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Chapawee Propose building a Dam on the Mushpekat River and is Currently Looking for contractors
May 15, 4529 Naatʼáanii Bikin/Anawabee/
Ditlohisdiyi Gaduhvi/Achimulsehokink, Degalogesa

Council Convening

In recent weeks, the Government and Media have been more active of late as the Chapawee nation has introduced a proposal to build many public works throughout Degalogesa, some of which go through lands of other nations, citing the country needs to develop its economic potential and become fully modernized to maintain its independence.

Among one of the new plans is to build a Hydroelectric Dam on the Mushpèkàt River, which is projected to supply over 5000 MW of energy to Degalogesa and will proved water to many surrounding nations. Contractors are already being sought for the project as if it's already expected to begin building.

Mushpekat River Valley, location of proposed Dam Project

While Pro-dam advocates believe it will help the people of the country become more prosperous, the project also would inundate some of the ancient homelands of Awenik, who have become strongest opponents of the plan, and are rather upset by the way this proposal was introducing.

Ahinumaxkw particularly voiced opposition at the Mushpekat River Dam proposal, saying

I must ask the people to reject this proposal as this plan would inundate some of our ancestral homelands. While I do agree the country needs to improve upon itself, arbitrarily deciding to build dams through the territory of other sovereign nations without their input is not the way.

The plan also called for the building and diverting rivers in Mashacara lands as well.

It is expected the proposal will be submitted to individual Referendums in each nation before it goes to final vote.

Awenik Sakimawakan pours support into Documentaries
June 3, 4529 Kuweakunk, Awenikhokink region of Degalogesa

Ahinumaxkw speaks on History

In an effort to promote knowledge of the past, the government of the Awenik has decided to produce several documentaries about the history of the Awenik nation.

Many have stated that there is lack of knowledge of traditional ways of behavior and government, and have been lobbying for years for the Chiefs to set an example and promote knowledge of the past.

Among some of the topics will be the discussion or relations to their neighbors to the West, the effects of the Foreign colonization on national.cohesion, and how post-colonial societies can rebuild.
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