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Re: General Assembly

Postby Maxington » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:55 pm

Marie-Sofie Nordlund, Kazulian Ambassador to the World Congress

An interesting statement from the double standard peddling government in Romula. The development of the conflict in Jelbania was the result of the poor decisions made by the regional players, their sponsors and various supranational organisations. On the background on the escalating situation in Jelbania amidst the detonation of a weapon of mass destruction at the hands of the Vanukean Government, various international players are now entering the situation on the basis of achieving unknown, mainly personal, objectives. This has not stopped the government in Romula to "champion" the sentiment of peace, insisting that Istalia's actions amidst the deteriorating situation is working towards laying the groundwork for a sustainable peace and that the escalation of the situation in Majatra was due to the actions of the Deltarian Government. The thought which the government in Romula neglects is that it was Istalia's actions, or perhaps its lack of impartiality thereof, helped escalate the situation. The most commonly cited vectors leading to the escalation of the conflict are Deltaria's subversive activities and the involvement of foreign entities. However the page which seems to be missing from the books is the negligence exhibited by Romula.

As initial tensions mounted, the Istalian Government called a summit of the Majatran Alliance, inviting the various nations of the alliance and the two nations in question; Vanuku and Deltaria in an attempt to settle the dispute. Whilst the conference had commenced with little to no issues it soon became clear that the delegations present in the conference were driven by private motives and thus, the conference gradually crumbled. Amidst the Deltarian government's decision to enter the Free Republic to put an end to the genocide of Deltarians in the "autonomous region" (the same genocide which the Istalian Government failed to condemn), the Istalian Government switched from its "established neutrality" and moved towards openly threatening the Deltarian Government with military action. This in its self demonstrates the drastic error of the Istalian Government highlighted by various Kazulian politicians and military commanders in the past. It is no secret to the international community that the Istalian Government in its perpetual wisdom has fallen numerous times to the tide of emotions, as it has allowed for emotions to rule over strategic thought and common sense. The collapse of the Romula Conference in part of the Istalian delegation's inability to bring the discussion back to earth and rally the collective minds of the conference onto the principle purpose: resolving the situation. Instead the Istalian Government kowtowed to the clout of emotions and strayed the conference away from conflict resolution to a quasi-blame game.

Through the halls of the World Congress, tense exchanges were made between the Deltarians, Vanukeans and the Kazulians amidst the decision to form a task force aimed at forging peace in the situation before tensions could boil over. Although the failure of the task force had been due to Vanukean filibustering in the World Congress Security Council, it can be stated that Romula's blind approach to the discussions in the Security Council is another vector towards the demise of the initial peace process. Although tensions had already sparked between Vanuku and Deltaria the Istalian Government in their heavenly mandate to nestle nations between the bosoms of democracy, pressed the tensions that an intervention force had to be established. Although we had stated that it would be impossible to establish a peacekeeping force when tensions had boiled over into an armed conflict, the Istalian government pressed the notion under their heavenly mandate. This led to my address in the Security Council. It can be stated that due to the blind approach to the geopolitics of the situation, the government in Romula remains a vector in the demise of the situation (it's second blunder).

The Jelbanian Conflict has highlighted a paramount issue with Majatran politics, that being the double standard held by the various governments. Although it cannot be stated that all states fall to the "disease", various nations take the sentiment to the extreme. The Istalian Government's approach to Deltaria and Vanuku highlights the textbook definition of a double standard which is guided in part by regional politics. Amidst the Deltarian Government's intervention into the Free Republic against the genocide which the Majatran Alliance failed to condemn, the Istalian Government suspended Deltaria from the Majatran Alliance and immediately joined the choir against Deltaria (it's third blunder). Years later as the conflict develops, the Vanukean Government uses a nuclear weapon against Deltarian troops, unleashing destruction, suffering in part of the actual explosion and the fallout which follows. An observation from the political channels of the Istalian Government highlighted Romula's laborious approach to complete condemnation of the Vanukean Government's use of nuclear weapon in a conflict. It is questionable to why Vanuku remains within the Majatran Alliance after having dropped a nuclear bomb which is unleashing a fallout which is becoming deadlier as the days go by. This highlights the double standard of Romula. Instead of treating the Vanukean Government with the same scorn it displayed for the Deltarian Government, Romula instead calls for "negotiations" and "talks" with the Vanukean Government after its morally indefensible act. In-order to understand Romula's reaction, one should understand the relationship between Wiel and Romula. Since the normalisation of relations Romula has become oblivious to Wiel's actions, this can be in part due to the fact that Romula does not wish to ruin its "friendly" relations with Wiel. Since the normalisation of relations, Romula has misguided criticism and judgement away from Wiel and continues to do so to today.

