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Postby Zanz » Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:20 am

This thread will hold RP Team news posts related to Majatra.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby kylejenkins27 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:47 pm

OOC: with all the controversy in Majatara, three nations embracing slave trade with deltaria being the main proponet of enslaving ethnic majatrans and banning the ahmadi religon it only seems natural that the Terran Patriarchal Church and the Papez should be more involved since the holy lands are in Deltaria
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Reddy » Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:37 pm

Voluntary Marriage?
Doubts as Kalopia-Wantuni Negotiates Readmission to Chann Imperial Republic
November 24, 3992

The Executive Council of Kalopia-Wantuni has announced, surprising many, that it had begun (re-)? accession negotiations to the Imperial Chann Republic. Foreign Affairs Councillor Kostas Kourakis said that Kalopia-Wantuni might accede to the Chann Imperial Republic as early as December 3993. The haste and secretive nature of the negotiations have led many to question this development which will create one of Terra's largest countries. Kourakis attempted to reassure citizens that the union would be 'more spiritual than political', hinting that Kalopia-Wantuni would keep her autonomy while gaining full and unfettered access to the much larger and more advanced Kafuri economy.

Negotiators from the two countries

Many speculate that the instability in the west and the devastating global conflict and the heavy involvement of many of Kalopia-Wantuni's largest trading partners is what has driven the rulers of the Freehold Republic to agree to this union with the Kafuris. The union with Chann Kafuristan could potentially open up the great trade route to the east for the ever covetous freeholders of Kalopia-Wantuni, given the Chann's close ties with the Celestial Empire of Great Indrala. The same could happen with Solentia. Lobbying by the powerful Wantuni branch of the Razamids, who after all hail from northern Kafuristan, is believed to have played a large part as well in the accession decision. Descendants of the last Razamid Caliph Ubaydullah, himself a former Wali(Governor) of Kalopia-Wantuni, the Wantuni Razamids play a key role in the Government and dominate the theme of Wantuni.

The durability of the union is questioned by many. There are obvious differences in policy. Chann Kafuristan has clear imperial ambitions proven most clearly by its policies towards Al'Badara and longtime courting of many regional nations. The Freehold Republic is practically isolationist, staying out of 'the big boys' game' as Kourakis describes international diplomacy. Its passion for trade however might overcome the many challenges...for a while.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Polites » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:19 pm

Majatra's New Refugee Crises

It is a sad fact about Majatra that populations more often move as refugees than as migrants or tourists. This fact is once again confirmed by the rise of new refugee crises in response to the current conflicts and genocides. The Zardic Civil War, the Vanuku-Trigunia war, the Deltarian genocide against Majatrans, the Badaran war of independence, all very different conflicts, have become joined in the creation of one of the continent's largest refugee crises.

Synoria Refugee Camp in Kalopia, formed of Majatrans fleeing Deltarian enslavement and genocide

Unsurprisingly, Deltaria was the first to initiate this new cycle, by its reinstitution of racially-justified slavery in 3980. The subsequent slave revolt initiated in July 3986 triggered a deliberate policy of extermination targeted explicitly against Majatrans and Turjaks. While the slave uprising was largely defeated, those Majatrans that have escaped enslavement or execution are attempting to flee to neighboring countries. Cildania and Gaduridos have already voluntarily accepted a large numbers of Deltarian refugees, while those fleeing west were captured in Jelbania and resold to Deltaria. Many found refuge in the east in one of the numerous refugee camps in Kalopia-Wantuni, and several of them have taken to piracy, tolerated though not officially condoned by the Freehold Republic.

Zardic Mallan refugees in Cobura

In Zardugal a different conflict is the cause of displaced civilians. The ongoing civil war between monarchists and republicans has caused an exodus in some of the more affected areas. The heaviest fighting took place in the southern region of Ingomo, heavily populated by Irkawans and Mallans, many of whom are now fleeing to Cobura. The current Coburan monarchy, keen to expand its Irkawan-Mallan population base, has been very welcoming to the new arrivals.

