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Postby Arapaima13 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:48 pm

Dankuk an "Imperialistically Minded, Bureaucratic Autocracy," says Chancellor of the CND
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Chancellor Penrose attacked the recent defeated motion within the Dankukian legislature. Although the legislature rejected the proposal, this was done over a matter of whether militaristic or diplomatic opposition would be adopted by Dankuk, rather than whether they supported the CND's current government. As a result, the Chancellor called the vote a display of an "imperialistically minded, bureaucratic autocracy" which confirmed Dankuk's aims, only leaving people in the dark over how these aims were to be achieved.

Rebutting the accusation that the Eastern Party was "oppressive and racist," the Chancellor said that Dankuk were the true racists.

If it is a matter of who's the racist, as Dankuk appear to have tried to make it, then it is quite clear that the only culprit is them. They wish to see Kyo dominion continued in an inherently Draddwyr nation. It is quite clear that they will be effected by our set of corruption laws, and as a result they have decided this is the best way to react - by getting all in a stir that their Establishment is finally being demolished in the CND.

The bill in question, and their disagreement over how they should approach the condemnation of our nation shows Dankuk to be an imperialistically minded, bureaucratic autocracy." They didn't debate on whether or not we were guilty of anything that they accused us of - which we are not. Rather they skipped straight to how we should be punished.

However, the Left Party said that, whilst Dankuk wasn't a traditional ally of the CND, their concern over the regime being set up by the Eastern Party was one shared by many in North Dovani. Kjellberg called on Dankuk to send respond to the matter with sanctions in order to attempt to stop the Eastern Party from "destroying any more of our country".
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