored by the now-defunct Liberal Union. At a tempestuous Prime Minister's Question Time (OOC: RPed on Discord) Prime Minister Elijah Spring warned Manningham-Buller that he could find himself expelled from Parliament if he goes ahead with the visit.

Manningham-Buller has long been an outspoken support of the Saridani government, opposing sanctions and even going to the trouble of organising a "Pro-Saridan rally" outside the Saridanese Embassy in Rechtenburg. On that occasion, he defended Saridan's apartheid policies, saying:

We are assembled here outside the Saridanese Embassy because we want to say to the Saridanese that there are some of us here in Mordusia who understand and respect who you are and and what you are doing, and the difficult circumstances you are having to grapple with. We are saying the Saridan government is a good government, upholding civilisation and order in a territory which could easily be a hellhole over-run by the primitive and savage Iftgoerroon.

I've personally visited Saridan, and the picture that is painted to the outside world of that country is completely wrong. The Saridanese policy of separate development is the only possible way to maintain civilised standards, whilst treating the Iftgoerroon with dignity and giving them an opportunity to develop. And they are developing - they are making so much progress under Saridanese tutelage, it's amazing. I spoke to a senior Saridani politician who told me he reckons the Iftgoerroon will be advanced enough to be full citizens in as little as 600 to 700 years. So don't listen to the rubbish. The Saridanis treat their Iftgoerroon well. They are the happiest Iftgoerroon in the world.

If you want my honest opinion, the people campaigning against Saridan are doing so because they want to take it over for themselves and impose a liberal politically correct dictatorship - either that or communism.

According to one insider source, the Mordusian authorities are "actually quietly relieved" that Manningham-Buller and a number of his supporters are headed to Saridan, because this will mean they will not be in Rechtenburg during the sensitive official Olympic games, which they are banned from, and which it has been feared they might attempt to disrupt. The source said "in my opinion the police won't stop him from attempting to cross the Saridani border - they'll be glad to see the back of him - but they might well arrest him immediately he returns".
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Re: 4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

Postby CCP » Thu May 03, 2018 10:02 am

June 4387

Hawu Mumenhes Pairs Couple Skate full-tilt for Victory


Msxnt Inaat -- Erykah Hubbard and Jean-Noël Temesgn on Thursday became the Gold Medal winners of the 4387 Hawu Mumenhes National Figure Skating Championships in the pairs, ice dancing, and singles contests. The couple electrified audiences with an acrobatic pairs program during the free skate round of Thursday night's finals. The Hawu Mumenhes Nationals is a local qualifying contest for the Winter Olympics. The couple's gold medals mean they will automatically join the Hawu delegation to Rechtenburg in 4390.

Hubbard and Temesgn said they hoped their performances would set a high standard for the fast-approaching Winter Olympics. The skating stars said the Hawu Nationals is only the beginning of a long and arduous bid to get into top form by 4390. The couple is expected to compete in two more national contests and feature in an extensive transnational tour in the lead up to Rechtenburg.

'We hope to go from strength to strength so we can help Team Hawu bring home lots of medals,' Temesgn told reporters.
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Re: 4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

Postby thefalloutfan101 » Mon May 07, 2018 7:34 pm

Trigunia reveals its delegation to the 4390 Winter Olympics

5 October 4389

Promotional image for the 4390 Winter Olympics, distributed across the motherland.

Whilst in Mordusia for a months-long summit on Trigunian intervention in the Mordusian-Saridani tensions, Foreign Minister Anatoly Ignatov officially revealed the delegation of athletes for the 4390 Winter Games in Rechtenburg. Over 80 Trigunians are scheduled to participate in the games, but due to the motherland being in a state of transition from autocratic monarchy to socialist republic, the government has chosen to represent Trigunia as a neutral team. Nevertheless, that didn't stop athletes from showing their spirit. Famous athletes such as Manya Nikolaeva, the wife of Prime Minister Pasha Nikolaev, are scheduled to lead the women's bobsledding team. Numerous other prominent contestants of the games include high ranking officials of the military, under the Workers Athletic League (WAL), a new state-sponsored athletics association. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexei Kunetzov, is scheduled to coach the Ice hockey team. Being that Trigunians are the champions of winter sports, their entrance into the Olympic Games is certainly going to be a crowdpleaser. Speaking before journalists back in the motherland, Kunetzov joked: "If my hockey team is as good as I think they are, the other nations are certainly in for trouble!" News outlets here in Rechtenburg were so graciously able to get their hands on the roster for Trigunia's athletes, and have included a copy below.

