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Postby Aethan » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:54 pm

Mrs. Nordlund, being partial does not mean not being a diplomatic. While a nation may be partial in this issue, our duty as diplomatics, one of the most difficult works as politicians, is to listen to the other's positions while trying to expose our own arguments and convictions, trying to find a common point in where we all agree and start working from there in finding the best solution for the issue. Of course, nobody said it was going to be easy, but it has to be tried.

Selucia cannot be impartial against cuts or violations in human rights. But it does not mean we not willing to find the best solution for the ongoing conflict.

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Re: General Assembly

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:04 pm

Baron Jebr Skronores, Vanukean Ambassador to World Congress:

Mr General Secretary, Members of the General Assembly,

I wish to inform you that the Kingdom of Vanuku has launched a series of military operations in southern Jelbania against Grand Principality of Deltaria and Katonid Khanate forces currently occupying that territory.

Despite many warnings from our government, Deltaria has continued to build up its military in this territory and has constructed permanent fortifications and infrastructure over the last few months. It is our strong conviction that Deltaria is paving the way to annex southern Jelbania and integrate the occupied territory into its own nation. This is clearly unacceptable.

Unfortunately, despite our continued warnings the World Congress was unable to take the necessary action to reprimand Deltaria or to force it to withdraw through sanctions or threat of force. In fact, the only resolutions put on the table would have created an international defensive buffer around the occupied territory, thus safeguarding their position considerably while allowing them time to continue the internal assimilation process unchecked.

Additionally, Deltaria was forced out of the Majatran Alliance because of its continued military encroachment into Jelbania but, unfortunately, no further action was taken by this body either. This has allowed Deltaria to grow in confidence and believe nothing would be done to oust them from their position.

With no other options, Vanuku has been forced to launch a major land, air and naval campaign. The objective of this military operation is to succeed in forcing Deltaria to withdraw its forces completely from Jelbanian territory and return the country to the native people of the Jelbek Steppe. Only then can we hope to have peace in Jelbania.

We, therefore, ask that nations wake up from their apathy and assist us by putting diplomatic pressure on Deltaria - demonstrating that they are fast becoming a global pariah, that sanctions will be considered and if they do not withdraw by their own volition, many of their troops will needlessly die.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby cm9777 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:12 am

Valentin Preda, Deltarian Ambassador to the World Congress

Members of the Assembly,

What we have just seen is the beginning of an invasion from Vanukean forces. We had constructed fortifications to prepare for its inevitability but the violation of sovereign rights still remains. We can announce that our fortifications are indeed doing their jobs and making these war loving jingoistic Vanukeans pay dearly for every inch of ground they take. The Majatran Alliance is full of corrupt kleptocrats which has been made obvious by the exit of nations showing it is not fit to dictate the destiny of the continent any longer. We strongly advise you do not listen to these War-Worshipping Vanukeans and instead promote a peaceful and prosperous relationship with Deltaria.
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