The Doyle Incident

The Doyle Incident

Postby RIS » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:35 pm

This thread is the first person thread for all things related to the Doyle investigation. Links to International News posts relating to the investigation can also be posted here. All events taking place here are historical and take place prior to the current in-game date.

This RP has been agreed on OOC by all participants please contact one of us before interacting with this RP.


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Re: The Doyle Incident

Postby RIS » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:13 pm

07:00 HFPS Headquarters, Bekenial
Agent Cassidy walked slowly into his office, coffee in one hand and his briefcase in the other. He still wasn’t awake as he had yet have even a sip of his coffee. As he sat down in his desk he noticed a piece of paper that hadn’t been there before the night before. He picked it up as he sipped his coffee, it was the search warrant he had requested on Doyle. The time was here, they were finally going to get the evidence they needed to take Doyle down.

08:12 Doyle’s Residence, Bekenial
Agent Cassidy knock on the front door as HFPS agents encircled the house. “Open up Ms. Doyle, we have a search warrant.” There was no response, the atmosphere was tense as the agents waited for any sign of activity or reply. “Ms. Doyle we will not ask another time open up or we will enter forcibly.” Cassidy waited a few moments but again there was no response. Cassidy nodded to the agent on the opposite side of the door. The other agent was a large man decked out in tactical gear and in his hands, he held a battering ram. At Agent Cassidy’s permission the other agent breached the door unleashing a whole swirl of commotion. As soon as the activity had died down the agents began searching the house for any evidence they could find. Agent Cassidy looked around the house surveying its status. It was an absolute mess, items strewn throughout the home. Clothes everywhere broken lamps it was truly a disaster area. Though it wasn’t the fault of the agents, this had been done previously. The implications were obvious: Doyle had left in a hurry. As Cassidy rounded corner he spotted one of his junior agents. “Agent Miller, have you found anything yet?” Miller turned around to face Cassidy. “Nothing conclusive yet but, it appears she was colluding with someone to rig elections.” Cassidy shook his head. “Alright keep me posted.” “Will do sir.” Miller replied. Cassidy walked towards the home’s exit as he reached the exterior he reached into his jacket’s inner pocket and pulled out his cellphone. “Hello, this is Agent Cassidy I need an All Points Bulletin for Rebecca Doyle.”
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Re: The Doyle Incident

Postby Sovak111 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:20 pm

07:55 Doyle’s Residence, Bekenial

The text message she had just received was simple enough, and not one she would soon forget.


She had raced around her living room reaching for any hiding place that might contain evidence of her motives. Throwing her desk lamp to the ground she broke its ceramic base, then pushed through the broken pieces to grab a flash drive that had fallen to the ground. She raced upstairs to her closet. She ripped clothes out of drawers in her bedroom, grabbing only what she could find. Stuffing the flash drive and clothes into a gym bag, she stumbled downstairs and out the door.

Rebecca Doyle walked briskly out of The New Liberal Party Leader's residence in the direction of the central train station. Sirens blaring in the distance began to get closer, then slowly but surely began to sound farther and farther away as she continued her purposeful walk to freedom.

1:32 First Class Cabin, Hutori Rail Service Bullet Train, Somewhere between Bekenial and Port Prosperity

Doyle looked at her self in the mirror. She began to slowly wash the bleach out of her hair.

"They'll be looking for a brunette," she thought.

She grabbed a pair of scissors out of her bag. She took special care to cut in half every single credit card and her national ID card. She opened her compartment window and tossed the pieces outside. Doyle returned to the mirror.

"Time to disappear," she thought.

The woman who had once held the nation hostage took a deep breath, and began to cut her hair. Emotion overcame her. She fell to the floor of the railcar and began to weep. "What have I done?"

17:42 Platform D, Prosperity Union Station

As the train pulled into the station, armed police officers rushed on board. Passing through dining car, they immediately headed for first class. "Nobody leaves!" shouted the sergeant in charge. They began to search each compartment. Knocking on each door and interrogating each passenger.

After the officers had passed through her car, a tall blonde woman in a form-fitting bright red dress stood up from her chair in the dining car. Leaving a large tip on the table, she grabbed her coat and draped it over arm as she calmly exited the train. As she walked deftly through the hustle and bustle of travelers arriving and departing through the train station lobby, she rustled her now pixie-cut length hair before raising her hand to hail a cab.

Rebecca Doyle got into the backseat of the taxi. "Where to, miss," asked the driver, not knowing he had the most wanted woman in the world in his back seat.

23:37 Dock 34a, Port Prosperity

Doyle looked at her watch. "They're seven minutes late," she thought to herself as she looked out at the sun rising over Prosperity Bay. The tall thin woman with gaunt eyes was no stranger to these docks. Her father worked the docks. Her brother worked the docks. She grew up just three short miles from where she now stood. Yet, this might be the last time she ever saw this place - the city where she grew up, the city of which she was once the Lord Mayor.

Impatiently she started tapping her foot as she looked out upon the horizon. The rendezvous with her contact from Providence was supposed to be here by now. Where was he? Why was he late?

Her phone began to ring, the name "McShane" flashed across the screen. Her Deputy Party Leader was calling. Doyle answered.

"Robbie, you can't call this number anymore."

"Becca, what in the hell have you done? Where the hell are you?"

"Robbie, I've got to go. I can't stay."

"Are you really going to abandon us now? After all we've worked for? All we've done. We're so close to victory."

"Robbie, calm down. They know. They could be listening."

"What are you talking about? How could they possibly know?"

"They know."

Deputy New Liberal Leader Robbie McShane paused, his mind racing.

"Becca, get out. Get out now."

"I'm not in Bekenial anymore, Robbie."

"Where have you gone?"

"You can't know... Just know that I'll be back. And I'll be bringing some help."

"Wha... what do you mean? Don't do anything stupid, Bec... you can't..."

A small fishing boat, flying an azure flag emblazoned with the outline of a white flower, entered the bay.

They were here. They were finally here.

"Goodbye Robbie."

Doyle threw her mobile phone into the air. The sound of her old friends' protestations gave way to the satisfying noise of her phone splashing into the bay.
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Re: The Doyle Incident

Postby LarsO » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:05 am

23:41 Dock 34a, Port Prosperity

The small fishing boat docked at dock 34a, lowering it's ramp. The engine of the vessel didn't shut down, as it was clear they weren't going to say long. Two men ran down the ramp. One of men walked past Doyle inspected the surroundings to make sure they weren't being watched, his hand was in his jacket giving the suspicion he was carrying a gun. The other man look at Doyle with a serious face, he quickly did a search on her, to make sure she didn't carry anything that could be traced, "You have to hurry." he said after the search without any emotion in his voice. They took Doyle onboard and retracted the ramp. With a burst of power to the engine the small fishing boat made it's way out of the harbor. One of the men brought Doyle below deck, in a small living compartment of the ship. "It will be a while before we have left of the territorial waters of Hutori." the man said. "Stay here, don't go above and don't speak to any of the other crew members. Even better, don't try to speak at all." The man poored her a cup of coffee and placed it infront on her on the small table. "Don't worry your highness." He said mockingly, "The coffee will be better in Lodamun." Meanwhile, through the viewport Doyle could see they left Port Prosperity.
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