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Postby Carter Aaron Scott » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:40 pm

Hyperion Star News:

Three factory workers have been killed in eastern Hawu Mumenhes earlier today, in what police are calling a coordinated attack by communist insurgents.

Six men, self identifying as "Mumenhes Liberty Union" insurgents, stormed a Luger factory in eastern Hawu Mumenhes. Three workers tried to resist and were killed "execution style" by the attackers. Police and a small military contingent are deployed to relieve the situation, however the MLU insurgents refused to cooperate, leading police to raid the facility. All six men were apprehended, and are being charged with murder, breaking and entering, destruction of property, obstruction of commerce, several counts of kidnapping, attempted arson, resisting arrest, and jaywalking.

Little is known about the MLU. They began during the previous Hyperion administration as a violent pro monarchist group attempting to remove the Hyperion government.

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Re: General Assembly

Postby Polites » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:27 pm

Barmenian Prophet writes to World Congress

Ismail Rabban, the Barmenian self-proclaimed Messiah who, after years of persecution, exile, and incarceration has been named advisor to the Sultan of Barmenistan, has sent a lengthy Epistle to the World Congress proclaiming his message and urging the nations of Terra to recognize his Messiahship, to abandon ethnic, political, religious, and economic prejudice, to form a Terra-wide federation, and to adopt a universal auxiliary language for all of Terra. Commentators doubt that the World Congress will pay much attention to this self-named prophet, let alone to his utopian and universalist message, particularly given the current Terran climate. Regardless, the "Epistle to the World Congress" provides a clear outline of the Barmenian prophet's ideas regarding universal peace, and his current political station may well prove an impetus for the adoption of a more pacifistic foreign policy by Majatran nations.

Below is a brief outline of the "Messiah's" lengthy Epistle:

O ye rulers of Terra! Know ye that the Sovereign and King of Terra has been made manifest. Terra is God's, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting, worship none but God, the Lord of all names. Know ye that the Supreme Ordainer hath ushered in the Last Hour, through whom the Moon hath been cleft and all hidden knowledge revealed.


O Kings of the world! The horizon of Terra is in darkness, nations display enmity towards one another and religions thirst for each other's blood. Ye know that war is death and peace is life, that war is the destroyer of the edifice of humanity and peace is of the foundation of the religion of God. [...] Be united ye Kings of Terra, for thereby will discord be stilled amongst you, and your people find rest. Should any among you raise arms against another, rise ye all against him, thus commandeth the Lord of Time.


Know ye that all humans are the sheep of God and that there is but one Shepherd, the Lord of Names. By the righteousness of God! All of Terra is man's birthplace, and all boundaries have been devised by man. The Lord hath set up no frontiers, this is but absolute ignorance.


O ye esteemed ones! It is not Our wish to lay hands on your Kingdoms, but Our mission is to possess the hearts of men! Forsake ye your palaces and seek ye admittance to the Kingdom of Names, could ye but comprehend it [...]
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Corvo Attano » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:21 pm

Jaswinder Patel Minister of Foreign Affairs and liaison to the General Assembly from Malivia,

I will stick to the Free love moment thank you very much.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Generalissimo1 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:04 am

We regard the Barmenian so-called prophet as nothing but a fraud and a charlatan. A false prophet.

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