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Postby Polites » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:49 pm

Naenia Concordia, Selucian Ambassador to the World Congress:

Given that, as President Batko rightfully points out, the Noumon government was not negotiating in good faith, it would have been legitimate to increase pressure on the Blanchard regime. But such pressure should have been increased gradually and proportionally. The threat of military intervention, the most drastic and extreme form of pressure, will yield no result other than increasing the defiance of the Noumon government in response to legitimate security threats. What is needed is less gunboat diplomacy and more engagement with the local civil society in Noumonde. If General Blanchard does not wish to negotiate in good faith, local parties, militias, and religious leaders perhaps will. And most importantly we need to address the deeper causes of this conflict and not escalate it needlessly. To that end Selucia offers to provide funding for the revitalization of the Noumonde land-distribution program, provided it is carried under local oversight and that no persons associated with either the regime or the Malgy Liberation Front can benefit from the program. Local reconciliation should always be the first step in a peace process. Military intervention should always be the last.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby IsleofSalkuo » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:55 pm

I have been contacted by an official who gave me the story of what happened during the recent negotiations. I have been told by reliable sources that the Noumonde government was proposing to take 375/400 years to let the Malgy majority take part in the government once again. As any moral person knows, this is quite unacceptable. No nation has been foolish enough to propose a time period of 400 years in order for them to give their majority people basic human rights. As I have promised during the GA Presidential Election, I will be standing up in favour of human rights. If able, I'd like to see proper negotiations being held between the two sides. But some actions are required in order to protect civilians, including as a last resort, war. Therefore I shall be supporting Valruzia and the Federation in any steps they take to ensure that democracy is once again restored in Noumonde.

~President Kyle Mizzi of the General Assembly

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Re: General Assembly

Postby Luis1p » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:17 pm

Jermain Seroix, Lourennais Representative to the General Assmebly:

Collegues, I will assure to you all, the Federation of Canrille will have a military intervention in Noumonde. The Federation has tried to peacefully reason with the administration in Noumonde, but it has resulted as futile.

Let it be known, the Federation of Canrille will involve its armed forces in Noumonde regardless of any negotiations we have attended. Our troops will end the long-term discrimination and racist processes that have resulted in Noumonde for far too long. Despite the peace solutions that the Valruzians have offered, The Federation will
continue with its military intervention in Noumonde. We hope that the members of this assembly understand our decision and respect it.

Thank you.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Edmund » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:21 pm

King Julien XIII, President of the General Assembly

Will the Federation restore me to my rightful throne?
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Polites » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:01 pm

Naenia Concordia, Selucian Ambassador to the World Congress:

The intervention threatened by the Federation of Canrille is blatantly illegal and sets a very dangerous precedent. We urge the Federation to reconsider.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Aquinas » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:41 pm

Florian Baume, Ambassador from Noumonde:

Fellow delegates,

As the Selucian Ambassador has so correctly pointed out, the moves towards war by Valruzia and the Canrillaise Federation are highly unorthodox and fly in the face of international law.

It is a great disappointment to us that Kyle Mizzi, the President of this General Assembly, who is meant to be a champion of the World Congress, is joining in this irresponsible rush for war rather than on defending the values and the processes of the World Congress.

As it stands right now, both the Federation and Valruzian navies are illegally stationed off the Noumonde coast, obstructing our shipping and attempting to intimidate us into capitulating to their unreasonable, unrealistic and undemocratic liberal neo-imperialist demands.

Noumonde would like to put forward two very reasonable requests to Valruzia and the Canrillaise Federation.

Firstly, unless they obtain Security Council authorisation for their military presence off our our coast within the next 48 hours, they should withdraw those vessels immediately.

Secondly, they should commit not to embark upon any military action against Noumonde without first obtaining authorisation to do so from the Security Council.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Mr.God » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:56 pm

Walenty Batko, President of Valruzia

It is with extreme dissapointment that Valruzia sees some powers on Terra protecting a regime that is doing nothing but stalling intervention to further their oppression on the malgy people. Noumonde should first abide to international laws and treaties before demanding change in course from others.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:40 pm

Message from the Istalian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We annouce that Ambassador Marini has been removed from his position of Istalian Representative into the General Assembly of the World Congress due to inappropriated comments. Istalian Government doesn't wish of course form of revenge by part of the Malgys against the Canrillaises, however, this doesn't change our position on the Noumonde issue.
Any reasonable person would be simply disgusted by the proposals made by the military government of Noumonde. 400 years of discrimination to recognize Rights that are innate for any single human beings?
How still to continue to give space to negotiation with someone that it's not at all ready to concede anything and that it has as its only purpose to continue to maintain its power?

But we are furthermore shocked and appaeled to see third nation that proposes things... unrealizable! Work with the civil society in Noumonde? With the eyes and the guns of the Military Regime that will remain immoble while international authorities establish talks with the civil society? Do you really believe that the Military Regime will give to someone the possibility to approach the Malgys or let political or civic representatives of the Malgy to deal with third parties?
The proposal made by the Selucian Ambassador are simply unrealizable!Bypass the Military Government.... how? How only think to have the chance to approach the rest of the civil society without that the Government intervene to impeach any developement?

