важное замечание- Potap's Great Journey!

важное замечание- Potap's Great Journey!

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важное замечание- Potap's Great Journey!
Potap iz meet tribal chief for zse first stop on great journey

Supreme Esteemed Big Nice Commander of the All of zse Forcez of Arm of Mother Trigunia Yakimenko Potap Georgiy bid farwell to Mother Trigunia (but Potap no cry)

большие приятные приветствия! Big nice greetings to zse peoples of Terra. Potap here- esteemed leader of all Mother Trigunian forcez of arm! Government of Mother Trigunia iz asking me to make great peace vith all of zse nations. I say "vhat about zse Jelbies, zsey iz having sex with zse horse" but apparently zsis is not reason for war in "international laws". I serve Mother Trigunia vith great pride!

For first trip, Potap iz speaking with zse very faraway peoples of land called Entoto. In zsis place, zsey are not having many economics, it iz great shame. Potap iz talking to zse Chairman (zsis like a big chief with spear in zse movies!). Vicked cool!

Supreme Esteemed Big Nice Commander of the All of zse Forcez of Arm of Mother Trigunia Yakimenko Potap Georgiy (P): Big nice greetings Chairman Bimbab, iz great pleasure of Mother Trigunia to speak vith you!

Chairman of Ntootoo Baa Bingbong (BB): It's actually Babang but thank you, I'm happy to talk to you.

P: In Mother Trigunia, ve say "Без муки нет науки", which mean, err, vithout torture, zsere is no science". You are, er, zsinking that maybe Entowto iz having not enough hard working citizeners to make economics?

BB: Do I think that Ntoto's citizens aren't working hard enough? Not at all, the vast majority of our citizens will head out to work for most of their lives and put in a solid effort to provide for their family but there are many other factors which can hold back the economy of a country like Ntoto, which has been devastated by colonisation and severe political instability in its recent past. The present economic situation in our country has seen a lack of job creation, partly due to labour regulations which we are trying to repeal.

P: I am seeing. Long time ago in, err, in Mother Trigunia, ve have a very great problem vith too many peoples. I say to ze Minizter "ve are make a var vith Kizenia, zsey have army but all of zse soldiers are having, err, very, very, very small penis-" you know this word, penis? Minizter not taking my advices but ve are still mostest poverful cantry. Maybe you are zsinking that make a var vith one of puney neighbours iz anzer to current issues?

BB: No, I don't think that making war with our neighbours would be very advisable.

P: Ho ho, maybe zsis iz why zse cantry iz, as zsey say in Lutheranian, "big shithole", ho ho! Iz joke! Iz joke! Chairman Bumboolah, iz you agreeing vith Mother Trigunia zsat it is maybe time to drop a big, big bomb on Zeleya and turn it into pool?

BB: That doesn't sound very humane.

P: Ho ho, you are right! No, err, no humane left vhen the bomb is dropped, ho ho! Don't tell zse Kazuliasks zsough or zsey will invade you! Iz joke, no worry Great Mother Trigunia will protect. Chariman Beebahbongobaabangah, I, err, haz another question for you. Your peoplez is having a big nice tan, I like! Iz very sunny in zsis cantry?

BB: Ntoto has a relatively warm climate, I suppose, yes.

P: Potap iz zsinking zsat he will extend his ztay in Entongo! Ho ho, iz joke! Now I iz azking a finale question. In Entwonno, I iz reading zsey are having "zignificant Lutheranian minority". In Mother Trigunia, ve have a big nice day vhen ve celebratee zse death of a great many un-Trigunian people, like a Yeudi or a Majatran or a Kozak or a Kizenian or a Yeudi or a Hulstrian or a Dolgavan or a Yeudi or a Jelbie. Potap is zsinking maybe you are make zimilar day, you can, err, hunt Lutheranian vith a big spear and zsen you rape his sister and his wife and kill his son. Iz zsis, err, zomething you consider?

BB: The idea that we would kill citizens of our own country, I have to say it is frankly disgusting. We all live in harmony here in Ntoto and we wish to keep it that way. I think it's about time that you left now.

P: Very big nice to, err, meet you Chairman Bigbum, vicked cool! Mother Trigunia send her best vishes to help you make economics!

Potap iz zsinking that zse Great Journey start a vicked cool. Next time, ve are visit Indrala, home of zse great Dragon!
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