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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:27 pm
by QV73
Communists Pushed Out Of North; A. Suhanthra Dies; M. Rubini Takes Power
May 4421

Above: The funeral of A Suhanthra

It's been an eventful year in the war in Vanakalam, but it's now clear that the war really is going one way. The Communists - the Red Guard, People's Army and People's Authorities - have been totally withdrawn from the entire north of the country they claim to control. The majority of their communist forces are so badly trained and sustained that they've taken to breaking easily under small amounts of stress relative to the capabilities of the democratic forces. The fiercest forces of the communists, the elite Red Guard, were successful in delaying attempts to advance in the north-east and communist-controlled enclaves in the north-west up until now, killing many Pro-Democracy Forum fighters. However, it was not enough, and as their fellow soldiers were forced to retreat so ultimately were the only capable forces of the communist government. Now, they have lost all their territory in the north thanks to the retreat.

That, however, was not the only major misfortune to meet the communists. The most popular and respected figure of the communist government, President A. Suhanthra, has died of lung cancer after two years of prolonged illness. Having tried to keep up the spirits of her troops through hiding her illness, and instead choosing to seek treatment in private, the President died surrounded by her family in the early hours of yesterday. The death has totally shaken morale in the midlands, which have become the new battleground, as their beloved leader has died. Suhanthra was aged 76, and was a heavy smoker - which, according to her doctors, is what contributed to her death at this age. Her death comes as more food shortages increase public anger with the regime, with potential internal rebellions looming in the wake of the death of the first, and very possibly penultimate, President of the Communist State of Vanakalam.

Taking over in the wake of the death of President A. Suhanthra is head of the People's Authorities and Minister of Public Defence under A. Suhanthra, M. Rubini. President Rubini was elected unanimously by the all-communist People's Parliament, having no opposition to face him. He was the leader of the entirely unsuccessful pre-Red Guard military strategy of the Vanakalamese government, but has been apparently forgiven due to his efficient style of reinforcing the troops he continued to control after the Red Guard was instituted, leading them successfully. Should the former Head of Police lead the Communist government much longer at all, he will be likely to try to focus on holding the line as best as possible and hoping a second wind will come from the ranks. There are also talks he may result to chemical attacks, which Suhanthra had internally discouraged as 'sending a bad message about how the government saw and valued human life'. However, Rubini has fewer scruples than Suhanthra, make no mistake.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:40 pm
by QV73
M Rubini Accused Of Chemical Attack In Naryar
October 4421

Above: President of the Communist State of Vanakalam, M Rubini.

New President of the Communist State of Vanakalam, M. Rubini, has been accused of being behind a chemical attack committed in Naryar which killed 39 civilians and up to 100 soldiers of the Pro-Democracy Forum. This highly effective chemical attack has halted the Forum's advance into the city at grave cost, with some of the civilian casualties being children as young as 3. The potent chemical that was used against this area is so powerful that it has rendered hundreds of other gravely ill including many of the doctors trying to treat the ill survivors of the attack. The chemical, unknown to the chemists and biologists serving the democratic forces, has been placed at the foot of M Rubini. The used chemicals contain elements abundant in the southern half of Vanakalam, where the government is based, and the pro-democracy forces are not believed to have the chemical resources to conduct this attack.

It is no question, however, who the people in the city blame. While the south is filled with propaganda from Rubini's "Ministry of Public "Information"", these midlands like the key strategic city of Naryar and the nearby forest have lost connection to the capital of Thikkonagama in any way bar militarily. Naryar is crucial because if taken, only the Naryar forest and a narrow mountain pass will separate the emboldened forces of T. Sagana and alternative-president Tambethra Kumar from Rubini's metropolitan seat of power. Fighting through the immense urban sprawl could be catastrophic in terms of human life, and so Rubini has used this to his advantage. He has set up dozens of layers of defences are forced citizens to stay in their homes. The public, even in the majority-communist south are increasingly disliking of Rubini's seemingly vile tactics. However, he knows how to exploit his opponent for the scruples they have but he does not.

T. Sagana has been reportedly manoeuvring for the expected transition of power from Rubini to Kumar if the rebellion succeeds. This has included talking to rebel leaders in the south to help take over their local areas swiftly with Forum-Fighter support, securing the whole country for the anti-communist crusade. Although most Vanakalamese remain partial to socialist and communist ideology, many have abandoned the ideology temporarily out of hatred for Rubini who they see as having bent communism to his own favour rather than that of the people. Sagana's potential success in rousing revolutionary forces across the south would secure a clean transition back to democracy - if successful. However, there are some leaks form Sagana's personal office that she will not be satisfied playing second-fiddle to a wealthy expat after all she has done to further her own cause. We could well see infighting immediately after the war ends.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:56 pm
by QV73
Siege Of Thikkonagama Begins
October 4422

Above: Pro-democracy soldiers breaking through into the area around Thikkonagama.

