Global RP Commitee Register

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Global RP Commitee Register

Postby FPC » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:53 pm

Hi everyone,

As you know under the new rules which are due to be the RP team is replaced by a more regional based system,called the Continental RP Coordinators or CRCs.
Rules and Information on the Global Role Play Committee and their jobs can be found in the official game rules here.

Here is the list of the Current Global Role Play Committee Members:

Current Team

[quote]CRC for Majatra: Aethan
Deputy CRC for Majatra

CRC for Dovani:James (jamescfm)
Deputy CRC for Dovani:

CRC for Artania:QV73 (Pragma)

CRC for Macon and Keris: ColonelVesica

CRC for Seleya: Chloe Price (aka thatfalloutfan101)

World Congress RP Co-Ordinator (WCRC): Auditorii (Farsun)

GRC Chair: James (jamescfm)
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