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Postby Arapaima13 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:43 pm

Acacia Savas, Kalopian Foreign Minister

We accept the Istalian Representative's proposal, and are willing to allow a neutral team of detectives, directed by the Majatran Alliance and the Majatran SC Members to conduct an operation.

In regards to Jakania, whilst we do seek to come to some sort of an agreement regarding the viewing of Turjaks as full nationals, we cannot give any guarantees until Jakania do come to the table and reduce their army on the border.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby cm9777 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:42 am

Deltarian Foreign Minister Andrej Jakab

We agree to the Istalian proposal. We would like to ensure however that a large percentage of the Majatran Alliance's Investigative team be Deltarian as this is a matter that concerns my nation foremost. Deltarian Authorities have found evidence of contact between Five Kalopian Cabinet Ministers and the attackers when homes were searched. The communication between the attackers and the Cabinet Ministers did involve the planning of an attack to Destabilise Deltaria. Deltarian Detectives will bring the evidence into Kalopia to share with the rest of the Majatran Alliance's investigative team.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Reddy » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:12 am

Fuat Akinci, Jakanian Ambassador to the World Congress

It's ridiculous that the Kalopians should demand that we move our own troops within our own borders before they guarantee inalienable rights for their minority citizens. A government that considers human rights as a bargaining chip is a worthless government. We will do no such thing and cannot trust the Kalopians on this. We are horrified to learn of the terror attack in Deltaria and disgusted to learn that Kalopian cabinet ministers may be connected. At this point, it is entirely rational for Jakania to beef up her security measures. It seems our neighbour might be a state sponsor of terrorism. Jakania will begin deploying more troops within the next four weeks. We expect to deploy as many as 30,000 border troops and may consider closing down parts of our border to prevent infiltration by possible terrorists from Kalopia.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:04 am

Simonetta Chiossi, istalian Ambassador

We consider the decision of Kalopia only forced by the stubbornness of the Jakanian Government. We consider the action took by Kalopia more than conciliatory! The Turjaks in Kalopia are free to conduct their own nationalist party, right? To them it was recognized the right to contest elections and elect representatives, so, if they had veritable restriction to their rights, they never were allowed to contest elections and to elect representatives.
Or there are something that we missed? Can the Jakanian Government show us legislation put in force to discriminate the Turjaks? About the nationality, to us seems that EVERYONE in Kalopia has to pass an exam, there are specific legislations against the Turjaks to limit their freedom to access to this exam? We don't see any law drafted to hit directly the Turjaks in Kalopia.

Or what? we hope that all this mess was not generated by the will of Kalopia to de-turjakizing the nation after the FORCED turjikization of the nation by part of the previous junta: ... lid=550638

Or because a Government decide to use just the major languages for the country.

Or what? For Jakania, also in Istalia if there are a Duntrekkers community or a Zardic community we should began to use the Augustan or the Saridanese languages in our official documents? Of course not!

It is true, the statements made by some Kalopian politicians are unacceptable, but a part populistic statements, which are present unfurtunately in all the democracy, what did the Kalopian Government in the recent years to hit the Turjaks? A part reverse a force Turjakization which should be considered also worse than the action taken by the new democratic government.

After having meet with the President Minossa in Eleopolis, it is clear that many here have misunderstood and probably exagerated radicals statements. President Minossa assured us that the Turjaks are treated before the law as any other people living in Kalopia and the current legislation doesn't show any form of organized descrimination. Or we are questioning policies adopted by Kalopia which are common in several other nation?

The Turjaks present in Kalopia from centuries if not millennia we don't think that the Government can stamp out their nationality, but, for the other one that are emigrated in Kalopia, we should force that Government to recognize them the nationality? So, why Istalia cannot demand the same to Kalopia? Why not the Zardics or the Kazulians could ask the same for their migrants?
Simply because we cannot force Kalopia to recognize to migrants authomatically the nationality, a policy not supported in Istalia but which is enforced in many other nations without all this diatribas.

Since that the Turjaks living in Kalopia can contest elections, can be elected to institutional offices, can access to public services and so on, since they can live without fear of deportations or other discriminatory measure, we cannot enforce nothing of nothing to Kalopia. Jakania, can of course protest if deportation and persecution are effectively enforced, but since there are not such conditions, Jakania cannot pretend more than this. We were clear!
And, of course, no other nations or ethnicities can force Kalopia to recognize special status to this or that community. Since every human being is respected in Kalopia and their human rights not abused, no body here can force Kalopia to assume other policies to enhance the position of this or that community.

