HeijTheHero is Blogging - HELLO WORLD!!!

HeijTheHero is Blogging - HELLO WORLD!!!

Postby Zanz » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:24 pm



Are you missing Heij on this Internets? I am being supremely sorrowful even still at being stolen of all votes except glorious Wrnukék and Jelbék and being made to listens to a Missy Kylesfrom Cildanias for many studding seasons, but I am still being here and Missy from Cildanias is long being eaten by crows, HA HA HA!

You are maybe guessing by this time since it is spoken in many Kotas that Heij is not being eaten by crows after all but is instead just many years older and still as premiums at intercourse as ever. It is being true that Heij was having a spats with a WITCH who was cursing him with fiery loins for many weeks :oops:

Is me, thinkings with my favorite Jeztri, about itching loins and witch curses :cry:

But now Heij is never dying ever since, HE HE HE. My clan is all laughing at the witch now, she is bones and HEIJ is being immortal! 8-)

Heij is thinking maybe she is looking better now a days HA HA HA!

As they are saying in Luthoris, "all that is ending well is well!" so am adjusting very supremely to being without dying. It is making Heij in very premiums demands, and a new websites with no other junkies Yeudish news articles but just Heij's thinkings is just the thing! This way you are reading all that my thinkings are, whenever I am thinkings them. It is good news too that Zardé fans of Heij the God are paying now for Heij's internets so it is not required that I am going to cafes in town, it is being harder and harder to navigate the crowds!

I am having to say now that I am bringing up Zardés that Heij's new blogging website is not even his most topmost news! Heij's BIG announcement is that he is moving up in the worlds! The Zardés are recognizing now that Heij is overcoming death that the World Congress is half-brained and very sillies for denying Heij a job! They are asking me instead to taking on a position as boss man of their clans, and Heij is very happy to accept, as Zardés are known to have very few Yeudis and decent womens and OK horses so Heij is thinking "how bad could it be?" and they are offering fancy palaces and big dinners each and every night! I am thinking maybe this will get Heijmai Mrjmaidrsme offing my backs, as she is very bitching all the times about how Heij is not providing foods enough for her.

SO, in next bloggings, you can expecting me to be very important mans, since Heij is leaving today afternoon to be given a fancy Zardé name and from then on will be very busy. I will be writing as soon as I can!
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Re: HeijTheHero is Blogging - HELLO WORLD!!!

Postby Aquinas » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:20 pm

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