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Rygal'Sa Daily/Dovani Observer (Xsampa)

Postby colonelvesica » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:35 pm

Holy Kingdom Hires Elite Forces

In an edict delivered by Defence Minister Feng Dang, His Holy Eminence King Bhakto III has stated that the renowned Wu Security Solutions has been hired to train our glorious Royal Army and make it's a pre-eminent force in Dovani.

Defence Minister Field Marshal Feng Dang, Commander of the Glorious Royal Army of Xsampa

For many years underneath our King's benevolent predecessor our Kingdom focused on peace and understanding yo govern. While successful it has left our Kingdom vulnerable to outside invaders and influence and this can not stand. Our friends from Wu Security Solutions will work with us to prepare our Royal Army to defend against any invaders and any threat to our Kingdom.

Wu Security Solutions is one of Dovani's most knowledge and effective Paramilitary forces and their elite soldiers will put Xsampa on top, bar none who could hope to oppose us!

All Hail The Glorious Holy Kingdom of Xsampa and eternal Glory to His Holy Eminence Bhakto III


Xsampa Hires Infamous Mercenary Outfit to Reform Army

A public decree announced on behalf of Xsampa's King Bhakto III, through his military proxy Field Marshal Feng Dang, has announced that Xsampa will be hiring infamous Dovani mercenary firm, Wu Security Solutions to reform the Royal Army.

Wu Security Solutions, lead by the reclusive Wu Puyang, is one of Dovanis most experienced and infamous mercenary forces. Seen always at the sides of dictators and tyrants throughout Dovani, WSS' hiring points to a renewed effort by Xsampa to bring their delapitated Army back up to stuff. The Royal Army of Xsampa has been known for years as an instrument of mass corruption and incompetence, with Army having overthrown the last King when he failed to pay their Bill's on time. Its equipment is extraordinarily outdated and is poorly organized. The King bringing in a mercenary outfit could be seen as smart or desperate as there have been reports of an increasing insurgent movement in the northwestern Province of Uttar under Tulku Tselha Jigme, the head of the Path to Dawn, a militant Daenist sect that has on and off again warred with Rygal'Sa for centuries.
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