OOC: Planning for Medinese War

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OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby lewiselder1 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:03 pm



Presumably if you’re reading this you’ve read about my RP in Medina, where I’m establishing an empire in the Third-World. If not, you can read up here. This thread shall be for arranging players who wish to partake in the final phase of the conflict, which is due to start later in the week and will be the meat of the RP.

What’s Going On?

So far, I’ve tried to keep relatively quiet about the longer term plans, however here’s how the RP is set to play out:
1. A war with Utembo, ending in a split into South Utembo (protectorate of Medina, Sultan’s brother on throne) and North Utembo (independent). Opposed by Dorvik and Talmoria here, but no major conflict with them. (DONE.)

2. Invasion of (basically anarchist) Tropica, ending in the country turning into a protectorate. Meanwhile, Medina forms alliances. Currently one is formed with Temania, another will possibly be formed with Kazulia. I’m open to any alliances. (DONE.)

3. Likely an invasion of maybe Statrica or some other Third-World nation, possibly once an attempt to put a Perica (you might remember them from a previous RP I did in Statrica, if you read that!) on the throne.

4. This, or another future conflict if people feel this would not cause the war, leads to the Medinese War: this is the main part of the RP which shall be discussed in the next section.

Phase Four Plans

Once the third stage is initiated, at some point an instigator will begin to increase tensions with Medina, and a war will break out. This will likely be either Dorvik or Talmoria, or both, but could be anyone.

Medina will defend violently, with its allies joining them.

Thus there will be two teams:

Medinese Coalition:

South Utembo*
Statrica / Other Invaded Nation from Stage Three*

Anti-Medinese Coalition:

Talmoria, with support from Hawu and Cobura in their forces
New Endralon



* Medinese protectorates, controlled by me. (Tropica is officially controlled by Reddy, so he might do something with it too.)
** As of yet unconfirmed, however likely to involve themselves.

It’s worth noting that Dorvik and Kazulia are allies because of the Northern Council, but this could be worked around, potentially. We shall see!

The specifics of how the war would go down will only be semi-planned, but Medina MUST fall eventually, even though the conflict could continue between other nations. Others can enter / exit the war at any point too, of course, though should follow the protocol below as with all.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you want to get involved, there’s a couple ways to do this. You can do this at any point whatsoever. (This also pertains to any unconfirmed nations above!)

Diplomatic Involvement

If you’d like to get involved from a distance and avoid war, you can just post something diplomatic without any prior decision making if you have support from players in your nation. Be sure to post a link in The Medina Courier, linked at the top of this post!

Military Involvement

If you want to involve yourself militarily, you need to;

1. Make an OOC bill. Best if you link to this thread in the description. You’ll need to have 2/3 majority support from the players with seats in your country — not seats! This is true with all major RPs, written into the rules of the game and is usually necessary. Just make sure your nation agrees, basically.

2. Unless your IC laws, precedent, OOC bill or general understanding by players grants your government executive powers, you may want to do an IC bill in which your parties can debate on and vote on allowing your government to intervene. This may not be necessary, but use your judgement — don’t annoy people.

3. Post something on here about your involvement, maybe a link to your bills, and declare which side you’re on! I’ll edit the post and add you to the list.

4. Post something on here if you want to plan anything major. We can adapt how it’s going, but it helps if everyone knows what’s happening so nothing gets eskewed.

5. Link anything important on The Medina Courier.

Third-World Involvement

As above, but skip any bills obviously, since you have complete control of your country.

After the Fall of Medina

Medina will fall at some point: it cannot survive. I shall ensure this happens one way or another whenever it feels right, but the other countries can continue fighting after this happens if you so please. This, however, is none of my business and I shall only be involved until the fall of Medina.

How Long Will All This Take?

With Phase Four beginning at some point between Wednesday 18th April and Friday 20th April, roughly, and the actual war lasting for probably a week or two, the RP should finish up around the end of April. However, this is obviously not exact, and anything could happen, so it could go on for a long while. I will however have to transfer control at some point if this happens, but this is unlikely.

What is reasonably likely is that the two coalitions will continue fighting after the fall of Medina, however this is completely distanced from myself and not in my control and so you shall have to plan that yourselves.
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Re: OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby lewiselder1 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:22 pm

http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=565299

Kazulia is backing up the pro-Medina team (though only from a peacekeeping perspective.)

Feel free to use this bill as a basis for any OOC consent requests in your nations :p

(Moving on to phase 3, by the way.)
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Re: OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby lewiselder1 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:45 pm

Talmoria is in, with some Hawu and Cobura support too! Anti-Medina Team, of course.

