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Postby Leo Basu » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:33 pm

A Grand opening party starts UAFA Artanian Championship

Rutania started the tournament with a grand opening party where many performances were given
and the guests were welcomed By President of Rutania Leo Basu here is what he said

I welcome all guests to the legendary Dragon stadium , everyone gathered in the numerous fan zones of the 4539 UAFA Cup, and those watching us on television or online.

I congratulate you – the entire large, multinational, tightly-knit international football family – on the start of the top tournament on the planet!

This major sporting event is being held in Rutania for the first time, and we are sincerely happy about it. In our country, football is not just the most popular sport. People genuinely love football. And it was love at first sight.

We prepared responsibly for this major event and did our best so that fans, athletes and specialists could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this magnificent football festival and, of course, enjoy their stay in Rutania – open, hospitable, friendly Rutania – and find new friends here, new like-minded people.

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