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Re: The Medina Courier

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:26 pm
by lewiselder1
OOC: Just trying to arrange a sensible plan with other players involved at this point so the Empire RP doesn’t fall apart and we can have some interesting stuff happen. Bear with me if the RP has gone a bit bonkers recently, and if you were thinking of getting involved from here on in could you please message me beforehand, just because it’s gtting a bit tough to manage here! Didn’t expect such a response so quickly. Thanks!

Re: The Medina Courier

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:24 pm
by lewiselder1
Major Victory Forces Utembo to Come to the Table

The King of Utembo has agreed to partake in negotiations with the mighty Sultan after great General Azeez inflicted a devastating victory on their army yesterday.

As Talmorian forces began to reinforce the capital, the Medinese army came into conflict with the Utemban military in a we’ll fortified city not far south. Here, the enemy had set up a defensiveness line: Azeez however took victory in a two-stage attack.

First came the ambush: rockets exploded into the enemy line from dark corners hidden sky high in buildings near their line, where troops had quietly set up overnight. The attack came at dawn, catching many Utembans off-guard, and the explosives combined with the sudden onslaught of well hidden infantry forced the enemy to retreat. As they did so, however, more infantry was deployed using extremely fast vehicles recently invested into by the Sultan. This allowed them to cut off their flanks, ripping through the enemy on three sides. They also captured a number of vehicles, guns and other equipment.

That night, the Utembans expected Azeez to rest, and launched a counter-attack with their reserves. However, having received prior information, Azeez was able to set up more silent scouts and hear of the midnight attacks long before they arrived at the base of operations. Defences were on high alert, and all patrols had stopped: when the enemy approached the position, believing Azeez to be unprepared, they had to pass across a long empty road. Here however was positioned a barrage of snipers, who were able to unleash a devastating unified blow just before the enemy prepared to go on the offensive. Again outwitted and ambushed, infantry were again able to push them back and retreat — but this time, the aforementioned scouts were able to work with units in cars to quickly hunt down stragglers and leave the army broken and demoralised. They promptly retreated back to the capital and informed the Sultan they wished to engage in negotiations — the Sultan agreed.

On Wednesday, the two foreign representatives will meet to discuss peace for the first time — on the Sultan’s terms. Talmoria will also hold a great deal of sway in the negotiations, however, and have successfully blockaded Medina from totally destroying Utembo, it seems. Still, Azeez’s strong wits have secured us potential victory, and for that we must be thankful.

Long live the Sultan! Glory to Azeez!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:34 am
by CanFly

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:30 pm
by lewiselder1
Peace Talks Conclude: Sultan Calls it a Victory for Medina

"Today we finally sign the long-desired peace agreement with Utembo. I can tell you, great people, that this is a victory for Medina. It is also, however, a victory for the people of Utembo, who shall not have to face our devastating storms, and a victory for reason." The agreement sees compromise on both sides, but ultimately, after months of negotiation and years of battle, Medina sees the most gains, a prospect which is already seeing the King of Utembo -- who the Sultan called "reasonable and a delight to negotiate with" -- facing some criticism in his home country after he bowed to immense pressure in his country to secure peace in what was seen as a failing and unnecessary war.

Much of the south of Utembo has been turned into the Kingdom of South Utembo, a new independent state, while the King of Utembo sees himself now sitting on the throne of North Utembo. The capital city of Utembo sits within the north's borders, but a large amount of people have now been interred in the Medinese sphere of influence, with South Utembo signing an agreement to co-operate in a variety of areas and exist as a protectorate of Medina, from trade to military matters, with Medina, while still maintaining links with Utembo -- at least for now. The South will have a ruling monarch, with the Sultan's brother Prince Rifaath I taking over as King, with his son, the Sultan's loving nephew, named as heir.

The South is the most ethnically and culturally similar to Medina and the most broken and war-torn. It is believed that this is part of why the Utemban government was so willing to give it away — that and the lack of the ability to launch a counter-attack without risking their capital falling into Medinese hands.

King Rifaath I of the Kingdom of South Utembo is, of course, a loyal member of the Sultan's family and shall no doubt continue to forge South Utembo into a close ally of Medina. This, of course, is a huge gain for the country, and one Utembo readily agreed to in return for a deal stating that they shall pay no reparations.

