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Royal Rumble
Regarding: Prince Henri Guillaume of Lourenne, Princess Ruth of Kazulia.
Date: 14th February, 4457
Discoverable?: Yes

Lac des Lumières, Jôviant, Lourenne:

Since returning from the Royal Tour (OOC: Royal Tour is Postdated), Prince Henri has not forgotten about his visit to Kazulia. According to sources and workers at the Palais des Lumières, Prince Henri is always talking about a "royal mademoiselle" that he caught up with while in Skalm. Apparently, this young woman is significant to all Kazulians and met Henri a few days earlier during his private visit to Kazulia. Prince Henri's arrival to Kazulia was unnoticed and the press followed him to... The Kazulian Royal Residency.

The tea was spilled when a paparazzi at the palace claimed that Prince Henri was seen with Princess Ruth in Kazulia not long ago. Does this mean Henri and Ruth have a relationship? Are they soon to get married. Chances are, they are very likely already together and are planning a marriage.
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Re: Informal News

Postby Darkylightytwo » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:15 pm


*Secretary of State, Deal with the mafia*
Regarding: *Maya Darklight*, *Secretary of environment*, *Baltusia*
Date: *february 4471*
Discoverable?: Yes

Apparently. the Secretary of State, Maya Darklight, have choosen to strike a deal with a leader of the Baltusian Mafia, Anthonio Reina, known as the Mist. For anyone who tend to oppose his business tend to disappear like magic. He is apparently at the head of an illegal cartel dealing with Drugs, Cannabis, ecstary, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD and etc.

Apparently, Anthonio Reina agreed to give a sum of 30 000 000 000 BLD to the secretary, in exchange of some services, like the invalidation and the arrestation of the his adversaries in the black market, the names and the adress of police officier he seeked to corrupts, as well as the validation of some of his projects, which would let him trade his dirty money for legal money. He apparently also required sexual service from the secretary according to our informator.

According to our exports, this will allow the drug lord, to take over a larger part of the drugs market, by purging his opponents. Hoverer, the deal is not finished yet.

its going to be very hard to the police to get up to Reina, this guy is a ghost, he's been avoided by the police officer for years, they know he is responsables for multiples murders, that he is one of the most dangerous guy in Baltusia. whenever he need someone dead, that person that to be found dead in a dark alley. It seem, he decided to move now.

Members of the PLCA confirm that Maya Darklight don't want a no.

I've tried to talk to my sister abour solutions to her problems, but no, she did not want to hear me
. Sarah-Rafaelle Darklight
When she goes to work, Maya just lock herself in her office, she apparently sleeps there.
Aloy-Sophie Green
I dont know what's going on in her head, I just hope she return to reason, so we can find a way to fix this problem, without ressorting to an extrême solution
Yugi Green


*PLCA members having no problem with incest*
Regarding: *Aloy-Sophie Darklight*, *Leader of the PLCA*, *Baltusia*
Date: *11 February 4471*
Discoverable?: no (but you can guess it)


Apparently. according to our information, the PLCA, a faction of the UDP have no problems with incest. currently, incestuous acts are illegal in Baltusia, but it is said that the PLCA is protecting people whos ignore the laws and even that the leader of the PLCA, Aloy-Sophie Darklight has no regard for the laws. Our informator say he is quite certain he saw the leader having non-appropriate relation with his sisters who are secretaries of state. But apparently, they are not the only ones in the PLCA who haved engaged in such relations.
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Re: Informal News

Postby Yolo04 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:17 pm

Presidential Canidate For NCP Female?
Regarding:Nerita Apostolou, Secretary to the President,Keymon,
Date:October 4470

[b]Turtle Bay, Keymon:
Recently, rumors have begun to swirl around the capital district that the President’s current Secretary, Nerita Apostolou, has been chosen to succeed him after his current third and final term ends.

Nerita Apostolou is around 25 years old and would be the youngest president in the Keymon Republic’s history. She’d also be the first women to hold the office of President in the Keymon Republic’s history.

According to some rumors, she made a deal with current president Zoltar Petros to succeed him in exchange for “inappropriate services”. Other rumors have stated she promised to make Zoltar Petros the Minister of Foreign Affairs in exchange for his presidency.
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Re: Informal News

Postby jamescfm » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:33 am


Easy Money?
Regarding: Eve Saraceni, Kalistani politician and
Date: 4471
Discoverable?: No

Sulari, Suldanor: An insider at the Agramontian League, a left wing political party in Kalistan, has discovered some highly dubious financial transactions concerning Internal Affairs Spokesperson Eve Saraceni. Private records show hundreds of payments made between the politician and a notorious gang leader from Suyu Llaqta, Koya Quichca Paucarchuco. Though it is difficult to determine details, it appears that the two have visited each other dozens of times over several years and it can be inferred that there is a romantic dimension to the relationship. For decades, the TP-98 gang have been associated with cheap, low quality drug exports and with trafficking young girls for prostitution. Although based in Suyu Llaqta, they operate globally and Kalistan's sexual liberalism has been criticised for fuelling their crimes. It could be perceived that a link exists between the League's emphasis on further dismantling Kalistan's decency laws and one of their major figures' romantic involvement with a gang leader.
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Re: Informal News

Postby Darkylightytwo » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:16 am


*PLCA Senator rumored to have changed sex *
Regarding: *Yugi Green*, *elected Senator of WestBrook*, *Baltusia*
Date: *29 april 4473*
Discoverable?: Yes

According to Journalists, the Senators was in fact Born female under the name of Yvette Green. Green was living Attano, Married to a cetain Liam Cornfield, with his 2 childrens, when he decided to change to his sex, to become a male, and to legally change his name to Yugi Green. Liam Cornfield told a journalists from the johnston that he Still miss his wife, but that in eyes, his wifes is as good as dead.

Yvette, just stopped being there. From one morning to an other, I was an happy Married man, and now, i'm a single man, who's trying to despite the exclusive of his children. Their mother just abandoned us, to live in a fictive males, I would like to see Yvette come back to me, but she's gone, she does not exist anymore.

We tried to ask the senators of Westbrooks, question about his pasts, but we have yet to receive a response.
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