And, regarding the situation with Deltaria, it seems that the Government of Jakania is exploiting a third crisis to push ahead its foreign agenda, a crisis which should be first of all confirmed and where just Deltaria, Kalopia and the rest of the Majatran Alliance have to deal with it.

It is time to take some strong position collegues: if Kalopia should accept, toward measures which days after days are considered even more disproportionate, Istalia at the head of the Majatran Alliance and with the authorization of the World Congress, is ready to organize a buffer corridor guarded by an international contingent on the kalopain-jakanian border.

Kalopia is the only one that seems to show some cooperativeness here, a nation which, toward the menace of the arms, cannot but take such stance! We are sure that if Jakania would show some reasonableness stopping to deploy even more forces on the Kalopian borders, the Kalopian Government will show more conciliatory position.

However, we are glad to see that both the parties accepted to partecipate to the Sharba Conference. So, any possibile action will wait for the outcome of the Conference.

About Deltaria, we accept your proposal, the international members of the team first of all shall assured the impartiality of the investigation, but I think that it is clear that the Deltarian members should have a large presence into the team, they have the first evidences and they know where start to investigate.
We thanks the Kalopian Government for its disponibility in welcoming the international team and for its cooperativeness.

Thank you
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Reddy » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:16 pm

Fuat Akinci, Jakanian Ambassador to the World Congress

While it is sad to see Istalia take the side of the would-be genocidalists, this hypocrisy about human rights is hardly surprising in the field of international relations. We welcome a Majatran Alliance force in Kalopia so long as it is used to protect the Turjak minority who are in grave danger of being massacred by a regime which considers them to be"

not inherently Kalopian by nationality, and are merely immigrants who have failed to fully integrate into Kalopian society. The very term Kalopian Turjak is a contradiction.

the party's adopted position that Turjaks are not native to Kalopia, and hence would be viewed as immigrants, but maintained that so long as they had citizenship, this would not infringe upon their rights

or perhaps how the current Kalopian President has called for the killing of Turjak community leaders in the past. What's to stop him from doing that especially with Istalia's support? Perhaps this "Majatran Alliance force" will be used to kill the Turjaks.

The recent terror attack on Deltaria is perhaps the most obvious sign of what this regime is capable of. At this point, having noted the lack of seriousness on the part of the World Congress to resolve this matter, we withdraw our request for help and will consult regional partners on how to proceed.

OOC: I feel we have ignored the Statrica matter which is equally pressing
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Arapaima13 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:59 pm

Acacia Savas, Kalopian Foreign Minister

At least get your facts right. It was former Prime Minister, Mr Taulant Kaleci, who called for the death penalty for the leader of the Homeland Party. He was then removed from his post. These comments were not made by the current President. Whilst the other comments may have been made by the current President, these are taken dramatically out of context.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:52 pm

The Istalian Ambassador is travel in romula for a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which however released a brief message:

It is very sad to see Jakania accusing an international force, which if requested will act under a mandate of the World Congress, to be a tools to hit a specific ethnic group.

And as already stated by our Minister of Foreign Affairs into the Sharba Conference: viewtopic.php?f=15&p=127450#p127450

Istalia cannot recognize veritable evidences about the risk or the perpetuation of persecution, discrimination or genocide in Kalopia against the Turjaks against which is not in place any particular measure to affect negatively their rights to partecipate at the civil and political life of Kalopia.

Now, as already said, Istalia will commit itself to maintain the peace and avoid any kind of military aggression in Majatra.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby lewiselder1 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:33 pm

Kata Horvat, Leader of the Socialist Party in Statrica, Socialist and General Commander in the Populist-Socialist-Tribal Alliance, Appearing Via Video Link for Safety

Friends, allies: I come to you today at the behest of the national government of Istalia, who has formally requested that we prepare a dossier for the WC to better understand the situation in Statrica.

Hence, I present to you: the Statrica Dossier.