The capital city of Vanakalam has been placed under siege by pro-democracy fighters after they broke through a series on mountains in the southern midlands after capturing the city of Naryar. Over the last few months, the army fighting for the Vanalamese Forum for Democracy was forced to battle through the streets of the city of Naryar with constant attacks by the communists, including persistent usage of chemical weapons and the usage of planted explosive. Despite the deeply entrenched position of President M. Rubini's communist troops, they were finally defeated earlier in the year. After that success for the pro-democracy forces, they had to march through the jungles south of Naryar. The jungle was filled to the brim with Red Guard soldiers, who ambushed the Forum's troops constantly with heavy gun-fire and the usage of planted mines. The losses for the forces of democratic President Tambethra Kumar were grave, but they ultimately got through based on their high morale.

Having tried to harass and slow down the Forum's soldiers, communist President Makkorava Rubini has now put all his cards into a potentially decisive win against the rebellion's forces in his capital city of Thikkongama. The huge metropolis is home to hundreds of thousands of civilians, holding up to a quarter of the national population. The sprawling suburbs are densely populated and guarded at every possible turn by huge numbers of communist conscripts. As the city moves inward, the density of population only increases - as does the quality of the stationed troops loyal to the communist government. The city cannot be approached in any way but from the ground, because the communist government has stopped civilians from leaving. The Forum forces will have to play it very carefully as they fight their greatest challenge yet, because they need the loyalty of the locals in order to solidify victory should Rubini be defeated in this battle.

The battle-hardened, morale-boosted veterans of the pro-democratic forces are encountering their greatest yet challenge as they block the roads to the northern half of the city. The northern neighbourhoods under siege cannot be shelled, so the "Forum-Fighters" have only been able to get so far. They cannot efficiently clear the streets, so have had to battle for every single inch of ground, pulling civilians they can get a hold of back into their northern camp to be held until the conflict is over when they will be able to return to their homes. Some civilians are grateful, some frustrated, some confused - most are just glad to be alive. Each house the Forum-Fighters enter they find more - and often better - communist soldiers who will fight to the death around cowering families for the revolution that now seems destined to fail. Rubini's iron grip is slipping, as he fails to keep alive the popularity of President Suhanthra. Perhaps the dream of a communist Vanakalam will die with Suhanthra.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:58 pm
by QV73
Progress In Thikkonagama Being Made
September 4423

Above: Pro-democracy soldiers breaking through Thikkonagama.

The pro-democratic forces have made major advances in their attempts to capture the capital city of Vanakalam, Thikkonagama, from the incumbent communist government. Panic has set in amongst the communist leadership in city, who had refused to believe the extent to which they were losing the war. The Forum for Democracy's soldiers, hardened by their veteran status gained through fighting their way south against constant guerrilla warfare, have overcame the thousands upon thousands of well-entrenched soldiers and obstacles of the civilians forced to stay in the city as a communist President Rubini's human shields. Despite extreme losses for the pro-democracy fighters, they have managed to clear out the guerrilla-style conscripts who were tasked with protecting the outer part of the city, with the northernmost third of the city already captured.

Now comes the most difficult part of the fight, as the pro-democracy soldiers come to the most difficult obstacle they have yet faced. The densely populated inner third of the city, surrounded by an in-city wall a dozen feet tall and guard towers jutting from the highest roofs in the urban metropolis. Downtown areas have been deliberately flooded to halt democratic advances, and their inhabitants forced to take up arms at gunpoint. Men, women and children - numbering in the hundreds of thousands - are trapped inside the walled perimeter and will be forced to fight to the death or unilaterally surrender to the invading force they have been taught to hate as annihilators of the righteous popular revolution. Outnumbered and fighting against such a strong position, the pro-democracy soldiers may have finally met their match as they juggle options of siege and assault with humanitarian concerns.

The accumulated artillery of the "Forum Fighers", which cannot be used in Thikkongama due to the dense population, has been instead diverted to shelling out the remaining enclaves of communist outposts outside of Thikkonagama. Popular revolutions across the rest of the nation have left inner Thikkonagama the last communist-held area in the nation, though support for the ideas of socialism remain the plurality opinion in the south and a significant minority opinion in the midlands and north. President Rubini's communist allies in charge of key cities and locations across the country have seen the ground move beneath them as their troops defected and they were arrested, as thousands took to the streets to demolish the reign of the 'tyrannical' president. Many did so not out of love for democratic President Tambethra Kumar, but out of a feeling that former President Suhanthra's communist dream was dead and now democracy was the lesser evil.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:24 pm
by QV73
Pro-Democracy Forum Declares Victory As Red Guard Defects
April 4424

Above: T. Sagana announcing the capture of M. Rubini.