Other aspects of the peace stated that any military equipment seized on both sides shall remain; prisoners of war shall be returned to their respective countries unless charged with other crimes once detained; diplomatic relations are to be re-established with Utembo; all troops in now enemy territory must withdraw immediately; border security shall remain in place but shall not be militarised; and both nations agreed to take joint responsibility.

With the establishment of what is now being called the Medinese 'Empire', though the Sultan denies any imperial ideologies, many Medinese are celebrating the Sultan after a series of difficult years. He has also honoured General Azeez with a medal of honour and a promotion of his family to noble status. He is also invited to dine with the Sultan in the near future and has been appointed as the Commander of the Medinese Army.

How the situation develops now is uncertain, but let us all be thankful that we have received such a glorious peace, and that hostilities can finally conclude.

Long live Sultan Zaafir II!

OOC: This isn't the end, obviously. Planning to establish an empire. I'd ask however that no devastating military interventions take place for now, but feel free to intervene diplomatically. PM me if you're interested or unsure :)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:38 pm
by CanFly

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:39 pm
by lewiselder1
Analysts: Medinese on the March Again?

In South Utembo, most citizens are now settling into their new lives. Those that desperately wish to leave for North Utembo have been allowed to in most circumstances, in accordance with the new agreement, but the South has also seen some migration to it after the unpopularity of the King of the North has reached a peak, and numerous reforms to healthcare, anti-corruption serves, and various other institutions, which have been rapidly established by King Rifaath in South Utembo, have attracted new migrants. This, combined with joint funding for rebuilding infrastructure from Medina and its protectorate, has helped to initiate reconstruction plans in the region, though some have warned that it will be years before the area fully recovers. Luckily, only a few riots and protests have had to be suppressed, with the King’s decision to accept peaceful protest while clamping down on hardness on signs of revolution has built a good amount of peace and security up in the area.

Meanwhile, a fresh national military has been called up in the area, which, although small and yet to be fully trained, could help to increase South Utembo’s ability to sustain itself while Medinese troops are slowly withdrawn from the country.

Indeed, the Department of Defense here in Medina has now confirmed that’s the military has “by and large recovered from the conflict”, noting that many reserves have also been called up to help plug any holes in our defensive capabilities.

However, what has really got analysts intrigued is the Sultan’s decision to call openly for “friends and allies of Medina to come forward” and said it is willing to strike “comprehensive agreements” with nigh on anybody in the world. Combined with the rapidity of the move towards self-sustainability, in addition to the recent sighting of Commander-General Azeez meeting with the Sultan and government officials to discuss an undisclosed agenda has got plenty of people wondering if the Sultan now intends to deploy the military elsewhere. The Sultan has said he would like to “restore peace and security across this war-torn continent,” however has said little else.

The cynics have said that the Sultan intends to utilise instability in Dovani’s former colonies to help establish a larger Medinese Empire, though the Sultan has continued to reassure us that this is not the case and indeed last week a rogue journalist found himself in court for spreading false ‘proof’ of the Sultan’s “imperialistic ambitions”, leading to heavy fines.

Journalists in Medina and South Utembo have widely condemned the defendant.

Long live Sultan Zaafir II! Glory to Medina!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:27 pm
by lewiselder1
Commander-General Azeez Weds Sultan’s Sister Princess Namira

With Zaafir II sitting on the throne of the Sultanate, Raafith I sitting on the throne of South Utembo and the Sultan’s other brother occupying a major government position, now only Zaafir’s sister Namira is left unattended: however, after first meeting General Azeez several years ago and apparently bonding over dinner, and now after Azeez’s recent promotion to noble status and a commander-Feneral of the military, the pair have decided to tie the knot after courting in secret for some years now.

Namira is considered one of the most influential figures in Medinese culture and high society, though is generally excluded from government matters due to the historical attitudes of the monarchy. The Sultan has however recently allowed women to work in key government positions and even sit on the throne of the Sultanate, though the line of succession still favours males.

Namira, however, is unlikely to take the throne, and has chosen not to involve herself in government affairs too much. With this marriage to Azeez however she has promoted the famous general to royal status, extending his influence massively. Indeed, as a prince, he is now technically in the line of succession, but would require almost every other Prince and Princess to die before he could take the Sultanate!

