Death Penalty Reform

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Death Penalty Reform

Postby Choice Party » Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:11 pm

I think there needs to be another value for "Government policy with respect to the death penalty.", in-between "The death penalty is not applied, except for terrorism, treason and crimes against mankind." and "The death penalty is applied for capital crimes". Something like "The death penalty is only applied for particularly heinous crimes with undeniable evidence".

Choice (Dolgaria) 3811-3832
Choice (Luthori) 3832-3875, 3899-3934
Choice (Kalistan)3875-3883
Choice (Hutori)3883-3899
Labour (Selucia)3934-3944
Progressive (Dolgavas)3944-3959
New Choice (Luthori) 3959-3982
LSP (Gaduridos) 3982-4004
Democratic (Mikuni-Hulstria) 4004-4038
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