OOC Planning Thread: Hawu-Saridan War

Re: OOC Planning Thread: Hawu-Saridan War

Postby CCP » Thu May 24, 2018 10:24 am

The Tea Party wrote:I’ll obviously be playing as the Saridani Government

Added. Tea can you cross-post your war news article to the war thread when you get a chance.

mr_ishmael wrote:What kind of time is this meant to be taking place? I read late 4380s somewhere but I'm just checking.

Well it started in 4380 when Saridan President Spencer proposed legalizing slavery. That bill passed in August 4381. The game's clock moves too fast to RP the whole war in a realistic time frame so we use flexi-time which means we just pretend the clock is moving more slowly. Personally I don't worry about it much, I just replace the dateline in my war articles with "contemporary with the war in Saridan."
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