Lourenne too: http://classic.particracy.net/viewbill. ... lid=565455

If anybody wants to help out Medina that would be grand hahah.
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Re: OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby General.M » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:27 pm

New Endralon could also involve themself (if you want ofcourse). Anti-Medina because we won't be happy when Medina invades 'our' Statrica. If you need fast SC action just message me, SC sactions on Medina would be realistic imo.
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Re: OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby lewiselder1 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:10 pm

Absolutely, go for it.

SC action would seem realistic, I agree, but I would generally like to avoid Medina getting entirely destroyed. Nobody is keen to ally with them, sadly. I think Statrica may have to start the war for this reason... hm. We'll see :)
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Re: OOC: Planning for Medinese War

Postby lewiselder1 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:16 pm

It (almost) begins!

A war between Statrica and Medina has not, as of yet, officially broken out, but soon will -- indeed likely later today (21st April) or tomorrow morning at the latest.

I'll post some military figures at the start of the conflict in an analysis of how well Medina could face a large war -- however, due to the assistance of South Utembo and Tropica, plus a relatively large military thanks to the Sultan's investment, alongside a very small number of missiles, ships etc. and a decent amount of vehicles, all backed up by the experienced and, in Medina, legendary Commander-General Prince Wiqar Azeez (and a well-developed intelligence service and a great deal of support and nationalism from locals -- who would likely take up guerrilla conflict if invaded on the mainland), Medina is a more difficult opponent than your average third-world nation. Still, it is relatively weak in comparison to developed first-world armies, and will rely on skillful tactics to secure victories.

I intend only to do a rough plan, though it would help if you PM me before you make any major changes just so I can make sure nobody screws up the plans completely. But I will almost always try and organise an adaptation to the plan to fit your needs -- essentially, imagine it as a big game of Dungeons and Dragons, with me as the DM and you guys as the players. There's a rough plan, but everyone here is involved. If you see what I mean.

Who's Involved?

Currently, the two teams look like this:

Medinese Coalition

-- Protectorates:
------ South Utembo
------ Tropica

Possibly to be joined by (as of yet unconfirmed and not properly planned):
-- Statrican monarchist and / or socialist rebels
-- Sekowo

International Coalition

Talmoria, with support from Hawu Mumenhes
North Utembo
New Endralon

In a peacekeeping capacity:
-- Kazulia

The War Plan

1 - After I make a post about the war actually breaking out, alongside some statistics and an OOC note that the war has begun, Lourenne, New Endralon or Talmoria shall declare war and try to defend Statrica. I don't care who specifically does so; just make sure you link your post, and any other relevant ones, in the Medina Courier and make sure someone else hasn't already declared war.

2 - The other countries involved will then shortly thereafter declare war and draw themselves into the Statrican conflict as Medina begins to make some gains on land.

3 - Despite initial success, guerrilla resistance in Statrica, a tough defense in the capital, and a potential attack on Medina or one of its protectorates leads to Com-Gen. Azeez launching a final, brutal assault on the capital and facing heavy casualties, before withdrawing. If Statrican rebels supporting Medina and / or Sekowo involve themselves, or monarchist forces under a Perica descendant (former dictator: doesn't really matter, check out the Statrican Civil War RP from a while ago for more details) will be put in command, though will not be ran by me or have any involvement from me whatsoever.

4 - Meanwhile Medina races to protect its own / its protectorates lands. North Utembo will also get involved, attacking South Utembo with Talmoria, and will succeed easily. Forces here withdraw to Medinese mainland and establish a defense to the north. Medina and Tropica will both resist international invasions heartily, as the population is very nationalistic and favourable to the Sultan.

5 - Still, international attacks leads the Sultan and family to flee, abdicating his throne. Tropica, with Temanian support, stands alone.

6 - They either make peace, with a provisional government established in Medina -- until, perhaps, Azeez or the Sultan or one of his brothers tries (and fails) to take back control, similar to Napoleon's re-invasion of France c. 1815 -- or Tropica is also invaded and a new government established, with every member of the Sultan's family being thrown into exile across the globe or arrested, ready for me or someone else to pick them up in future and try and do something fun with them.

7 - If any conflicts, for example in Statrica, between other countries emerge / are still going at the collapse of Medina, that's awesome. But that's out of my hands -- I intend to relinquish control of Medina once the Empire falls.

As I said, it's a rough, adaptable guide that is likely to change significantly, but it's somewhere near what will happen I think.

If you disagree with the ideas laid out here, then PM me asap.

Otherwise, if everyone seems fine with this all for now, then I'll get the ball rolling asap.

Remember -- the goal here is to have fun, not to 'win': Medina must fall, but the conflict shouldn't be over too quickly or take too long (I think a week and a half, two weeks is good -- if it goes on longer, that's fine, but I'll have to transfer control of Medina to someone else.) Medina will lose, but should also have some successes -- basically, the war should be roughly balanced imo.

Here we go!
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