The eight-and-a-half-year-long war between democratic and communist forces in Vanakalam has ended, after the monumental task of besieging the strongly-defended inner third of Vanakalam was rendered unnecessary as the elite communist soldiers - the Red Guard - and most of the conscript forces decided to defect. They apparently had not been fed for days, as the government ran out of supplies and food and so the actual moral and loyalty of the communist forces had been seriously misjudged. Angered by the betrayal they had suffered at the hands of President M. Rubini, who was not so much a communist revolutionary as he was a military dictator, it seems it was in fact his own soldiers who dealt the fatal blow to the regime of M. Rubini, arrested by his own troops and awaiting trail in the capital - which will have to be rebuilt. This saga began with an imprisoned leader, and will end with it.

Vice-President of the newly-proclaimed Free Democratic Republic of Vanakalam, T. Sagana, who started this war in a way with her attempts to force an election upon a government who was trying everything not to hold one, was applauded by her new President and supporters as she announced the capture of Thikkonagama and the arrest of M. Rubini at a celebratory dinner thrown in expectation of victory. Young President Tambethra Kumar took the stage surrounded by his wealthy family members and his key political supporters, and announced an election would be held once all of the country was secure. He also announced that he would run again for the office of President on a ticket alongside T. Sagana. Sagana was 50 when the war began, now she is 59. Kumar was 30, now is 39. It is believed this will be Sagana's last term in office, she will be in her 60s when her next term would end.

Celebrations across the capitalist north and agrarian midlands was rampant and many went into the streets to celebrate. The scars of mortars and death had been sewn up with this victory, and now they are prepared to move on in a very different Vanakalam. The south, however, is in disrepair as the last soldiers loyal to Rubini flee for their lives and the wounds of war are still wide open. Rubini's trail awaits, and so does the trail of the new government - which will be held to account apparently. There are concerns that Kumar, an avid socialist, is too different from traditionalist Sagana. Kumar will retain much of the socialist reforms of late communist President A. Suhanthra, while it is believed Sagana would prefer a more capitalist and agrarian-based economy. The political parties, and the resulting scene, as well as the date of the election, will all be decided in due course. Now the war is over, it was a series of bangs but ended with a whimper - the result long-certain.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:14 pm
by CCP

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:09 pm
by QV73
Chaos In Vanakalam; President Assassinated As Hanzen Invades
February 4425

Above: New President T. Sagana was also injured in the attack, but must now repel an invasion while in recovery.

While on the campaign trail in anticipation of an election that was due to the be held soon in Vanakalam after the end of the war, President Tambethra Kumar was shot and killed by an unnamed assailant who then threw his pistol square in the face of Vice-President T. Sagana. Kumar was declared dead shortly after being shot, Sagana is now in recovery. It was yet another massive tribulation in the rocky start this new era in the history of the Vanakalamese nation has had, with a massive outpouring of grief following the death of the young President, only in his 30s at the time of his death. Police have reported that his murder was motivated by loyalists to ousted communist President M. Rubini who was recently sentenced to life imprisonment for treason, despotism, murder and crimes against the people of Vanakalam. Sagana accepted the mantle of President, and was sworn in from her hospital bed.

Any other day, this would be the front-page news by itself, but today it is only one of two major events in the Free Democratic Republic of Vanakalam. The invasion force sent by Xsampan Empire Prime Minister Kamnan Babpiboon landed in the commercial port of Gaigram, taking advantage of the lack of military and police presence as the majority of all government resources and manpower is being used in the reconstruction of Thikkonagama which suffered heavily during the civil war. The invasion, which was downplayed by the Prime Minister, is apparently to 'help' Vanakalam by making them forcibly a part of the Dovani Union - which Babpiboon has already declared them members of. President T. Sagana release a statement saying that the nation will not join the Dovani Union and that she is not 'do paperwork meantime' as Babpiboon had suggested she was. Sagana called the PM a 'lying oaf'.

The military of Vanakalam has been redeployed and has now encircled Gaigram in an effort to contain the spread of Xsampan forces. Despite the small task-force of 5 ships being, well, small, the Vanakalamese navy is hundreds of miles away in Sangora. They have been ordered to move south, however, and will be arriving soon to encircle the task-force sent by the Dovani Union. 'This assault on Vanakalamese sovereignty', Sagana says, 'will never be tolerated. There are two options for Prime Minister Baboon: get escorted back to your own, impoverished country or be blown out of the water'. Sagana's aggressive attitude suggests a President who is now coming into her own with her own position of power confirms, as she postpones the election scheduled 'until all immediate danger to the electoral process is cleared'. How 'Prime Minister Baboon' responds to getting a taste of his own crass medicine will be interesting to see, though his troops are now trapped within the port as civilians flee.