General Assembly Session XXV/XXVI (4463-4478, 4510-4526)

General Assembly Session XXV/XXVI (4463-4478, 4510-4526)

Postby tracemanxp » Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:35 pm

Open letter to the World Congress from Apel Ohanyan, former Federal President of Pontesi and Leader of the New Progressive Party of Pontesi

Dear nations of the world,

Our nation has had its democracy undermined in last year's elections, which resulted in what seems to be amounting to a fascist takeover. After admitting to the rigging of our elections to take control of the Senate and Presidency, our nation's Republican Party has assumed power and is doing whatever the hell they want with zero accountibility. They were able to easily pass a manifesto that, among other things, contains abhorrant polices that include discrimination, segregation, and slavery of our people. Not to mention, this party is freely embezzling millions of PON from our nation's treasury for their own personal gain all the while enacting exorbitant taxes and a budget that would seem to favor an authoritative and aggressive regime. Further embezzlement and the aggressiveness of this regime seemed to be confirmed in their latest publication in the Pontesian Enquirer.

Our party is doing what we can to try to stop this madness, though we fear it may not be enough. Our party is writing to bring awareness of our nation's situation to the international community.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby IntruderEmerald » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:06 pm

Cefin Lloyd, Chairman of the Institute for Global Awareness and former President of Aloria

We are deeply concerned by the situation in Pontesi. Democracy has broken down; the government has no mandate from the electorate due the election being rigged. Furthermore, the policies they have pursued are, as the leader of the New Progressive Party of Pontesi states, abhorrent to say the least. The return of segregation and the slave trade is a travesty, a travesty that cannot be ignored by the World Congress. Severe sanctions must be imposed on Pontesi if the continued attack on democracy and human rights is to stop.

Furthermore, we believe that democratic nations must grant asylum to members of the New Progressive Party of Pontesi immediately in order to save lives.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Ovarix » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:39 pm

Sir John Handson, Hosian Imperial Union Deputy Chairman and Luthori Foreign Minister

What happened to this nation is only the fault of its own. The reality is the people spoke for this sort of government and that is what they got. This in truth simply an exercise of the national spirit, regardless of how reprehensible one finds it.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby maxirx » Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:11 am

Puskás Lenci Fereng, Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki

Hon. Ambassadors of Terra,

The world is aware that human rights are a necessity. In general, most of the countries respect them and enforce them. In this sense, what happens in Pontesi is something that this world congress must monitor closely. Its obvious and openly accepted corruption, isolationism, generate severe problems in the population.

However, any external action, even if born from this World Congress or the security council, will be an interference in which the citizens would end up paying the consequences. It is likely that our actions will generate some hard feelings among citizens once they are applied, due to the crisis they would face.

Are is the citizens themselves who must show their displeasure and choose their representatives in the next elections.

However, and without the intention of diverting attention, we denounce, once again, the situation in Solentia. Even in the "democracy" they say they have established, their regime is just as dangerous for other countries as, what is even worse, their own citizens.

Solentia is the new genocidal regime of Majatran and the tax haven for evaders, terrorists and drug traffickers, among other mafias. Finally, also, it is a difficult problem to solve for its neighbors, due to the large number of immigrants who are forced to flee their own homeland.

His neighbor, Kafuristan, closely follows the steps of Solentia and the revolutionary communist government, is becoming, little by little, a genocidal country.

Both Solentia and Kafuristan are the countries that this World Congress should focus on. Once again, Let us send a clear message to the nations that shed the blood of their own citizens and take firm steps in this way.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Uhtred » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:44 pm

Suhaila al-Ellafi, Ambassador to the World Congress, Workers' Republic of Kafuristan

I come before the chamber today in the spirit of peace and international solidarity, Terra's problems are global and Terra's solutions are global. I must however address the false charges voiced in the General Assembly against the Workers' Republic of Kafuristan.

We are a workers' republic in a sea of capitalist powers, and fear of the working class, fear of equality, fear that once the eyes of the exploited are opened they cannot once more be closed, has driven misinformation and aggression from those nations most vulnerable to change. The Foreign Minister of New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki has already used his time in this chamber to attack workers' rule instead of advocating for the exploited and oppressed in his own country. For shame. He has made false claims of of genocide, equated the actions of counter-revolutionary terrorists with the government's defence of civilians. For shame. Such remarks only heap more injury onto the true victims of such horrors. I call on all right thinking nations to condemn Puskás Lenci Fereng's remarks.