Another source of countless refugees is the current Badaran-Cildanian War. In the aftermath of the naval battle of Asad, the forces of Badaran warlord Iksandar ibn Tomas Al Azahari proclaimed the independence of Badara, unrecognized by Cildania which continues to claim its territory as the Cildanian Hegemony in Badara. In areas under Azahari control all Cildanians and native collaborators have been expelled, and massacres against Badaran Cildanians have been reported in various locations, leading to equally bloody retaliations from Cildanian troops. In other localities the populace fled long before the arrival of Azahari forces. All this has increased the by now secular flood of Badaran refugees towards Cildania.

Badarans and Cildanians fleeing the Azahari Emirate

And now the Trigunia-Vanuku war is on the verge of engulfing the entire continent, as the pro-Trigunian government in Deltaria has called upon its continental allies to come to her aid. Should this come to pass, we are likely to witness one of the largest involuntary population movements in Terran history.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Axxell » Sat May 27, 2017 12:36 pm

Referendum in Mossavi and al-Najd: rejection for the MRSF and unification!
Marra: "We will respect the will of the people and will defend the result of the referendum, we will not accept any refusal by the Socialist Federation"


HELIOS - Despite the massive presence of Istalian and Kazulian forces and the tight emergency measures taken to ensure the security of the voting process, great celebrations exploded in both foreign protectors in Kalopia-Wantuni after the announcement of the results of the referendums held this Sunday in Mossavi and al-Najd.
In both regions, the Istalian and Kazulian authorities after long dialogue with the local communities have come to organize referendums asking the citizens of the two central-majatran regions to express themselves by choosing to keep the protectorates, join the MRSF or unify the two regions to form a new entity.
The victory rewarded the the Anti-Communist Federalist Movement which, advocating the unification of the two protectors, has been organized in recent months during the ever-heated debates at international level and practically monopolized propaganda in both regions where, if the front Pro-MRSF was too small to effectively organize an election campaign, the one in favor of maintaining the protectorates simply did not find a common guide to unify the efforts.
These are the results in detail:

    Unification with al-Najd: 53,9%
    Preservation of the Protectorate: 40,8%
    Join the MRSF: 5,3%

    Unification with Mossavi: 64%
    Preservation of the Protectorate: 30%
    Join the MRSF 6%

The Istalian Government after the results immediately got in touch with the Kazulian one while a Transitional Official Committee is already undergoing of formation between the political élites of the two Kalopian-Wantuni regions.
Both the Romula and Skalm Governments agree to create an Unified Military Transition Contingent which will officially unite efforts and will ensure security in the region, allowing safe and peaceful dialogues between the Mossavi and al-Najd communities and will remain In place until the future new nation will be able to defend itself.
There is still no news on the future form of the state, but according to several experts, a federal entity is expected, so to allow the two communities to maintain broad autonomy and to live peacefully: Mossavi in fact is predominantly inhabited by Kalopian population while al-Najd by wantunian ones (majatrans), furthermore to divide the two regions there are also other important factors such as religion. In the north, 87% of the population is Hosianist and belongs to the Aurorian Church, while the vast majority in the south follow the Israist Ahmadism; The economic and social structure also differs: the economy is much more developed in the north, society is highly urbanized and secularized, and Istalian influence has made Mossavi a region close to the lifestyles of the most advanced nations while in the south they maintain their importance to the various tribal communities (typical in many majatran realities), society is far more agricultural and provincial and in the central arid expanses still wander nomadic groups, although in the big cities the lifestyle is not too dissimilar to the one of the Mossavians to the north.

