Office of the President of the General Assembly

Re: Office of the President of the General Assembly

Postby Edmund » Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:55 pm

WCRC wrote:Congratulations to General Assembly President Kyle Mizzi of Cildania!

The King Julien XIII campaign does not accept this corrupt and undemocratic decision by the WCRC. It is clear that the Majatran elite backing Mizzi have overthrown the previous WCRC chairman (known to us only as "CCP") over his refusal to disqualify King Julien XIII, and have now installed a more "pragmatic" and compliant chairwoman. We also ask if the WCRC has any connection to the GRC, a known corrupt organisation that for some reason continues to consider Istalia and Vanuku great powers (when they are clearly not) and forces this opinion upon all governments.
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Re: Office of the President of the General Assembly

Postby IsleofSalkuo » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:53 pm

Statement from the President of the General Assembly
During elections for the role of President for the General Assembly, it is normal procedure that 2 or more candidates
compete with each other without any complications. As a result, it is a shame that the opposing candidate, King Julien XIII
had to be stricken off the ballot. This is an extremely controversial topic to some and I don't want any divisions in the General Assembly
just after a Presidential election. As a result, whether this was necessary or not is to be discussed not in my acceptance speech but rather
in an interview that is to be conducted later in the future.

It is with all of my heart that I accept the highly important role of President of the General Assembly. I'll be pledging to all members of
the General Assembly that I will be taking the considerations of all of Terra during my term. I thank all those who have supported me
during the voting, including countries who would have voted for me and all of my staff, friends and relatives who gave me financial and
emotional support. I also congratulate the opposing candidate for his short-lived yet good campaign. This term's motto shall be;
"For the Rights of All!"

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