While Romula may seek to bring an end to the Jelbanian conflict to resolve a long-simmering conflict on the region, it is also evidently concerned with maintaining positive relations with Wiel. In a similar manner whilst the actions of the Deltarian Government will not go without condemnation and punishment, the government in Romula should also hold the government in Wiel to the same standards and judgement which it has placed on the Deltarian Government. As it stands for its double standards, it will remain forever embedded in the regional politics of Majatra.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby QV73 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:19 pm

Ambassador to the World Congress from Dorvik, Elena Heitkamp:

Mr Calenda,

The Northern Council has not used nuclear weapons. The Northern Council has not defended the use of nuclear weapons. The Northern Council has not announced their support of nations that have used nuclear weapons, or stated that they hope nations that continue to use such weapons are given a free pass. Perhaps not every Majatran nation need nuclear disarmament, but every Majatran nation that is called "Vanuku" or has defended said nation cannot be trusted. Don't cloak your isolationist, xenophobic policy in sanctimony.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Axxell » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:34 pm

Simone Calenda, Former President of the Istalian Republic and current Istalian Ambassador at the World Congress

"once Istalian withdrawal begins? What is this? What kind of demand is this? I want remember that our SSBN has been deployed against Vanuku, I want remember that our fprces are in place to avoid not only the NC's forces but also the Vanukean forces to have the opportunity to unleash a greater clash between their forces.

We will not withdraw until ALL the forces, Vanukean and the ones of the Northern Council, begin their withdrawal.
What is this demand against us? Since when our nuclear forces are menacing the NC's fleet?

We have to intend this as another signs of some hidding plan by part of the Northern Council? What fear the Kazulian Government from Istalia?
Do you think that without the NC's forces we will not continue to demand the same things to Vanuku? That we will invade Jelbania or attack Deltaria?
What you fear from Istalia?

Our forces was the last to arrive in Jelbania and will be the last to left the Jelbanian waters. Also because it seems that we are the only ones that started a dialogue with the Jelbanians and that tried to find a solution without further military intervention, and we want defend this.

What? Do you want to see Istalia say that we made errors during the negotiation once conducted in Romula and into the Security Council? Probably, and be sure that Istalia is the first to regret for the epilogue of the Romula's talk. We have to regret for the confidence gave to Vanuku? Probably, but now we are the first to demand the total retirement, to support the disarmement and we will be the first to demand sanctions against Vanuku within the Majatran Alliance, sanction which will ask the suspension. What is sure is that all this doesn't give to Kazulia or the Northern Council the right to dictate us what we have to do now! This should be clear. We don't accept conditions, we did nothing so that we should hear or accept this or that condition from the Northern Council, whatever Kazulia could say. Now, do you want persue your path of the criticism to do what? Worsening the relations with us? It is your goal maybe? Or simply you want say "the mighty Kazulia had reason"? It is a race to see who has the biggest gun? We will not even continue to feed all this.
But what is sure is that we will not return on this point. This is our last response on this conditions asked by Kazulia.