Taken on behalf of the Istalian Government, as soon as news of the result was congratulated on the populations of the two protectorates, wishing them a prosperous future in the name of democracy and freedom, commenting thus:

The people have expressed themselves and what we saw was the net rejection for the Socialist Federation, the first of the many defeats! And I want with determination and firmness to warn the Government of the Socialist Federation, which had already stated that it would have ignored the democratic expression of the peoples of the two protectors, that Istalia will do everything to defend the result of the referendum and to ensure that the democratically expressed will of the peoples of Mossavi and Al-Najd will be respected and recognized internationally.
Our on-site military forces will unite with the Kazulian ones to ensure maximum coordination and effectiveness in ensuring the defense of the two regions, to ensure a peaceful transition and will remain on the ground until the future unitary entity will be able to defend itself.

Marra also responded to a question about Vanuku's latest statement made by its Government:

Vannuku's arrogance in considering Majatra its own playground is simply anachronistic and disrespectful, pure and sterile propaganda, a real lack of respect for the rest of the majatran nations fully independent and able to express in total autonomy their policies and strategies.
If Vanuku thinks that it can make his ships fly as much as he likes like one a time, well, in Wiel they're wrong! Majatra for at least a century has now shaken off the Vanukean "protection": Majatra is not the "Vanuku continent", Majatra is and will be only majatran! Let Wiel continue with its traditional and anachronistic unilateralism and they will soon find themselves alone and isolated! Istalia, despite the allegations of imperialism, which however came from a nation which has not shame to declared an entire continent as its own, on the other hand, doesn't make itself ridiculous by making statements of this magnitude, but is working concretely and will continue to work for Majatra, the democratic and free Majatra, to give life to a prosperous and harmonious union of peoples and nations through which we will demonstrate, both to the Socialists and to Wiel, that this continent will not accept the communist only-one-ideology oppression or the hegemony and the "protection" of this or that other nation in search of the glories of a passing time! In this regard, I very much hope that the Treaty we are drafting together with Zardugal will be the first step and the cornerstone of a stronger and greater Alliance of peoples and nations, equal to each other and working together and in harmony with respect for democracy and of freedom for prosperity and the common good!

Finally he talked about the refugees who are increasingly trying to abandon the MRSF territories, flowing at the moment towards Jelbania where border control still seems rather bland:

It's a situation which could become an international emergency! We are talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands of people! Let us praise Dorvik's willingness to welcome some refugees, and Istalia will do its part, but all of Majatra if not the rest of the world must realize that we are witnessing a mass movement as we have not seen for centuries! Personally, I will engage with the free communitie's authorities in Kalopia-Wantuni to accept to accommodate some refugees, but it will also be my intention to adress the rest of the nations of Majatra inviting them to solidarity and cooperation for the good of those desperate who are escaping from the dictatorship.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Axxell » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:14 am

Key Istalo-Zardic industrial cooperation: Ajace and Venetio united to conquer the inter-Majatran transport
The two companies join in to produce a family of midrange airliners taking advantage of the increase of the travel inside the Majatran Alliance

ROMULA - The agreement has been finally finalized after several years of studies and negotiations encouraged by a certain degree of international stability that Majatra is experiencing for several years now.
This stability has helped and stimulated the increase of the traffic of goods and people through Majatra, especially among the member states of the Majatran Alliance, and rising in demand has stimulated the air transport market with an increase in turnover for several historic airlines but also with the emergence of several low-cost companies, especially in Istalia and Zardugal, the two most developed Alliance's countries.
And it is precisely to respond to a market looking for short and medium-range airplanes, perfect for the needs of the continental market, that Ajace Aeronautics and Venetio Aeronautics (its division for the civilian market) have signed the ambitious industrial cooperation agreement.
The two companies, during the press conference for public announcement of the agreement, presented the preliminary plans of a new jets family, narrow-body planes with a capacity between 100 and 150 passagers and an autonomy of about 5000 kilometers, with the possibility of developing models up to 200 seats.
The airplanes will integrate the latest technologies such as glass cockpit, fly-by-wire, composite fuselage and wings, and therefore technologies to reduce pollutant emissions, operating costs, fuel consumption and noise pollution.
Ajace and Venetio are clearly winking at the low-cost airlines, not only the Majatran ones of course, and at the needs of larger companies to increase mostly infra-regional exchanges, an increasingly present reality in Majatra as in other continents in the light of the already mentioned almost a decade of relative peace and international stability.

