General Assembly Session II (4128-4144)

General Assembly Session II (4128-4144)

Postby Oakwood » Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:42 am

Ambassador Conti,

Perhaps you would do well to not speak ill of many of the nations present here at the Assembly. It would not be wise for a nation which dabbles into the practice of one party stateism to accuse others of bad behavior. We are here to discuss the horrid crimes against humanity committed by Saridani.

Our government received the following message today:

"We reject 'international law' as binding in any sense on Saridan's domestic courts and legal processes. Slavery is authorised in the Annunciation and that book is our main source of law. We do not care what hippies in Kalistan, Istalia and it appears, Barmenia think. Try your worst! We Duntrekkers ar the doughtiest of man."

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have not seen a nation this vile since the World War. It is, like the former regime of Deltaria, a bureaucracy full of hatred. It is a government which does not believe in common humanity. It does not believe in civil liberties.

Members of the General Assembly, we must stand against this regime of international crime.

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Re: General Assembly

Postby Reddy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:26 am

Rev Geert Verdonk, now official Saridan Ambassador to the General Assembly addresses the General Assembly.

The savage Ahmadi woman proves her Ahmadi mental savagery by revealing a confidential diplomatic message for politcal advantage. Shoo, this is not some Majatran harem for such underhanded tactics! Still, everything in the message is true and defensible. Saridan charges that any "international law" with regards to slavery is only customary in nature and thus binding only on nations who observe the custom. We decare ourselves objectors to any such international custom and thus exempt from observation of it.

Saridan denotes a rising trend of nations resisting the illegal and tyrannical sanctions and pressures that SJW Council wants to impose on free nations. We welcome the changed attitude in Trigunia; one which respects national autonomy and self-determination. Other nations such as Endralon have also expressed their opposition to this rising SJWing on a global stage by this accursed, God-hating Council. Ask yourselves - do you really want some darkie from Talmoria or Hawu Mememe dictating what your national laws should be? How long will it be before they start demanding "wealth redistribution" and "reparations" to be corruptly disbursed in their jungles from your nation? You might be smirking now but it won't be so funny when you are the one being assaulted with sanctions and your reputation torn to shreds after you refuse to send money to "aid" sub..ahem... less um undeveloped human societies. Or perhaps Kalistani hippies will invading to force you to legalise heroin and crack cocaine in your nation as it will be "international law" by that time. Think carefully about this.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Aethan » Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:58 pm

As well as you can declare yourself objectors to international laws, in the other ways those nations like us which believe in those laws can declare ourselves protectors of them, and is our responsibility to ensure that everyone, no matter their origin, can live a decent life. No human is better than other except for their own merits. Our nation will listen with pleasure to other nations ideas if this means we can make the life of our citizens improve, but in any case will listen to those that pretends to make everyone think that "some are above the others". We cannot and do not dictate you your national laws, but is our task to show our citizens that we do not agree with your legislation and that we respect everyone equally, and if someone does not do the same, we do not have to say "yes" and allow everything they do, for the same reason your own nation is not doing what we are saying.

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Re: General Assembly

Postby J.G.S. » Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:40 pm

Stanislav Mikhailovich Lomonosov, the Ambassador of the Trigunian Empire, addresses the previous speaker:

The honorable gentleman surely cannot have it both ways. You can either take the peaceful, respectable course and not dictate to the members of this body our laws, or you can invent this fictional power to not "allow" nations you disagree with their sovereignty and help the other warmongers lead Terra yet closer to war. It is up to the honorable gentleman's superiors to make that ultimate decision, but I will warn this body that Trigunia will not stand idly by and tolerate nations attempting to bring the world crashing down into global conflict over the question of how the Ameliorate Republic operates its agricultural sector.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Mandate of Heaven » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:48 pm

The Indralan minister, Sòng Jin, speaks sternly:

Following the Kallistani foreign minister's blunderings, his highness the Celestial Emperor has come to realize it is in our interest to defend Saridan in this matter, lest this body seek to lord over our own sovereignty in the future.

Let it be known that any violation on Saridan's sovereignty that results from this issue will be seen as an attack on Indrala as well.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby jamescfm » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:52 pm

Sophia Conti, Kalistani Foreign Minister, addresses her Indralan counterpart:
It seems almost unbelievable that as soon as I outline the plans of the Global Fascist Order, to rally against Kalistan, to ally themselves with Saridan and the slave-supporting nations, they appear in vast hordes before my eyes! Owing to the appalling nature of this honourable gentleman's comments, I will be calling for Kalistan to withdraw from the bi-lateral agreement between our nations.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby J.G.S. » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:21 pm

Stanislav Mikhailovich Lomonosov, the Ambassador of the Trigunian Empire:

I wish to greet the gracious minister from Indrala, and welcome yet another wise student of world affairs to this chamber. Your stance is admirable. Though we may certainly debate the morality of slavery or lack thereof in this forum for as long as we see fit and as passionately as such a serious topic deserves, any responsible delegate here must renounce immediately our right to impose the verdict of said debate on any member nation, be it Saridan, or any one of us who may be up next on the utopians' check-list. In unison, we shall maintain global order and prevent these restless ideologues from plunging our nations into war.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby RIS » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:51 pm

George Tillman, Hutorian Foreign Minister, addressing minister Sòng Jin and minister Sophia Conti:

With respect your nation and mine fought a war on this very topic. Over a century ago the Celestial Emperor decided that slavery was to high of a price to pay for sovereignty and that it would not be tolerated. What has changed? Is this no longer Indrala's stance? Is the Imperial house that indecisive?

To be quite honest I find it interesting that roles are now reversed Kalistan the once staunch protector of sovereignty now deems slavery too high of a price to pay. And Indrala the once great defender of liberty now hides behind sovereignty as it as it retreats back from its once noble stature.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby jamescfm » Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:39 pm

Franklin Foster, Labour Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson addresses the General Assembly:
Minister Tillman is correct, Kalistan has indeed changed a great deal since the turn of the millennium. Where previous regimes held the view that what happens outside of our borders is of little consequence to us, more recent governments (though I cannot speak for the current one) have argued that this is a flawed position. In the Labour Party, it is our opinion that liberty and economic prosperity should not be for Kalistanis only but that all citizens should enjoy this privilege. Sovereignty is a difficult concept. To some extent, it is fair to say that the Saridanese government has the right to enact legislation in their nation but what about when they murder our citizens? Not on a single occasion but habitually! At that point, is it not fair for us to intervene?
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Re: General Assembly

Postby TheTsar » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:41 pm

Countess Efremova, once again the Trigunian Ambassador to the World Congress, addresses the General Assembly:
Honourable members of the General Assembly, first of all I would like to apologise for all insults my predecessor threw at the members of this Assembly. Secondly, I would like to greet my former colleagues and welcome any new colleagues, and I hope this body will act accordingly to restore peace. For now that is all, thank you.
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