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Postby MCHiggins » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:12 am

Torsten Winkler, President of Dundorf

Dear representatives. I address you today, the newly elected President of Dundorf. The actions of the previous government, led by the Dundorfische Nationalistische Allianz and the Konservative Partei, are unconscionable and words cannot express my regret. My government has already begun taking steps to remedy the oppressive measures introduced by the former government, including the abolition of slavery and segregation, and restoring fundamental freedoms and human rights. This will be an ongoing process but one that the new government is wholly committed to. I would welcome the assistance of this office, the WCASO, in investigating any remaining vestiges of the slave trade following the expected passage of my bill to ban the practice in March 4257.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Auditorii » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:56 am

"The Dorvish Republic wishes to lead the investigation in Dundorf regarding the actions taken by the government in its legalization of slavery. Due to the closeness of Dorvik and the availability of resources for the Dorvish Republic, we believe that we can effectively lead and provide a report on slavery. I think it goes without saying that we wholly condemn the legalization of slavery and all that is associated with it."

Joachim Karl von Asnacht
General-Plenipotentiary to the World Congress of the Dorvish Republic
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Axxell » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:22 am

Meriatum Hekaiunu, deputy High Commissioner of the WCASO:

Given the Resolution 25 of the Security Council of the World Congress, which recognize to the WCASO full power to censure any company, person, nation, organisation, body or group which participate, authorise, allow or facilitate the Slavery and the trafficking of humans,

The WCASO condamns and censure firmly the reintroduction in Saridan of the Slavery and the Slave Trade and condamns also any nation which cooperates with the Republic of Saridan and maintains relations with it.

The WCASO furthermore want propose to the Security Council a Resolution to take immediate measures against the Republic of Saridan:

WCASO Resolution proposal for the Security Council to condamn the Republic of Saridan and their responsabilities for the reintroduction of the Slavery


RECALLING its previous Resolutions, in particular Resolution 3 and Resolution 8,

RE-AFFIRMING that the Security Council of the World Congress recognises that slavery and the slave trade are inherently evil crimes which are to be utterly condemned,

RECOGNISING that the Security Council of the World Congress officially condemns all form of slavery and the slave trade as crimes against humanity,

Does hereby condemn the Republic of Saridan.

Does hereby demand that the Government of the Republic of Saridan immediately put an end to the Slavery and the Slave Trade, release all people within their jurisdiction from illegal bondage, demands that enslaved persons or their heirs be compensated and demands that the government of said nation immediately implement statutory overhauls to eradicate the culture of slavery and all its attendant crimes and customs from their society.

In pursuance of this Resolution, the Security Council does authorize the World Congress Anti Slavery Office to act organize a mission under the authority of the High Commissioner of the WCASO which will act as Security Council Evaluation mission to the Republic of Saridan. The Evaluation mission will oversee the implementation of the Resolution and report back to the Security Council on a regular basis.

If, within 2 years, the Republic of Saridan has moved to enact this Resolution in full, the Evaluation mission may propose a complete lifting of all sanctions and a repeal of the condemnation applied. If the Government of the Republic of Saridan fails to act, the Security Council shall review further options.
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Re: World Congress Anti Slavery Office

Postby Carter Aaron Scott » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:39 am

Psy Scott:
I would like to announce that the Hyperion Corporation has purchased the entirety of the Saridan Slave trade, and are freeing all the slaves purchased in exchange for reimbursement by the government of Malivia.
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