Possible concepts of the first two models of the new airliners family

Within the project, Ajace will deal with the commercialization of aircrafts, the production of hardware and software of the internal systems and of the engines, while Venetio will produce the structural parts and then build and assemble the aircraft, reflecting the excellence of both Istalian and Zardic industries, specializing in state-of-the-art electronic and computer systems and in the high-tech metallurgical and aerospace industry.
The industrial initiative will benefit not only the two companies directly involved but of course also a galaxy of subcontractors and suppliers both in Istalia and Zardugal as well as in other parts of the Majatran Alliance.
During the press conference, during which the CEOs of the two companies spoke, Niccolò Marchionni for Ajace and Denisa Atanas for Venetio, it was announced that the first flight of a prototype should take place between 4294 and 4295 while the commercialisation before the end of the century, thanks to the fact that Ajace has been involved in a number of preliminary projects and in a feasibility study which was joined by Venetio for two years sharing the results in the research and developments in the field of composite and high-tech materials.
But the cooperation between the two companies seems to be only at the beginning and will not only be limited to this agreement: Ajace and Venetio are among the companies that more than others have made pressure on their governments and on the authorities of the Majatran Alliance to develop the programs of MASA (Majatran Aeronautics and Space Authority) in view of cooperation within the Allied organization.
Both companies have invested in space technologies by funding various start-ups and by launching specialized branches and according to some corridor indiscretions, both companies would like to continue cooperating especially in the low-cost orbital launchers sector, to become a market leader and also prime subcontractors for the MASA itself and the various national space agencies that cooperated within it.

MASA logo

The announcement have had also positive impact on the financial markets and for the stocks of both companies on the respective markets as well as on the international markets and hence prospects for productive growth with job creation in both Istalia and Zardugal.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Axxell » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:13 am

Join military exercises for the Majatran Alliance
Great proof of strength for the allied nations showing their determination to defend the Free Majatra from any threat
Chiefs of the Allied forces showing great chemistry and comradeship