A last thing: I hope everybody here noticed our agreement on all the proposals about what to demand to Vanuku. How we are defending Vanuku, if we are the ones mentioned by Dorvik Ambassador? Asking total withrawal? Supporting the disarmement of the nucleae arsenal? Announcing our intention to persue the path of the sanctions and suspention of Vanuku from the Majatran Alliance? How are we defending Vanuku?
Our only veto was on the persue of the vengeance through forced actions against Vanuku. Or do you want to have tomorrow a Vanuku full or resentement and ready to take further vengeance?

We are focused now to stop further intervention in Jelbania, our issue with the Northern Council was not their intervention in the aftermath of the nuclear blast, it's its plan of a peacekeeping force which the Jelbanians first of all are rejecting.

Thank you.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Maxington » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:47 pm

Jean-Pascal Dubos, Northern Council Treaty Organisation Permanent Representative to the World Congress.

Then there will be no withdrawal. The agreement made was that ALL nuclear forces from the region withdraw. Seeing that the Istalian Republic does not intend on withdrawing, this in itself highlights the double standard of the Istalian Government as stated in the Kazulian delegation's statement. We were eager to withdraw nuclear forces along with the Vanukean Government however seeing that the Istalian Government does not intend on joining this sentiment, i guess a withdrawal of nuclear forces will not be facilitated. Regardless of your forces "being deployed for peacekeeping", it is still a nuclear force present in the region. Thus, a withdrawal from the part of the Northern Council will not be facilitated. It is a very simple policy. I hope the Vanukean delegation takes notice of the Istalian Government's refusal to come to terms on removing the nuclear threat from the situation.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby CCP » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:13 pm

Ayana mSayty, Hawu Mumehes Ambassador to the World Congress

Former President Calenda, you talk of fears of a resentful and vengeful Vanuku. It has not been lost on us that you and other delegations have worked hard to narrow the terms of disarmament down to nuclear disarmament only. But is Vanuku only guilty of the war crime of nuclear annihilation? Has not the Vanuku government defended the wretched and the criminal before? Has not the Vanuku government been a repeated and committed opponent of justice and decency in international affairs? You are correct, Former President Calenda: If this disarmament movement stops at Vanuku's nuclear arsenal, we will only be biding our time until that rogue government manufacturers yet another global crisis. That is why Vanuku must be completely and totally disarmed of all military capacity save a modest defensive force. Anything less would be to simply reward evil.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Polites » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:09 pm

Alexandra Iunia Marnix, representative of Selucian Foreign Affairs Ministry

Honored delegates of this sacred body,

I do not come before you as a representative of the Selucian government. That privilege belongs to our nation's ambassador to the World Congress. I merely represent the views of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Selucia, and these views do not necessarily reflect those of the Selucian government. Regardless, I arrived on Whale Island to show solidarity with the anti-nuclear protest of the Cultores Deorum, and I have been empowered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Selucia Hiroto Yukimura to address this holy organization and outline the Ministry's views on the current international climate.