The document is available to all WC members in print, and details events taking place in Statrica. Key elements read thus:

On the origins of the Civil War

In September 4328, the democratically elected Populist government of Statrica, under the Presidency of Oliver Gregurek, implemented a number of devolutionist reforms, providing the backdrop necessary for this war to erupt. Namely, it devolved the democratic process to require Provincial Governors (of which there are eleven) to agree to any coalition government, and to devolve the National Military such that any and all administrative Provinces hold their own Provincial Militia, recruited directly from their Province. This makes up around 80% of the Statrican military and can be called upon by the President to serve the country nationally, but is otherwise in control of the local assemblies (attacking another Province is forbidden in most cases).

With these foundations in place, the election of October 4328 appeared to be the smoking gun that initiated all of this conflict. Despite winning the Presidency with a comfortable majority, Monarchist leader Edvard Perica was unable to form a Government (and therefore unable to take up his position as President) due to an almost evenly split legislature.

As tensions built, so did angst, and in March 4329 the province of Rozna declared independence in an illegal vote. Adofo Okafor, leader of the ruling Tribal Defence Party in the local area, a party committed to defending tribal Asli rights in Statrica, was willing to defend the vote with his life.

He didn’t need to, though: caretaker President Oliver Gregurek, Populist leader, did not oppose him.

Later that month, Edvard Perica led a military coup, and declared himself President. Gregurek escaped with his life and our two parties allied to form the Populist-Socialist Alliance.

Perica called on the Provinces to provide their militias in an assault on Rozna, but all non-Monarchist provinces refused. Thus, the war began.

On the human rights abuses committed by the Monarchist government

In his time as President, and now self-declared King, Perica has relentlessly and ruthlessly oppressed his people, killed our fighters in mass executions and, indeed, arrested and executed en masse anybody suspected of being a Populist or a Socialist. Recently he has agreed to work with the controversial government of New Englia, who provided weapons, funds and security advisors — many coming from Hulstria’s despicable Nimitz regime’s offices. The Statrican Times, the only legal newspaper in the country (social media is also banned), recently bragged that 100 Populist-Socialist fighters and other prisoners (for example, journalists and activists, or anyone accused of opposing Perica) were executed en masse once a single day.

They are otherwise kept in POW camps where malnutrition, hard labour, violence and oppression are commonplace.

In addition, I again stress that Perica is an illegitimate President running a puppet government who has broken Constitutional law, declared war on his own people and now even declared himself King. His position is deplorable, and now as King he has wide-reaching rights to control Statrican government sinngke-handedly, banning all opposition to him and effectively creating in himself a dictator for life.

It is also widely believed, though unproven, that the assassination of Olvier Gregurek was organised by Perica himself.

On the key factions involved

There are four key factions involved in the Statrican Civil War:

Monarchist Forces, led by King Edvard Perica


As described in this document, this is an illegitimate, violent dictatorship with no respect for human rights or international law or basic freedoms. Perica’s monarchy is, without a doubt, despicable, and it is the goal of the Alliance to destroy them.

Socialist Forces, led by Kata Horvat


Stemming from the Socialist Party, The Socialist Forces are the largest opposing army to the Monarchists and generally considered the leaders of the alliance. The Socialists long for peace and equality in a democratic Statrica, though their economic ideals come second to their hopes of defeating Perica.

Populist Forces, led by Aleksandar Novac (formerly by Oliver Gregurek)


Favouring democracy and devolution, the slightly smaller Populist forces, allies of the Socialists and the Tribal Defence Forces (since a deal was recently struck), are fierce combatants dedicated to securing freedom and democracy in Statrica. It is believed, however, that they have some diplomatic friction with the Socialists, primarily over Constitutional issues and the policy on Rozna.

Tribal Defence Forces, Occupying the Independent State of Rozna, led by Adofo Okafor


Existing only in the province of Rozna, which currently functions as an independent state (though has agreed to become part of Statrica once again if the war is won), is dedicated to securing equal rights for local tribal peoples, who make up much of the country’s population, against white residents of Dorvish colonial descent. While they wish only for equal rights, it is believed they care less for the Alliance and more for Roznan independence, which could be an issue of contention after the war. They are the weakest of the Allied forces.

On the progress of the war so far

The largest city of Friedrichshafen, just south of the Capital, is ours. One province, Samedza, was lost to the Monarchists in January 4330. Still, great progress has been made and continues to be made, despite a difficult battle against the now-defensive Monarchists looming on the horizon in the capital.

The Tribal Defence Forces and the Populists also recently fought back against an invasion in Bebrazska and drove the Monarchists out of the Province.