One of the major joint exercises of recent history has seen the military forces of five allied nations (Istalia, Cildania, Deltaria, Solentia and Kafuristan) conduct extensive exercises, great attention to the ground forces and operations. Pontesia, given its role of both member of the Majatran Alliance and of the Union of Jelbek People, as per gentle agreement with Istalia, abstains itself from partecipate while the currently Zardugal's leadership showed to be more focused on internal affairs deciding to take a rigid non interventionist policy.
The main theater of operations were the northwestern steppe-like plateau of Solentia, close to the borders with Kafuristan, where expecially the armoured divisions of the allied countries have been deployed, which have focused on carrying out large-scale operations in coordination with the airforce component which has played the role of covering and support for ground troops.
Image Image Image
The exercises have been clearly organized bearing in mind the recent, but fortunately short, conflict between Deltaria and Jelbania, which took place mainly on the large steppes which stretches from the north of Deltaria and extend for much of Jelbania.
During the exercises several scenarios were simulated so that the forces in the field could face as many situations as possible, as well as against regular armored forces and against less conventional tactics.
To stand out the armoured divisions of the Istalian and Deltarians, the former the most numerous, the latter fresh from the conflict with the Jelbanians and which contributed with all the accumulated experience. Numerous also the armoured forces of Kafuristan who have deployed above all a large number of Beiteynese tanks, the legacy of the previous cooperation with the north-majatran state which had guaranteed remarkable support to the Majali regime of Kafuristan, and which also demonstrated their preparation in arid and semi-arid soils, while Solentia and Cildania have contributed mainly with their aerial component alongside Istalian one.
The forces in the sky have focused on defending ground forces and ensuring constant support (reconnaissance, airspace control, aerial coverage, wounded relief, logistics).
Among the air forces, most of all, the performance of the LAH 4000 Cobra Istalian Fighting Helicopter was highlighted, for which the exercises were a great showcase during which it proved excellent performance, silence, precision and firepower, versatile both in the close support for ground troops and in anti-tank operation to destroy opponents armoured concentrations.
However, naval operations were not neglected: Deltaria, Cildania and Istalia were the main forces involved in naval exercises that were conducted in the Majatran Sea, both at the Deltarian waters, where the greatest deployment of forces was involved in warfare operations on the high seas, while at Cildania there were amphibious exercises to simulate both mass landings and special operations and infiltration to which partecipate also airborne divisions.
Image Image Image
Finally, during the last day of the operation, operations were carried out thousands of miles away both at the small island of Mont'Elia and the far Antarctic ice, once again it was mainly operations dedicated to special forces, both for infiltrations and rapid operations, and for urban combat that exploited the abandoned mining town of Castel Sant'Elia, not far from the military base granted to Malivia, who for the occasion cooperated as an "enemy" in defense of sensitive stations. Particular emphasis has been put on nuclear, biological, chemical warfare (NBC operations), as expalined the Allied Joint Command, in light of the global developments in such strategies that are being discussed so far in recent years.
Image Image
The Majatran Alliance said it was very pleased with the results, certainly for the nations involved this was a great opportunity to increase mutual co-ordination as well as to learn from more experienced forces and refine tactics that have been clearly addressed by defense of assaults and close external threats.
The Alliance has, however, stressed that the allied countries will have to commit themselves to ensuring greater integration and increasing the ability to react quickly together.
That is why the Istalian Government has proposed to Allied Governments the establishment of a permanent Allied Strategic Command to manage emergencies and to ensure the utmost effectiveness in promptly responding to threats against member states, as well as a Allied Tactical-Strategic Analysis Center to offer constant advices for the defense of the Allied nations and to coordinate efforts in research and development, an idea strongly advocated by the Istalian Major State which seems to push on forms of specialization by part of the various allied forces components so to increase capabilities and improve the efficiency of the best specifics of each nation so as to ensure greater efficiency, more integration, less waste of time and resources and high performance.

For reference: ... lid=541907 ... lid=542717 ... lid=542908 ... lid=542977 ... lid=543288
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Axxell » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:38 am

MASA presents the plan for the Space X New Century Program
The Allied space agency want develop a new family of space launcher dedicated to the private market as well as for the future of space exploration
A table showing the launchers which MASA want to develop in the next decades. From left to right: SAQR (hawk in majatran), KOBAK 1 and 2 (sparrowhawk in deltarian), RABOBIRDO Light and Heavy (raptor in Zardic) and the AQUILA launchers (Eagle in istalian)

