4505 Yedushi Revolution

4505 Yedushi Revolution

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The 4505 Yedushi revolution was a revolution that took place in the year 4505 in the nation of הרפובליקה היידית השישית של ביתנו (Sixth Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu), that toppled the ruling regime and propelled the nation into a new stage, with the Opposition winning a majority of seats in elections.

the nation of הרפובליקה היידית השישית של ביתנו (Sixth Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu) is the Terra equivalent to a Jewish state. Ever since July 4492, one-party-rule has been enforced though form the Halion Hikhod Party (HH). In their first elections in 4492, they secured around 70% of votes, and secured 77% of seats, making them the majority party.
HH party members celebrating in 4492 over their parties victory in the election

Two years later in July 4494, the party won every seat in the chamber, therefore beginning a decade of one-party rule.
4494 elections were very dull with a turnout rate of only 16%, yet HH loyalists celebrating the one-party rule of the nation

For 6 years no party had any seats in the government, and the HH party proposed 7 bills in total. Of these most were name changes and technical administrative reforms.

For 6 years, the Ahmadi minority was abused and left out of all and any positions and they were also persecuted.
HH party members were given the green light to massacre Ahmadi civilians and take their land and homes

During these 6 years of one-party rule, the economy collapsed and many fell below the poverty line. The currency became 10x cheaper, and thus investors were able to buy Yeduishi land and homes for peenies. The government also ignored corruption within the bureaucracy. Freedom of speech, protest, and religion were attacked. The anger finally exploded and protests erupted through 4498-4499.
Protesters demanded that the government step down.

The HH ordered police to attack the protesters, and the result was that the protests turned violent.
Protesters fire homemade weapons on police.

Finally, the government relented and in 4500 elections were held. The results were that the HH remained I control but they now had opposition parties. Turnout rates doubled, to 30%. The HH retained an 80% majority in seats while only getting 41% of votes, but protests stopped, even if briefly.
Celebrations after the end of 6 years of one-party rule.

However, the nation was still under the frim dictatorship of the HH. Weekly protests were held by Opposition members, and they were broken up by the HH-backed police force.
Police broke up protests using a variety of brutal method, including tear gas, tanks, live bullets, and other forms of violence

Then in 4504 the population finally broke. They wen tot he streets and filled squares demanding Early Elections and the end of a decade of HH rule.
Protesters sit in Capital square

In this time, the MoFA of the URB intervened. The MB's MoFA issued statements demanding that the ruling party include in its coalition the Ahadi minority party.
MoFA statement

In talks with the opposition, the MB and Opposition agreed to ratify in each's legislature the "TREATY OF COOPERATION AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF BADARA AND THE OPPOSITION IN THE הרפובליקה היידית השישית של ביתנו (SIXTH YEUDISH REPUBLIC OF BEITEYNU)"()

The opposition asked the HH for Early Elections. The HH finally agreed to surrender and ratified the EE bill. In the elections that followed, the turnout rate was 3x that of 4994, at 60%. The Opposition gained a 95% majority, and the people celebrated a democratic revolution.
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