On the possibility of international intervention

Recently, New Englia provided weapons, equipment and advisors, offering its “full support” to Perica. Perica has agreed to provide support and friendship in future as thanks.

In addition, Dorvik is suspected to support Perica, though nothing has been lfficially announced due to their own diplomatic difficulties taking priority. Some other countries have discussed intervening for a peaceful solution, though this is still uncertain.

On the goals of the Alliance in future

The ultimate goals of the alliance are:

- to defeat Perica
- to abolish the new Constitution and monarchy
- to establish a free and fair democracy in Statrica
- for Statrica to be unified
- for all forces to become parties once again

On the actions the WC may take

The WC may wish to intervene in a number of ways. Primarily, they may wish to back the Alliance or provide some form of direct supoort there.

We would discourage allying with Perica, a villainous dictator in the eyes of this report.

It may be admirable to pursue peace, but such a solution seems unlikely given the circumstances.

On the geography of Statrica

Statrica relies mostly on its ports to support its economy, located in its western coastal provinces. In the east, mountainous regions provide a great deal of strategical support. We are bordered by multiple nations, such as Lourenne and Sekowo.

A map of Statrica

On the history, culture and ethnicity of Statrica

As a former Dorvish colony, a great deal of Statricans are Dorvish or of Dorvish descent. However, in the southern Provinces, there is a higher concentration of local tribal peoples, or Asli peoples. This has caused some racial tensions to arise, contributing to the rise of the Tribal Defence Party; in addition, white Monarchists are often considered to hold somewhat racist views.

OOC: for more information on Statrica and its culture and history, visit its Wiki page: note that not all information is up to date (for example, it is now a Presidential Republic), this provides a basis for modern Statrican culture. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks to Pragma for the flags.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:26 am

Simonetta Chiossi, Istalian Ambassador

We thanks Ms Horvat for this dossier which has greatly clarified the situation in Statrica. It is a very deprecable and concerning situation and the news which comes from the persecuted press and media, as well as immages and videos from private phones, cannot but increase the confidence in this dossier.

Despite the vote for independence organized in the southernmost province of Statrica has been largely considered as illegal, the Government of Istalia clearly cannot justify the action of the President Perica which has totally dropped out any conciliatory stance stamping out all the peaceful solution to such a crisis proceding with an action probably even more illegal and dangerous for the entire nation, and the brutality which this new "King" is perpetuating furthermore increase the concerns and the anger from the international stage, the most unacceptable and deprecable events of this war...

Istalia, since now, can declares that Perica cannot gain the confidence of any democratic nation of this world for his actions and behavior and indeed, we considers its policies very dangerous especially for the not dorvish descendant people and the so, we fear another suprematist and racist regime in Dovani, something that this organization and whole Terra cannot accept and allow.
We would really like hear the feelings and the statements by part of our collegues of the Security Council before to proceed with any action if considered as necessary, however, we think that first of all our efforts should be focused on dealing with all the parties and pushing them to ceasefire and to meet to find a solution to the crisis respecting all the parties involved.

For the same reason, Ms Horvat, you sure understand that we should call also representatives of the monarchist toward this organization and its Assembly to express their positions and so try to support a negotiation.

However, the crimes committed by the monarchist forces cannot be ignored as well as the behavior of Perica. As said, we feel to have the duty to push for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, but, and this will be the official position of my Country, we cannot refrain us to graant the diplomatic support of Istalia to the democratic forces in Statrica, a position which since now we recommend to all the members of the Security Council, but, as said, for the moment we should before hear the monarchist side.

Thank you
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Re: General Assembly

Postby stuntmonkey » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:44 am

Zlatan Temelkido, Chairman of Socialist International and former Chief Minister of Zardugal:

On behalf of members of the Terra-wide Socialist International organisation I am alarmed to hear of these claims of persecution, abuse of human rights and even the rounding up and execution of socialists and populists in Stratica.

I join the Istalian ambassador in calling for an immediate ceasefire to stop the bloodshed and also urge the Security Council to show its mettle by moving quickly to investigate and resolve this matter and restore free and fair democracy in Statrica.

I also ask the ambassadorial team from Dorvik to clarify the position of their nation based on what has been claimed: is Dorvik supporting the Perica regime in this conflict and, if so, why?

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