The Majatran Allied Space Authority invited the international press to the inauguration of the Majatran Rocket Testing Facility, built in Northern Istalia, on the coast close to the Solentian border, a work lasting over two years in preparation for the future development of the Space Authority which finally revealed the definitive plans of what was announced years ago, a program called "Space X: New Century Program" and which according to the agency will be developed over the next twenty to twenty-five years, although some experts of the sector considered this estimation as unrealistic soggesting to add at least 5 or 10 years. However, the Agency has confirmed the goal of developing a new family of space launchers that will be able to transport from 150 kg to nearly 60 tonnes.
The program is not only designed to develop launchers that meet the growing demands of the market and meet the privates by offering more than competitive prices, to which lighter rocker models will be dedicated, but also to develop launchers dedicated to the space exploration and which will can therefore carry men and scientific instruments to develop knowledge in the field and pave the way for future other developments.
The new launchers will ensure transport for the low Terra orbit as well as until the Geostationary transfer orbit, the latter being the most scientifically important target for MASA since geostationary transfer capabilities are crucial for the positioning of modern satellites as well for the success of space programs maybe directed to the moons or other regions and planets of the solar system, an area on which MASA has not exposed itself eccessively, although the specifications required for the larger launchers, which will require the greatest development times, in terms of size and transportable mass are clearly aimed at reaching and overcoming the Terra's orbit to carry considerable loads far from the planet.
As to how the project will be materially developed, MASA intends to exploit massively the cooperation with the privates to whom will be subcontracted the physical production of the rockets, and thus the development of the engines and electronic technologies needed for the driving systems.
The Space Authority has announced that both in Istalia and Zardugal several companies of the sector have already started to fund their research and development areas, starting with the very first announcement of the future space development, to develop those that are obviously the main components of each rocket, the engines.
Masa announced that a contest will be launched at every stage of the program development, which will guarantee funds to participating companies, although the program is obviously also open to all research institutes in the industry, and that as per a progressive phase-out method it will determine who will be chosen for the final production (whether they are electronic components, propulsion systems or the structure of the rockets itself). A method which will guarantee to many companies large funds and that, even if they will be not chosen, will surely guarantee an increase in their know-how as well as the possibility of further developments independently from the MASA and perhaps in other areas. The Authority has stated, however, that it will favor as many cooperations as possible, encouraging the principle of specialization and development and modular production.
In Istalia the ones which played in advance are both Leonardi Industrial Group, which in cooperation with Hasan-Mariani Holding & Investment Group founded the Astra Propulsioni, and Estal, which decided to expand the research and development sector for new rocket propulsion engines. For the time being, between the two, Estal is surely the favorite since it has long been producing such motors for the sector, such as the renowned Estal RMO-4100-A Dragon's Breath, even if, looking to the aspirations of the MASA, Estal will have to make a real jump of quality and enormously increase resources for research and development, which, given the financial solidity of Leonardi/Hasan-Mariani's joint venture, could completely turn the tide.
From Zardugal, instead, seems to have been one of the subsidiaries of the renowned Kostandian Corporation to devote itself to research, hoping to recover the fortunes of the company which since the beginning of the 41st century saw drastically losing space and competitiveness on the markets. But in the light of Zardugal's recent government's tendency to limit its action within both the Alliance and the international level, it seems that the projects of the Zardic company may not receive the necessary political support for future developments. Significantly more favored is Venetio, which boast important expertise in the field of high tech materials and advanced metallurgy, could become an important supplier for that or those companies which will be chosen for the construction of the rocket.
MASA, however, has stated that it is firmly inclined to involve more governmental agencies and private companies in the program, landing a hands to all the members of the Majatran Alliance, but it said also that it would be more than welcomed the co-operation with space agencies of other third countries and regional organizations. The Majatran Alliance sincerely hopes that co-operation with organizations outside the organization will develop, underline in fact, that scientific, economic and industrial co-operations are some of the preferred ways to ensure peaceful relations and stability among the nations of the world.

Image Image
The A platform of the new MASA Rocket Test Facility (left) and a test conducted by Estal on the experimental RMO-4500-NX (right)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
First long flight for the AMJ-100 which from Zardugal arrives in Istalia to finalize the test phases
Great performance of the aircraft which has already interested several majatran companies and gives good hopes to both Ajace and Venetio
The AMJ-100-XT, the model which will end the flying test in Istalia, landing in Milona