Unfortunately however, it seems such talk is common place here. President El Salefi's election victory seems to have confirmed our worst fears, that under his control the General Assembly shall be nothing but a forum for capitalist reaction. The formation of our Workers' Republic is the greatest emancipation of the working class in Majatran history. Workers, families and seniors now have access to free healthcare and education, and have greater democratic power than any nation on Terra. Certainly more democracy than in President El Salefi's Istalia, where the masses have no say over workplace and industrial matters, where workers' councils do not help workers shape their own economic future. In his first interview since the election President El Salefi condemned the Workers' Republic and threw his support behind a "faction" which disagrees with the regime. The only faction which disagrees with the regime are the global elites, and any charges of repression or wrongdoing are fabrications by a capitalist class desperate to bring the workers to heel once more.

When the people of Terra look at the bourgeois reaction to events in Kafuristan they must ask, how many tears are shed in this chamber for the exploited working class? How much hand wringing about the lack of real democracy and justice for the exploited?

We are more than willing to work with others in a spirit of peace and international solidarity, however the relentless aggression must end. We call upon Aloria and New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki to end economic sanctions, and for an end to the exploitation of the working class in their nations.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:20 am

Ibrahim El Salefi, President of the General Assembly of the World Congress

Honorable al-Ellafi,
the fact that I condemned the current Worker's Republic of Kafuristan has nothing to do with ideology, capitalism, anti-socialism stances, etc... I'm concerned by the fact that the new regime established several measures that undermine many of the foundamental rights of human beings, not only the workers, but all the human beings.
Jurors politically appointed, final binding judgement without possibility of appeal, death penality which clearly will be easily applied to political opponent due to the previous reforms.
But... the seizure of the property from thousands and thousands of farmers and landowners? The right to the private property?
What your biased mind doesn't understand is this:
you cannot make a favor or goes towards a category of citizens undermining the right of others citizens. Doesn't matter how many they are! Doesn't matter that the "workers" are the majority of the citizens, because democracy doesn't mean "Tyranny of the Majority", it means doesn't discriminated someone or persecute someone on the basis of its personal believe, its ethnicity and religion, its social and economical position.

Furthermore, I have concerns about the indipendency of the political officials, of the media, of the Justice and so on... and, seeing your speech, I'm sure that the current regime in Kafuristan is more occupied to enforce its ideological doctrine than think to the wellbeing of its citizens, who are not at all only workers. As said, also a businessman, also the landowner of the larger farm in the world, also the owner of the most rich multinational company has its Right to be considered and respected.

And don't dare to talk about Istalia and its wokers, despite the many problems, my Country is one of the few country that can boast one of the long lasting stability of all the world! 1116 years of democracy triumphed and are constantly triumphing in Istalia! Why? Because we really put our citizens, all our citizens, not only the minorities or the majorities, all the citizens, we put them always first than any ideology, any political position, and so on.

It is true, there are worst regime than current Kafuristan, and everybody shall be sure that I will face every of these situation, I don't forget the many nations in similar or worst situation, but, I'm now responding to you Mr al-Ellafi and I close this answar saying this:
Retourn to your patrons in Kafuristan and say them that I don't anymore talk about ideology, I will continue to talk just about Rights of Kafuri Citizens, workers as well as landowner, employees like as well as employers.
If you want continue to annoy and vex me and this institution with all these words coming directly from some kind of red books without focalizing really on the citizens' rights of Kafuristan, if you want continue to put before your blind ideology than your citizens, well... my condemnation will be double!
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Re: General Assembly

Postby IntruderEmerald » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:28 pm

Cefin Lloyd, Chairman of the Institute for Global Awareness and former President of Aloria

Mr al-Ellafi talks about how Aloria and New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki should end economic sanctions against Kafuristan, however he refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing by his own government. The Institute for Global Awareness put forward a solution which involves ending sanctions, however it also requires cooperation from the Kafuri government. Mr al-Ellafi, I would like you to consider our report (OOC: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8228#p142010). We acknowledged the good things the Kafuri regime has done, as well as the bad. Indeed, the report even acknowledges that the sovereignty of Kafuristan must be respected. The current Alorian government has already said it will be willing to end the sanctions once the recommendations of our report are implemented.