The wedding was given full royal and military honours and had some of the highest security in the country. The service went in for four hours, with the celebrations lasting two days and with almost every significant figure in Medinese culture and politics invited. The public watched from a distance, while parties erupted across the cities and urban centres to celebrate the marriage.

Congratulations to Commander-General Prince Wiqar Azeez and Princess Namira!

Sultan Expands Intelligence Services, Invests in Milititary

With yet more fresh investment in the military and a new order from the Sultan granting the national intelligence services fresh powers at home and abroad, it seems clear the Sumtan is praeparing to continue expanding Medinese power, security and influence, in an ambitious attempt to raise the nation's status and make Medina the foremost nation in the former colonies.

It is believed the flames of this ambition were fanned after the end of the Utemban War brought about a great expansion of the nation’s influence and a secure victory in the face of immense odds. Now, some suggest he’s planning to expand more carefully while building Medinese power massively, walking the line between expansionism and peacefulness. He has described the Utemban War as “reckless on botch sides”, though has also repeatedly promised that “we will build our strength as a country” and to bring “peace and security to the broken continent of Dovani.”

How will these new powers be used? And where next shall Medinese troops be landed? What are the Sultan’s true motivations?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:15 am
by lewiselder1
Medina Forms Alliance with Temania

The Sultan has agreed his first major alliance, signing a comprehensive deal with the Temanian government including vast agreements on trade, immigration, policing, sharing of information, science and education, and of course, military matters: both nations have agreed to support each other if invaded, granting both a greater degree of protection. A state visit may be arranged, however this is still undecided.

The Sultan is quickly establishing himself as a skilled negotiator and building a stronger presence internationally. While there is still a long way to go, it seems clear that Medina is on the path to success so far.

Medina to Intervene in Pirate-Infested ‘Autonomous’ Tropican Island of Kamehameha

With Tropica still without a proper government and the land falling into chaos, Medina has decided to intervene in the self-declared autonomous island of Kamehameha, which is overrun by pirates. The declaration of independence was declared illegal by the Tropican government at the time, however no further action has been taken, and so Medina has decided to send in newly-wed Commander-General Prince Azeez in with a portion of the Medinese military to “restore order to the region, establish a proper government, unify the Tropican nation and re-establish order.” The Sultan has promised that any government or been constitution will only be formed with the democratic support of the people.

OOC: With the permission of Reddy, obvs.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:11 pm
by lewiselder1
Tropica: Mission Accomplised... Almost

The Tropican military, only 800 men strong, as their own placeholder government recently admitted — while making no comment on the Medinese deployment to secure peace — has now officially been defeated after a few chance encounters with a small portion of the Medinese deployment to the region, which have annihilated most of the army before leaving the rest to desert. Several key generals were also eliminated in the battle, which now leaves their government without any defences. Many police forces have defected to the Medinese, along with some groups of Tropican citizens sick of the ongoing crisis.

Indeed, it seems that most of the populace actually supports the Medinese invasion! Despite this, a vote will be held or on whether to accept Medina’s proposed constitution, which would put the Sultan’s only remaining unthroned brother on the throne and grant him large powers over Parliament.

Some groups however have decided to take up arms against our brave troops, though they are quickly falling alongside the Tropican military.

In other places, different groups have taken up arms against each other, though Medinese troops are trying to force peace and mediate wherever conflicts exist — and in some cases brutally suppressing aggression.

In other cases armed groups have actually formed an alliance with the Medinese, and shall likely form the national military of Tropica once a future government is established.

Most of the pirates and criminal organisations in the region are also failing to successfully oppose the military, having faced no significant government opposition in years.

Commander-General Prince Wiqar Azeez has now left the region, devolving the command to a young upstart of a general who Azeez has said has distinguished himself regularly in the Utemban and Tropican conflicts.

Azeez himself, alongside some of the Medinese forces deployed to the region, shall now return to command the defending army in Medina, ready to guard against potential attacks.

The Sultan says “order will be restored within six months and a government shall be established.”

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:11 pm
by lewiselder1
OOC: Check out this thread for planning for the planned big war.