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Postby Mr.God » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:07 am

Section 9 - Third World

1. The Third World nations/former colonial territories in Particracy are under the control of the GRC. The GRC will grant players permission to control a Third World nation within certain boundaries of discretion, Moderation and the GRC will determine where these boundaries lie.

2. Players interested in applying for control of a Third World nation should post to the Third World Control Requests Thread. The GRC reserves the right to query and deny any and all applications, as well as assigning control of the application process to other individuals (Moderation) The application should include:
i. name of Third World nation applying for;
ii. brief synopsis of what the interested player intends to do with the Third World nation (general idea, direction).

3. More information on the Third World nations can be found on this page.
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