Continue to use the justification of the national sovereignty on such affairs means only one thing: give more time to these regimes to maintain themself in power. The national sovereignty has its limits and are determined by the international law established not only to assure a pacific coexistence among the nations but also to protect peoples and individuals in the name of the human rights.

The well being of a person, a people, an ethnicity... it is something that overcome the national sovereignty! This organization committed itself so much time to protect the human rights (we are submerged by the precedents and are all recorded in the archives of the WC), this organization founded, and then reformed, an entire branch to manage the issues of human rights.
Here, the right of Noumonde, its King, its Government and so on fall all together before the unacceptable violation of the human rights in Noumonde. Because exclude an entire ethnicity from express its will and fully partecipate in the political, social, cultural and economic life of a nation it's a veritable violation of the human rights!

Noumonde has not to negotiate on this, Noumonde has to comply to the demand of this body and of the international stage in giving now, today, not tomorrow, not in 400 years, but today, full rights to the Malgy and put an end to any form of discrimination! There are no space of dialogue on such topic, we cannot accept any form of delay or of inequal or unfair compromises that will maintain the Malgy in their submissive position.

If the Military Government doesn't want at all proced, well... the Malgy needs someone that will free them of the discrimination and oppression.

If the Govenrment of Noumonde will organize free and fair elections without anyform of limitation for the Malgy, we can also start to debate to this Government. But we cannot accept mere "consultive council" where the "benevolent" Canrillaise-led Government will "concede" to some Malgy to be in.
The selucians recently called the Istalian democracy as a "travesty". Well... and you could be ready to accept the travesty that is the "peace" proposal presented by the Military Government of Noumonde?
How to accept or only talk on such ridicolous proposal that it's all a travesty to let the Canrillaise regime continue to control Noumonde?

We announce today that Istalia will never consider anymore the national sovereignty in such affairs of violation of human rights and we will no spent more time to debate on such things. National Sovereignty protect the nations from the malevolent or illegal territorial, economic, historical claims of third nations, from military attack of third nations, and so on, but cannot be used as a wall behind which a Government has the right to treat its citizens whatever it wants, it cannot be reduced to be an invalicable wall behind which perpetuing crimes against human rights without conseguences.

And furthermore, excuse us, but... the conception of national sovereignty, from what comes? The national sovereignty is assured by the so called international laws, the same that Noumonde appeal to defend itself. It is a concept that has put an end to the period of human history that saw great empires expand without conseguences and to do war against third nation without infringiment of any law.

Since long century, instead, we live into a world that sees the relations between nations regulated by international laws. It is for this reason that Zardugal had no right to proceed with an expansionistic war against Cobura and all the nations that condemned Zardugal made it because it was a clear violation of the most basic international laws about the relations between nations.
And now, please, let me know: the Human Rights are not something regulated by international laws?
Why the international laws that support the national sovereignty are more valid than the ones that support the human rights? Both of them oblige nations to respect certain rules, but the second ones are regularly infringed by people that are hidding behind the first rules.
It is unacceptable!

Zardugal was warned to not proceed further with Cobura, why we cannot warn the Noumonde Government on the base of International laws?

You know, Mr Concordia, that the Human Rights, through Charts, Declarations, Statues, and so on, are one of the argouments the most treated by the interantional Law for centuries and centuries since the development of the modern diplomacy and the rise of the concept of "international laws"?
We have dozens of Declarations and Charts made at national, continental and global level by any sort of national and international institutions and/or organizations.

We are facing another segregationist Saridan, anothe nationalist Alduria, another suprematist Hulstria, another Augustine Zardugal against the Mallan! Do you know how millions of people was freed and save from discrimination and persecution in all these situation? With sanctions, with condemnations, with embargos, with wars!
No one of these regimes was willing to really negotiate if not to continue to maintain their grip on their nations and to continue to discriminate and all of them fallen in the worst way!
Noumonde seems to want this! If any nation of this world is ready to defend the racists regime of Noumonde, well... no negotiation will save them from the wrath of those nations, first of all Istalia, that indeed REALLY think to the only important thing: the life and the dignity of those that are no chance to make heard their voices and that are oppressed and persecuted!

This is not warmongering, this is a mission of rescue to save millions of oppressed and persecuted and never Istalia will have shame of or will regret any action made to defend the rights of each person of this world to be treated like any other human being.

Nobody, no ethnicity, no religion, no political ideology has the right to impose itself as superior to all the rest deteining the right to discriminate, exterminate and persecute.
These are the same reasons that pushed us to condemn the one-party regime of Deltaria which, "surprisingly" declared its support for Noumonde!

Said that, we are also ready to present a Resolution before the Security Council to fully endorse any measures to put an end to the Military and Racial regime of Noumonde and we announce that Istalian Veto will be presented to any sort of Resolution or measure to impeach the Federation, Valruzia or any other entity committed to put an end to the racial regime!
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:11 pm

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