The War on Saridan

The War on Saridan

Postby CCP » Fri May 18, 2018 10:18 am

Following Collapse of Backchannel Negotiations, Hawu Mumenhes Navy Strikes Istalian Research Ship

Istalian electronic surveillance vessel catches fire as Hawu Mumenhes fleet attempts to disable ship

SEA OF LOST SOULS -- Hostilities commenced today between Hawu Mumenhes and Istalian forces near the coast of Saridan. The 16-ship Hawu Mumenhes fleet arrived in-theater following weeks of back-channel negotiations with Istalian officials. The Hawu Mumenhes government urged Istalia's Massa administration to cancel a pay-for-refugees plan agreed to by the Saridan regime. The Hawu Expeditionary Strike Groups Laboi in Splendor and Kharabai Unleashed had been ordered to slow their pace en route to Saridan to allow more time for negotiations to progress. Hawu officials expressed hope in public statements that the Istalian legislature's vocal rejection of President Massa's plan would lead Romula to turn back. The Massa administration however has been said to remain obstinate that the Massa Plan should go forward with or without the legislature's approval. President Morrison has repeatedly panned the Istalian position, calling it cowardly and charging Massa with legitimizing human trafficking through his offer to purchase the Saridan captives. As talks dragged on, hopes for a negotiated settlement faded, and Hawu Mumenhes President Lemarcus Morrison immediately radioed the ESGs to resume course as he angrily exited the Hawu-Istalian talks.

Arriving in the Sea of Lost Souls, the Fleet Admiral reported little activity save a lone Technical Research Ship from the Istalian navy. Suspecting a slight crew compliment and modest defenses, two Utility Maritime Helicopters were dispatched to engage the spy ship and disable any ability for the ship to flee. Panic ensued as the Helicopters' targeting of the ship's propulsion systems resulted in open flames on deck. Divers with the Hawu fleet's Rescue and Salvage Ship were immediately deployed to board the Istalian vessel, retrieve any monies or captives, and remove the Istalian sailors to safety aboard the Laboi in Splendor flagship. After a 5 minute armed standoff amidst growing flames, the Istalian soldiers finally agreed to submit to arrest and take refuge aboard the Hawu Mumenhes flagship.

During interrogations, the Istalian sailors revealed that the first 300 thousand captives of the Massa Plan's 11.1 million-captive total had already been transferred to the Istalian navy and were en route to Romula together with the rest of the Istalian fleet. The Technical Research Ship had been ordered to remain behind to complete an electronic funds transfer of 5 Billion Lira intended to serve as the first installment of the 300 Billion Lira purchase price President Massa agreed to pay the Saridan regime in exchange for the captives. Once the Hawu Mumenhes Rescue and Salvage Ship successfully doused the fire, the Istalian Technical Research Ship commander was escorted back to his ship under armed guard of a Hawu Mumenhes Fireteam. There, the Istalian commander was directed at gun point to confirm that the 5 Billion Lira electronic funds transfer had been canceled and all electronic communications systems aboard the vessel had been shut down.

The Hawu Mumenhes ESGs are expected to confer with Istalian authorities regarding the safe removal of the Istalian soldiers before commencing engagements with Saridan merchant vessels operating near the Sint Pieterieland coast.

(Contemporary with the introduction of slavery and concentration camps in Saridan)
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Re: The War on Saridan

Postby hts » Tue May 22, 2018 4:06 am

Iftogeroon Slave Gangs Threaten Government

Gang Members Gathering in the Cells of a Saridani Slave Camp

Gangs of mixed race, or Iftogeroon, slaves have rapidly gained membership in the slave camps of Saridan. These gangs, armed with make shift knives, established a presence within these camps over the past several years. Recently, a number of shootings have occurred within camps, and some have even resulted in the deaths of guards and police officers.

These gangs have intensified their rhetoric, and have established a set of demands. One gang member was interviewed and said:

These people in government don't understand. Either they open these gates, or we gonna burn these camps to the ground. There aint enough guards in this country to stop us. We got guns, knives, fists, and fire. We are willing to burn with these camps if we have to, but we wont be caged for much longer. One way or another, I promise you that.
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Re: The War on Saridan

Postby protijay » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:52 am

Mordusia begins military build-up on Saridanese border "Needed preparation" says Edward Bennington. ... lid=571493
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Re: The War on Saridan

Postby protijay » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:43 am

Edward Bennington gives permission for Hawu military bases to be established in Mordusia under defense minister Pentunia Paige of the New Mordusian Alliance.

Earlier this morning, after failing to get a friendship treaty between Hawu and Mordusia passed through parliament, Edward Bennington has decided to continue warmongering in a different way. He instead used his ministries from last election to proceed with his actions despite no further cabinet being agreed upon. It seems that war is destined to happen as long as a trigger happy monkey points swords at other nations. He signed the bill with head of state and head of defense minister position later that afternoon. Further information is still coming through, but Edward Bennington has refused to answer further questions.

We will keep you updated.
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