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PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:10 am
by Oakwood
Former Queen moves to Nuomonde, courts marriage prospects.

Kingdom of Nuomonde- The former Queen of Barmenia, Maria Nasir, has reportedly decided to move to the Canrillaise speaking nation of Nuomonde. The wealthy Queen, reportedly worth trillions, has set up shop in the lavish hide away as she seeks out a way to protect her fortune from the ongoing financial crisis. Reine Marie, as she is called around her local mansion, has reportedly "enchanted" a fair number of the local inhabitants.


The Queen, shortly after her abdication.

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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 4:24 am
by Oakwood
Maria does it again: following world wind visit to Yingdala, former Queen takes shot at "economic lunatic" Yurievna.

Le manoir dans le ciel, Kingdom of Nuomonde- Following her widely successful trip to the Empire of Yingdala, on which the Queen is reported to have given the Dovani ruler no less than three elephants, a giraffe, a parakeet, a Barmenian panther and six rare Barmenian lions for his menagerie, the elegant former sovereign sat down with her ever growing foreign press corps to talk about the dangerous school of economic thought being espoused by Katina Yurievna.

"She states, it is said, that the wealthy nations of the world should open up their markets." said the woman, her features blending perfectly with her dress "Yet I see in this only an attempt to weaken the nations of the world. To open up the nations of the world further to harsher economic brutality. We see this going on now in Barmenia; they have brought back the Israi's and the Felinists, and they have appointed a foreign Shah [King] who believes you say....the shock and awe economics."

The woman pointed to the situation now taking place in Barmenia as an example; following the passage of a so called "surcharge", all Barmenians merely pay one tax rate of 15%. Contrary to the wishes of the interim government of the Konsul, and now the Shah, this has not eased the economic playing field for any long oppressed minorities; it has made things worse.

"I get calls on the phone all the time." said the woman, speaking once more in fluent Canrillaise "From former supporters, all religions, all walks of life; Yeudi, Halawite, Hosian, Abadi, this and that. They're telling me these changes have merely freed them up. Before, at least education was provided in a central, free manner. That is no longer the case; now Hosians can tell their version of education, and wealthy Yeudi's, who supported my family mind you, can tell their version, so on and so forth. What the Shah and his minions do not understand, is that they have deprived themselves of a cohesive version of history. Now the wealthy shall get wealthier, and all that shall happen is that this new government shall accumulate debt."

When it was pointed out that she, as sovereign, had been partially (if not wholly) responsible for the current crisis, the former Barmenian Queen merely scowled and looked away. After several minutes, she replied.

"I merely took the money because I decided they would never learn. It has been three hundred and forty years since the Caliphate was overthrown, and we are still talking about the Medes and the Ahmadi's? " she asked "Perhaps I was not the right person to rule Barmenia. I wish the Shah well in that regard. He is a foreigner, but that is not his fault; so was Sarah of Cildania. Yet they have flushed any revenue they would have had down the drain. They have cut the import quota's, and now the only thing saving them from utter ruin is the luxury goods tax and the subsidy on food stuffs. The current leadership is proof even two hundred trillion can't save you if you've gotten a masters degree in idiocy."

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 2:47 am
by Oakwood
Maria ties the knot again; becomes Queen of Nuomonde.

La cath├ędrale sur le Mont, Kingdom of Nuomonde- The former Queen of Barmenia, Maria Nasir, is said to have married the King of Nuomonde, Henri Alphonse. The wedding reportedly took place in a rather scandalous fashion; the Queen's eldest daughter, the Princess Anne, allegedly refused to attend. As such, only her youngest son, the Prince Christopher of Gharem, remained as her witness. The young man, aged sixteen, was said to have been quite pleased by the proceedings.

It has been made known to the press that the Queen converted to the Aurorian church prior the wedding itself. This was done so as not to put her at odds with her new home country; Nuomonde has been long known to be an Aurorian nation.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:19 pm
by cm9777
Wolfhsheim "Plague" Death Toll Rises, countries call for aid

December 4296

The Wolfsheim plague continues to devastate the third world. The death toll has now risen to 40 million people. Many affected nations have called upon Developed Countries to send aid to resolve the crisis before it becomes global.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:07 pm
by lewiselder1