Honored diplomats, the Selucian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is appalled by the warmongering and punitive statements uttered by various governments in these divine halls, and it is the desire of Minister Yukimura to present our condemnation of the irresponsible escalation brought forth by a number of diplomats, threatening world peace and the development of Majatra. It is our belief that the Vanukean nuclear strike was foolish and established a horrible precedent that we pray to the Supreme Being will never be followed. The actions of the Kingdom of Vanuku harmed the cause of peace and escalated a conventional war to nearly unprecedented heights. As such, the Kingdom became a serious threat to Majatran peace and stability. But what we see as a far greater threat to international peace is the punitive response by the Northern Council. They have committed the capital error in international diplomacy: they are backing their opponent into a corner, threatening excessive retaliation, and ultimately encouraging Vanuku to remain defiant and increase their perception that the world, or rather the opposing military alliance, is out to get them. Calls for disarmament are, on their own, admirable. They become far less so when issued by self-interested actors who have a clear stake in seeing their opponent weakened and humiliated. Mr. Dubos and Ms. mSayty, do not issue threats you are not willing to fully carry through. If you wish to see Vanuku disarmed and threaten military force to see that happen, you better be prepared to act on those threats. Otherwise they are mere saber-rattling and an irresponsible international dick-measuring contest. But if those threats are genuine and the Northern Council and its friends and allies truly wish to commit every means at their disposal in seeing Vanuku disarmed, then the Northern Council is not just foolish. It is dangerous and the harbinger of the apocalypse. You have failed to see that no wrongdoer is willing to comply with an imposition that they regard as illegitimate and which will leave them humiliated. If Hosians value their religious freedom above anything else, then throwing them to the lions will only strengthen their defiance and their willingness to undergo martyrdom. Similarly, since Vanuku values her military independence, then requests that they abandon it, especially coming from a rival alliance, will only make the Kingdom more defiant and more not less willing to maintain and expand their military capabilities. Instead of issuing empty, or, God-forbid, genuine threats, it is better to leave the axe of sanctions hanging above Vanuku's head while engaging in constructive diplomacy. What Majatra needs is for the causes of the conflict to be examined, ensuring that what has occurred will never happen again, and, as much as possible, the restoration of those wronged. The Northern Council never bothered to ask the very victims of Vanuku's irresponsible behavior what they want. Perhaps they do desire to see the wrongdoers punished, but I feel that what they want more is for their status to be restored, their grievances addressed, and assurances that they will not find themselves victimized the same way ever again.

Honorable representatives, the delusional solutions that have been brought to bear in this conflict ignore the very nature of modern wars. They are not caused by disputes between homogeneous unitary actors, but rather by fragmentation and low legitimacy of weak states and ethnic and religious divisions exploited by more or less well-meaning warmongers who wish to plunder weak states for their own benefit. The conflict in Jelbania that saw the nuclear escalation is no different. Thus a top-down elite diplomatic solution will do nothing to prevent further war and will just serve as a cover for rapacious Vanukean and Istalian corporations to further plunder Jelbanian resources under the cover of "reconstruction" while ignoring the very grievances and age-old hatreds that have led to the conflict in the first place. Instead of leading to peace and prosperity, reconstruction will only cause more resentment and fuel further and perhaps more disastrous conflict. What is needed is a bottom-up system of restorative justice that would help rebuild state legitimacy, heal ethnic divisions, and undercut warmongers, complemented by top-down diplomacy and negotiated cessation of hostilities. It is not just Deltaria and Vanuku that need to join a peace conference. The victims of the nuclear strike, survivors of the Katonid genocide, leaders of the warring parties during the height of the conflict, including in fact Duke Brnó Zhtál and former King Juhn and their close families must also participate. What the conference must do is determine responsibility, shame but not humiliate the wrongdoer, and seek ways to restore the situation, repair the damage as far as possible, explore the deep causes of the conflict, and obtain guarantees that this will not happen again. We find the actions of the new Vanukean government and Queen Mrjmai, long may she reign, encouraging and on the right track to peace. But we believe that more is needed; not just economic reconstruction and rebuilding, but also a clear assumption of guilt, the reintegrative shaming of the perpetrators, addressing the genuine grievances of the victims, and a clear framework towards establishing lasting peace in Jelbania and the rest of the continent. Otherwise any peace agreement will be bound to fail and the continent and the rest of the world will be plunged into darkness.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Kubrick » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:50 pm

Prince Léopold-Eksandr d'Orléans-Vasser, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Vanuku to the World Congress

Honoured delegates,

I applaud the words of the wise Minister Iunia Marnix, her statement is why the Kingdom of Vanuku will forever remain defiant of the warmongering and imperialistic mission of the Northern Council and their cronies. The Vanukean state will only consider nuclear disarmament if all other nuclear powers of the world decide to do the same. Until that day we will protect our sovereignty with full force. I personally agree on a global nuclear disarmament and will be glad to host a summit to come to terms, but either we all disarm together or Vanuku shall not and will not disarm. This point is non-negotiable, as the undisputed military juggernaut of the world we shall be ready to defend this title if the Northern Council wants to test it.