Team Captains—


Major General Dimitri Semyonov (Alpine Skiing)
Colonel Fedor Sokolov (Biathlon)
Major Maxim Vorobyov (Bobsleigh)
Captain Aleksandr Zaitsev (Cross-country)
Anton Vinogradov (Curling)
Ignat Bogomolov (Figure skating)
Vsevolod Voronin (Freestyle skiing)
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexei Kunetzov (Ice hockey, Ice sledge hockey)
Grisha Pasternak (Luge)
Denis Volkov (Nordic combined)
Feofil Lagunov (Short track)
Oleg Mikhailov (Skeleton)
Yuri Pavlovsky (Ski jumping)
Vladimir Petrenko (Snowboard)
Leonid Voroshilov (Speed skating)
Mikhail Kozlov (Paralympic Alpine skiing)
Vasily Andreyevich (Paralympic Biathlon)
Maksim Ostrovsky (Paralympic Cross-country skiing)
Ivan Khodorkovsky (Wheelchair curling)


Anastasia Yakovleva (Alpine skiing)
Daria Semyonova (Biathlon)
Manya Nikolaeva (Bobsleigh)
Svetlana Melnikova (Cross-country)
Maria Fedorova (Curling)
Yulia Pavlichenko (Figure skating)
Nina Petrova (Freestyle skiing)
Viktoria Mikhailova (Ice hockey)
Yana Kulikova (Luge)
Alexa Aleksandrova (Nordic combined)
Mila Matveeva (Short track)
Sofya Andreva (Skeleton)
Arisha Mancheva (Ski jumping)
Gennadiya Pavlovskaya (Snowboard)
Veronika Lagunova (Speed skiing)
Verusha Orlova (Paralympic Alpine skiing)
Yustina Spasilova (Paralympic (Biathlon)
Tatyana Kharitonova (Paralympic Cross-country skiing)
Lyudmila Smirnova (Wheelchair curling)
Lera Pushkina(Ice sledge hockey)
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Re: 4390 Rechtenburg Winter Olympics

Postby Bachelot » Mon May 07, 2018 10:24 pm

October 4389

Olympic Bridge wobbles on opening night


Television cameras from all across Terra were focussed on the scene. The Mayor of Rechtenburg and the chairperson of the Mordusian National Olympic Committee were on hand, alongside countless other officials and dignitaries - including high-profile diplomatic ambassadors and global sporting superstars. A huge multinational crowd had gathered.

Then, following fireworks and amidst great fanfare, the Olympic Bridge, a hugely expensive and glamorous project designed to help prepare Rechtenburg for the Olympic Games, was formally opened by Samantha Ogilvy, the renowned Mordusian gold-medal-winning sprinter (now retired).

The crowd surged on to the bridge, eager to become the first members of the public to cross it for the first time.

And then...

It began to wobble.

"There is no call for alarm," came an official voice over the tannoy. "The bridge is meant to wobble. This is a feature of its revolutionary structural design".

Then it began to wobble some more.

At that point, security personnel moved to prevent any more persons from entering on to the bridge. A panic ensued amongst the pedestrians who were already in transit. There was a rush of people, and 11 individuals received injuries in the crush, but fortunately nobody was seriously injured. Everybody was got off the bridge safely.

But the bridge carried on wobbling, live on international television, in from of the whole of Terra. Rather embarrassing for Mordusia. Especially since this was meant to be a project to show off Mordusia's creative dynamism, genius planning and engineering prowess.

By the time the bridge had finished wobbling, it looked painfully out-of-shape.

Nevertheless, officials say they are "100% confident that the bridge will be fixed in time for the Olympics, and that it will be 100% safe".
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