General Assembly Session XXV/XXVI (4463-4478, 4510-4526)

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Postby maxirx » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:53 pm

Puskás Lenci Fereng (h), Representative of the revolutionary government of the Kizaki Republic

Hon. Ambassadors of Terra,

We come to this world congresss as the true representatives of the confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kizaki. We are proud to be the heirs of a unique agreement between three sister nations that, although they knew how to have conflicts, understood that the liberty, equality and working together is the way.

We would love to be here showing our intentions to achieve great agreements with all terra. However, the situation is different. An authoritarian government has abrogated absolute power in our beloved confederacy, repressing all protest, destroying democracy and subduing human rights.

We, from Kutohaderia, respect, value and promote the confederal values ​​of democracy, freedom and equality of the peoples and declare that, with us, the values ​​of the confederation will not die and the Republic of Kizaki will be a land of inclusion and respect among the peoples.

We hope that the free peoples on Terra will join us in this revolutionary cause to defeat the despots of Keris. Let us send a clear message to the nations that shed the blood of their own citizens and take firm steps in this way.
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