Up until that moment we will be continuing our course to find peace and stability in Majatra with Majatran nations. The Vanukean government is in open dialogue with all Jelbanian leaders, Deltaria and Istalia. Vanuku has, in coordination with Deltaria, instigated a peace summit in the capital of the Free Republic of Jelbania. Vanuku has, despite what the naysayers in these halls might say, opened up an aid relief fund for Jelbania. Vanuku has even offered to pay reparations to all the families of the Deltarian soldiers that succumbed in that wretched conflict. After a suggestion of the Queen herself over a hundred Vanukean soldiers have volunteered to enter the blast zone and look for survivors and help clean up radioactive material, they will enter this area unarmed. Deltarian unarmed volunteers will do the same, together these brave men and women will show the world that Majatra can solve its own issues.

I pledge to Minister Iunia Marnix that an open dialogue will continue at the peace summit where the spotlight will be on the Jelbanians. It is their nation but our burden.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby RIS » Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:41 pm

John Greer, Hutorian Minister of Foreign Affairs

I am genuinely confused by the vitriolic rhetoric spouted off against the Northern Council. Have we used a nuclear device in a conventional war? Have we even used a nuclear device? Have we even started a war? We merely seek to spread peace throughout Terra, yet at every turn we are met with opposition. Which begs the question are these nations who purportedly seek peace really after peace for it's own sake? No, of course not they are merely after peace if they are its bearers so that they may stroke their own ego and pat themselves on the back. Both Istalia and Vanuku blockade the aid of the Northern Council, which includes foodstuffs, nuclear clean-up crews and of course troops to prevent further conflict. Yet they call us the warmongers, while we want to put our troops on the ground to assist the average Jelbic person; to put our brave men and women in harm's way to serve others and to clean up the mistake of Vanuku. It is despicable of them to use the Jelbic people as political pawns in their game but, they continue to do so and they attempt to claim the moral high ground while doing it. They throw money at the issue while preventing tangible assistance from coming anywhere near Jelbania. Both Istalia and Vanuku need to deflate their planet sized egos so that the real actionable assistance may begin.

To address Minister Marnix, I think your analogy could be apt if it were not for a few issues. The first being that until Vanuku proved themselves incapable of higher reasoning we were not opponents or rivals. You see the Northern Council is a organization that responds, we respond to threats to world peace, we respond to humanitarian crises and we respond to threats against us. We are only opposed to those who fit into one of the aforementioned categories, so does Vanuku oppose world peace? Does it oppose humanitarian aid? Does it make threats against us? If so then we are truly Vanuku's opponents. The second issue I take the honorable minister's analogy is likening the request for Vanukuean nuclear disarmament to Hosian martyrdom. If two siblings are playing with sticks and one unjustly wounds the other, as the parent don't you take the stick away from the aggressor? Does it matter how belligerent the aggressive child is? It shouldn't matter if the aggressive child throws a tantrum it does not make the parent's action any less correct.

Lastly, I would like to address the comments made by Prince Leopold. First I would like to ask him to put his tool back in his pants and to cease with the needless bravado. He and I both know that the combined strength of the Northern Council is ten times the strength of anything Vanuku could field. The Vanukuean government would be scared pissless at specter of direct conflict with the Northern Council. Though I guess the vitriolic rhetoric coming from Vanuku shouldn't surprise me, it is the classic tactic of devil to call the righteous evil. Secondly, I would like to ask why he and his country fear Northern Council intervention so much? Do they fear that Jelbic people might actually recover? Do they fear that assistance might actually reach those who need it instead of those political actors who support Vanuku? What exactly is it that they fear from the Northern Council? Finally, why does Vanuku fear nuclear disarmament? If they are indeed the undisputed military juggernaut of Terra shouldn't they be capable of winning a land war against Deltaria & a few Jelbic guerrillas without resorting to the nuclear option? Shouldn't they be capable of protecting all of their assets without nuclear weapons?
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Kubrick » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:35 pm