The presentation to the public of the new jet, another goal for the inter-Majatran cooperation, will have to wait for several months, but the first flight tests conducted in Zardugal have already been a great showcase which has attracted many majatran companies and, above all, low cost airlines.
Among the most interested, and which already started preliminary talks with Ajace, there seems to be MajAir, formerly known as Parallela, bought by IstalAir to transform it into its own low-cost branch giving it a name of broader breathing and clearly devoted to the Majatran market, aiming to become the leader of the low-cost airline industry, just right the market on which the new jets are hoping to break through, guaranteeing low maintenance costs, fuel economy and reduced emissions, all features that MajAir has asked for at Ajace as well as more seating options than the models dedicated to the major airlines, geared to offering a single class of passengers and hence all those measures that low cost airlines use to lower prices and so attract more customers. The AMJ-100 seems to be perfectly responsive to the above-mentioned specifications and this is why it is expected for the jet, as soon as it will be officially presented to the public, a major launch on the market with a mega order by MajAir, intending to form an entire fleet of AMJ, initially the AMJ-100 and then its successor, the AMJ-200, whose prototype is beginning to take shape in the Venetio Research and Test Center not far from Beleco.
With regard to the aircraft's performance, the Estal Supreme DY-550 engines have proven their reliability as well as excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption and speeds, which has led Ajace to confirm cooperation with Estal for the new aircraft. The relationship between the two companies, however, recently seems to have been sloping due to the development of the propulsion for the older brother of the AMJ-100: Ajace, in fact, if he praised the DY-550 chosen for the first AMJ family model, could not withstand from expressing all its disappointment about the fact that, unlike what was hoped, the engine could not be used even on the next model, the AMJ-200, for which Estal is developing a new engine that will require Ajace a further financial effort.
If Ajace vaguely complains about an Estal's own strategy to gain more profits, the latter justified itself by criticizing both the pressures made by Ajace to reduce development times and costs as well as errors in the specifications requested to the Estal's designers. Ajace, on the other hand, rejects these allegations and threatens Estal to turn to other companies for further collaborations and contracts, but it is unlikely this could happen, as commented the experts of the sector, as this would only generate additional costs for Ajace, which moreover should turn to partners out of Majatra, as it is difficult to find a valid alternatives to the istalian company for the design, production and maintenance of aeronautical propulsion systems.

Image Image
The advanced glass cockpit of the AMJ-100 (right) and an Estal Supreme DY-550 engines in the production facility of Estal near Turrino

This recent event, despite the attractive economy prospect for the new aircraft family, underlined a major issue which affect all the economy of the Majatran Alliance, which is currently dominated by the Istalian companies, know how and products, a situation that could be a double-edged sword for Istalia and the other members, the former could be the only one to support the innovative efforts in research and production as well as the most part of the expenses for the mantaining of the Alliance itself while the latter ones risk to become too dependent by Istalian economy at the expense of their own companies and products, a situation that the Alliance whant avoid.
For this reason the Istalian government announced that the issue will be focused during the next meeting of the Allied Common Executive Commission, proposing a larger investement program for industrial and scientific development dedicated to the weaker and less advanced economies of the Alliance, so to increase their competitiveness and their capabilities in the field of research and technological know how, hoping for an increase of their economy and so an increase on the capacity to contribute for the financial support of the Alliance.
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Sniperwestern » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:20 pm


The Republic of Pontesi has just passed a law to ban slavery and stop enslavement of prisoners

100% of the members of the parliament voted to ban slavery in the nation. the head of government made a statement on this event and said: "After we have banned slavery from our country, we will sign this treaty to end up with any form of slavery in the future" and she adds: "We will never tolerate any kind of enslavement" and according to the head of government, the minister of interior "is working hard to liberate the very last slave in our nation"

This step comes beside a series of reformations in the country
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Re: Majatra News Network

Postby Jabotinsky22 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:28 am

Beiteynu requests that funding be provided to Yeudish and Onglian Freedom Fighters resisting government tyranny in New Englia

This morning the government of Beiteynu requested that members of Majatra provide voluntary monetary aid and support for those freedom fighters in New Englia resisting tyranny in the land of their birth. The Bank of Beiteynu has given a loan of 250,0000 to both The YFF and OLA to be used in the purchase of arms and munitions. Furthermore Beiteynu has requested that Sanctions be placed on New Englia.
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