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General Assembly

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:03 am
by Aquinas
This is a thread to role-play discussions at the General Assembly of the World Congress. Discussions are chaired by the General Secretary of the World Congress, who is role-played by the Global Role-Play Team or a person designated by them. National leaders and representatives of political parties and organisations are welcome to participate in discussions. The General Assembly does not take formal votes, but it is a forum where speakers can be heard, and Security Council members are expected to take note of all discussions here.

Re: General Assembly

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:27 am
by Wu Han
Image Nguyễn Xuân Khu, President of the Free Republic of Kimlien (South Kimlien):
Distinguished delegates, I rise today to discuss the struggle of my people, the Free People of Kimlien.

My people deeply love peace and yet for the past decade a war has raged on. Millions of Kimlienese have been forced from their homes as Xsampans and Northerners fought village to village, house to house, field to field in order to gain power and control over the people.

In this madness, the Free Republic has risen, committed to ensuring that a government of the people, not over the people, prevails in Kimlien. We have had many important victories in this struggle:

Rather than slaughter those loyal to the Xsampan colonial government, we peacefully took control of power. Rather than attack the Northern Aggressor, we sought to enact a ceasefire for the 4420th year of Bidar's birth.

However we know that this ceasefire will not last forever; indeed, it was scheduled to last until January 4434, mere months away. Which is why I come here to ask the community of nations for their assistance.

Soon, the Northerners will spill over our border, pillaging our villages, using rape as a tool of war, continuing their ethnic cleansing projects and bringing death and destruction against my people, as they already have for so many years.

The international community must not abandon the Free People of Kimlien to never-ending waves of cruelty and crisis. I ask the international community to recognize my government, to recognize the struggle of my people to live free, and to help us defend liberty and the rule of law in Southern Kimlien.

Thank you.

Re: General Assembly

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:02 am
by Wu Han
Image Hoàng Văn Thuật, Prime Minister of the State of Kimlien (North Kimlien):
Fellow delegates;

For the past ten years, we have fought to secure the independence of Kimlien from Xsampa. We have lost hundreds of thousands of brave brothers and sisters in this fight, but in the heart of every Kimlienese person lives a single infallible truth: the storm is a good opportunity to prove the strength of the tree. No matter the odds, we shall win. Why?

Because we have united the Kimlienese people around one goal; to be the architects of our own destiny. We have found the Đinh King, and placed him on his rightful throne. We have formed a democratically-elected government where once stood only a colonial governor. Marching toward this goal with one heart and one mind, we shall never be defeated. And yet...

There are those forces which seek to confine the Kimlienese and the Dovanian alike in their bonds. The so-called "Free Republic" is a last ditch attempt of the imperialist to prevent the unification of the Kimlienese people, while the Dovani Union struggles to maintain its control over the multitude of lands and cultures on this continent.

Do not be tricked by the words of Traitor Khu; South Kimlien is not free, it is oppressed by yet another colonial regime. The proof of this is in his government, where he holds hands with the same Xsampan generals who have slaughtered civilians across Kimlien with their incessant bombing campaigns; the same Xsampan imperialists who have exploited the labour and resources of the Kimlienese people to benefit themselves. In this way, the South Kimlienese remain in their chains.

However, from the war-scarred ash-heaps of our jungles, charred from napalm and chemical defoliants, a sapling takes root. We ask the international community to support the State of Kimlien in our on-going fight to unify the nation and to liberate the people of our country.

Thank you.