Prince Léopold-Eksandr d'Orléans-Vasser, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Vanuku to the World Congress

Honoured delegates,

This flamboyant speech given to us by mister Greer shows that reasoning and realistic thoughts are not present within all minds. To answer the questions from the start of his speech. No, you have not used nuclear devices in a conventional war, yes you have used a nuclear device, yes I would argue that Hutori has started a few wars now and then. Let me remind you that Hutori only retains their nuclear capabilities after stealing their nuclear missiles from the Trigunians during a war where Vanuku and Hutori stood on the same side, it was the state of Vanuku that further assisted Hutori in developing their nuclear deterrant, including but not limited to tests. Up until today this was classified information but it seems my government is declassifying a lot of files lately.

Now to address his other concerns, the only thing that Istalia and the Kingdom are blockading is the deployment of further foreign troops in Jelbania. As a matter of fact all Jelbanian factions and even Deltaria oppose this, yet the Northern Council insists on sending troops into Jelbania. A jingoistic move we will continue to block, as per the wishes of all parties that are actually involved. And honoured delegates, the blatant spreading of misinformation in this sacred chamber is almost shameful. Vanuku is not simply "throwing money" at Jelbania. As we speak Vanukean and Deltarian unarmed volunteers, yes let the word unarmed sink in since any NC representative seems unable to process it, are within the blast zone cleaning up radioactive material. All the other Vanukean soldiers currently deployed in Jelbania are handing out food, medication, water and building supplies. Vanukean troops are building houses, schools, making wells and maintaining public order in cooperation with local Jelbic leaders. Instead of simply throwing insults and wrongly assessing the situation Minister Greer should read up before speaking.

As per the assessment of the Minister in regards to the "strength" of the Northern Council compared to Vanuku, which he comically seemed to have pulled from his proverbial arse, how wrong can one be. After the tactical nuclear strike Vanukean forces were on an unstoppable advance. Let me remind you that Vanuku deployed only four divisions in Jelbania and has been numerically inferior to Deltaria and the Katonids since the beginning of the conflict. The only reason the conflict became unwinnable is because Prefect Nasir ordered all ground and air forces to hold immediately and even give back any won territory. But I fear these words will be wasted on the Minister either way. Instead I will address his almost sad claim that the Northern Council is ten times the power that Vanuku can field. There are two great military powers in the Northern Council, several small ones and a few regional. Vanuku however is a member of the Majatran Alliance and thus if the NC wishes to face Vanuku they also face the entire Majatran Alliance, a vast defensive Majatran network consisting of two great powers, many middle powers and with the suspension of Deltaria lifted, spare me the irony, even a regional power. I say we have a good 50/50 chance if the Hutorians wish to escalate this conflict and doom the entire planet to Armageddon. Their aggressive and warmongering tone has convinced the Vanukean government that they are only speaking to escalate any situation.

It is for this reason that Vanuku will not disarm their nuclear deterrent as the only nation on the planet. Either everyone disarms or we will not. The day we disarm is the day warmongering jingoists like mister Greer usher their superiors to push the proverbial big red buttons and doom the entire world.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Doc » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:27 am

Henry David Lee, Ambassador to the General Assembly from the United Republic of Kalistan

To our Hutoran colleague.

Has the Northern Council started a war? Not quite: It was not an official war after all but the crisis in the Ananto Strait was precipitated by Northern Council belligerency and militarism in the Anantonese Ocean. Had the Northern Council not armed our neighbors over Kalistan's strenuous objections, the Strait would not have been closed, and more than 100 Kalistanis been murdered on the High Seas, with more than a dozen still imprisoned without trial or even indictment in Kazulia.

No, the Northern Council does not start wars, but they enthusiastically engage in them. Despite this, Kalistan still treats with Northern Council nations, despite the general disregard from its strongest members for Kalistani sovereignty or interests.
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