Vanuku Disarmament Movement

Vanuku Disarmament Movement

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Activists March on World Congress Headquarters to Demand Disarmament Now
The world cannot wait say activists

WHALE ISLAND -- Thousands of activists have taken to the streets of Whale Island to demand that the world's governments disarm Vanuku. 'They have just put all of us at risk,' said Tullia Sympronian, a Selucian activist who specializes in environmental causes. 'How many generations of Southern Majatran families are going to feel the effects of cancer, birth defects, and dislocation because of Vanuku's shenanigans,' Sympronian asked.

Since Vanuku struck Jelbanian borders with a nuclear warhead three years ago, humanitarian and health care observers have called the impacts devastating. Relatively minor symptoms like hair loss, vision impairment, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, though widespread, pale in comparison to the life-altering impacts of birth defects, infertility, and cancer. 'Wildlife in Jelbania is routinely being born with odd numbers of limbs, mass cases of conjoined births, and an array of incurable diseases,' Sympronian said. 'This has permanently crippled the Jelbanian ecosystem and food supply for 3 generations in a country where resources were already hard to come by.'

Asked what concessions would satisfy the international array of activists and civil society organizations gathered outside World Congress headquarters, Sympronian was indignant. 'Total disarmament! Disarm Vanuku now! We can chase behind Vanuku cleaning up its mess, but what happens the next time they're backed into a wall? What happens the next time they get themselves into a conflict they can't win? Who will they bomb next? Selucia? Istalia? Kazulia? The World Congress? Until we get these dangerous weapons out of their irresponsible hands, no one is safe. Disarm Vanuku Now!

-February 4421
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Re: Vanuku Disarmament Movement

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Selucian Pagans demand universal disarmament

Cultores Deorum celebrating Setlanalia in honor of nuclear god Setlanus

WHALE ISLAND -- The anti-nuclear protests organized on the Whale Island demanding the disarmament of Vanuku have been joined by delegates of the College of Pontiffs, the governing body of Religio Seluciana, one member of which recently suggested that Vanuku needs to offer daily animal sacrifices in order to end the punishment of humanity by Setlanus, the Selucian god of fire, volcanoes, metalworking, and nuclear energy. The Selucian Religio, the second largest faith in Selucia and one of its two state religions, has a long and complicated history with nuclear weaponry and military policy. On the one hand, the Religio emphasizes that war is always by definition nefas ("ritually forbidden") and could incur the wrath of the Gods unless the war is just, that is carried under a formal declaration of war, its participants ritually purified beforehand, and fought for a just cause. On the other hand the Religio believes that it it the duty of the rulers to defend their country by any means necessary, and traditionally the Religio, while having an elaborate set of rules relating to ius ad bellum, that is the circumstances under which a just war may be declared, there is little in Pagan sacred texts regarding ius in bello, governing the conduct of armies at war, and thus no formal prohibition against the use of excessive force, although one of the traditional Selucian public virtues is mercy, to always be shown to other nations and particularly those defeated in war. But the declaration by the Flamen Setlanalis, a full member of the Religio's governing body, that Vanuku's use of a nuclear weapon is responsible for incurring divine wrath may serve as an official statement on behalf of the Religio as a whole that the use of nuclear weapons, and perhaps even all weapons of mass destruction, is in itself nefas, regardless of the justness of the war being fought.

The Pagan delegation was joined by a representative of the Selucian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, currently headed by Republican Minister Haider bin Talal al-Mutanabbi. The representative of the Selucian government was keen to emphasize that the governmental delegation is present strictly in order to show solidarity with one of its two main religions and that the Foreign Ministry does not endorse a policy of requiring the disarmament of any particular nation. But at the same time the Republican Party recently introduced a proposal that, if passed, would see the Selucian Republic unilaterally dismantle its own WMD stockpile. It is unlikely that such a proposal would pass, given that all other parties in Selucia remain committed to a nuclear Selucia, but if this proposal is successful Selucia would be the first nation to abandon its nuclear arsenal in the direct aftermath of the Khan Tanhri blast. If that happens the focus of the protests may move from requiring the disarmament of Vanuku alone to a more universal condemnation of all nuclear weaponry.
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Re: Vanuku Disarmament Movement

Postby Doc » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:37 am

reprinted from
The Kalistani Republic
Brethren march in support of Anti-Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Treaty

Organizers say that more than 75,000 Brethren marched in Ananto

Kaliburg, Ananto District
May 17, 4421

Thousands of Brethren fill the square in front of the SP's Headquarters in support of peace in Majatra and nuclear disarmament

According to protest organizers, more than 75,000 Brethren, and tens of thousands of other Kalistani citizens, marched in Monday's anti-nuclear protest. Protestors carried signs which said, "Ban ALL bombs" and "End Nuclear Terror- Support ANBC" as they marched along Republican Avenue to the ruling Socialist Party's headquarters building.

Said one protestor: "It's time for the world to abolish nuclear weaponry. We don't want our children growing up in the shadow of a mushroom cloud. The Government needs to stand up for peace."

Protest organizer and spokeswoman Phylicia Girrard said: "What the people want to make clear is that we are not JUST for Vanuku getting rid of its weapons of mass destruction. There is that. But the biggest threat to Kalistan in the last 20 years has been nuclear armed Kazulia. So we call on them to get rid of their weapons too. ALL of them. Every single offensive weapon that they and their Northern Council uses to hang a sword over the necks of non-aligned nations. Every missile they plan on firing at others. Every bullet they plan on sending downrange so that it can destroy the life not only of the soldier it hits, but also his and her entire family. We call on full disarmament from ALL nuclear powers. If we are going to have Vanuku do it, we should have everyone do it."

The Crowd chanted for general adoption of the Anti-Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Treaty to which Kalistan and Baltusia are parties. "Yeah, there are a lot of countries claiming they want peace," said one teenage Brethren protestor. "They say, oh, peace this, peace that, hurt, punish, crush Vanuku. Well, where are they when it comes to getting rid of the thing they are so upset at Vanuku about? Nowhere. They don't really want peace, they just want to hurt and punish and dominate. If they really wanted peace, they would get rid of their own nuclear weapons and free this world of those tools of complete monsters."

The Jahtelites jam at the post-Protest show, and sing crowd favorite "Stop the Bomb, Fire the Bong"

The protests began with a 6 mile march, and ended with 45 minutes of speeches, and finished up with a Reggae concert from reggae and ska band "The Jahtelites". Most of the crowd stayed for the show, and celebrated in the name of peace and humanity late into the evening.
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