I think it is time the Kafuri government decides to cooperate in order to truly help their own working-class people.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Ibrahim El Salefi, President of the WCGA

I would like thanks Mr Lloyd and its institute for what they do and what they proposed which I reed and I consider as a good proposal. It was my intention, in fact, despite the hard words I expressed previously, to propose to eliminate the embargoes allowing the arrival of all kind of essential goods in Kafuristan. My words were again the ideological content of the speech made by the Kafuri Ambassador which ignored any kind of criticism toward the regime.

I don't want say to Kafuristan that they shall abandon totally their ideological position, with changement of national name, national goals, etc... if the people of Kafuristan wants built a nation based on the principles of Socialism, we cannot oppose the will of the people.
But, there is a but: unlikely all the Kafuris wants to live in such society, for this reason it's foundamental not to hurt and persecute those who call for a changement, those who support other ideas, those who oppose the ideological position of the government, etc...

I demand moderation from the Government of Kafuristan, we demand to cease any violent confrontation and organize a round table for Government and opposition, or oppositions, first of allo, and I ask to Kafuristan to consider the proposal presented by the Institute for Global Awareness.
I really hope the Government of Kafuristan will not be so proud and so ideologically blinded to oppose any way to find a solution to this situation.

But now... I shall express my enormous sadness regarding instead the situation in Pontesi. Representatives of Terra, if Kafuristan situation can generate concerns, the current situation in Pontesi shall generate abhorrance and... I don't know from where I can start!
We are facing a Government which without shame "proudly" show to have established a veritable kleptocracy ( ... lid=585722, ... lid=585671), not only without shame "proudly" declares to have perpetruated electoral fraud to conquer the power ( ... lid=585594), not only they are encouraging the persecution and the murder of political opponents, but... that regime is now enforcing a veritable barbarian legislation which allow:
- discrimination
- segregation
and probably worst:
(Laws enforced with this bill: ... lid=585595).

This organization currently can only condemn the regime installed in Pontesi and as President of the General Assembly I invite all the nations of Terra not to recognize anymore the current Government of Pontesi, led by the "Republican Party" and I invite all the nations of Terra to respond to the appeal made by Mr Lloyd asking to grant asylum to members of the New Progressive Party of Pontesi in order to save their lives.

I demand finally to the Government of Pontesi to:
- put an end to the discrimination, segregation and slavery.
- put an end to the persecution against political opponents and particularly against the Progressive Party of Pontesi
- organize general elections
- allow international observers to enter in Pontesi to assure the organization of fair elections and to oversight to their correctness
- Give back the huge ammounts of money stolen to the only veritable owner of that money, the people of Kafuristan

I would like give an year to this Pontesian regime to comply with the these demands. Without any reaction in this sense I will personally present a Resolution to condemn Pontesi and to apply severe sanctions.

Thank you
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Sisyphus » Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:56 pm

Merlkai Hzar, Vanuku's Permanent Representative to World Congress:

Mr President, gathered delegates,

The bloody civil war in Narikaton is a situation that is cause for alarm and could have a destabilising effect far beyond the borders of that nation. It requires co-ordinated diplomacy and action to help end it.

Therefore, will the President and other delegates join me in condemning the iron-fisted attempts by Deltaria to unilaterally intervene and to use its military as a bludgeoning tool to force an outcome on their terms.

Will the delegates also join me in condemning the actions of the Barmenistani Socialist Republican government who have carried out a series of so-called Popular Revolutionary Tribunals – the latest of which have seen 61 members of the Lawyers For Human Rights organisation hanged after being convicted of spying for Vanuku - an allegation, which is utterly unfounded.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Reddy » Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:11 am

Ret. Lt. Col Petr Aga, Barmenistan's Ambassador to the World Congress

Vanuku's ceaseless and uninformed attempts to blacken Barmenistan's name and reputation are laughable. It is hardly surprising that an imperialist, reactionary, aristocratic and capitalist regime like Vanuku's would fail to understand the inner working of a popular democracy like Barmenistan. No doubt they will get it soon when the poor workers of Vanuku see the benefits our Social Revolution have brought their Barmenistani comrades and seek to get the same.

Barmenistan will never surrender her sovereign right to determine her domestic and international policies. Nor will we cease protecting our nation and Revolution from the imperialists.
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